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  1. GERMANY > Third gender? What about the other 28 or so? Call NYC on this.
    AUSTRIA > Good for them.
    JAPAN > They’ll have to change the constitution, and I hope they will.
    CANADA > As long as Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse, who cares what they put on the reverse. I don’t.
    RUSSIA > It’s Russia! So what else is new?
    UNITED KINGDOM > Here comes a black market in fake ID verification cards for underage kids.
    UNITED NATIONS > Kidding me? The UN! LOL! Hey Donald, pull the plug!
    SEX WORK > CNN discovered that police states are dangerous. Ya think? Nobody watches CNN except the people who work there and their Moms.
    LOUIS C.K. > Not all comedians are funny. Louis isn’t.

  2. I watched some Louis C.K. earlier shows and found them mostly funny. He was also a pioneer in putting his shows for free on the web with a pay-as-you-wish form.

    But him calling the Parkland students “not interesting” and saying “why should I listen to you? You didn’t get shot” resonates too much like Trump snickering at ex-POW McCain “I like soldiers who don’t get caught.”

    1. I’m not a fan of either Louis CK or Trump…. but the distinction between a comedian saying something and a politician saying the same thing is an important one.

    2. There is a fatal tendency to be offended without looking at the context. So far I have not seen a single source showing the audio clip in the context of the whole routine. This is important, as Louis CK often uses different personalities and absurd points of view to make his position clear. This gets entirely ignored these days. Context does not matter anymore. This mainly hurts people who differentiate, who express themselves in more than three word sentences and who are generally interested in explaining a complicated situation. Those are not the Trumps and fascists.

      Let’s keep in mind: Louis CK has been a progressive comedian for quite some time. Nothing would make conservatives laugh harder than seeing progressives ripping him (and each other in general) apart. To accomplish that, they use the outrage machinery against itself. They plant such clips and blogs like this jump on them without researching where they came from.
      It could be very well that Louis CK tried a flawed or badly worded routine (because comedy gets written by trial and error). It could be that the sentences before or after turn the whole known section around. But NOBODY CARES ABOUT CONTEXT. Instead we get outraged like well trained dogs, no thinking involved. Just linking shit we don’t understand.

      Conservatives also love how everybody gets labelled “sexual predator” as that entirely absolves the rapist in their own ranks. Someone raped (and I am not talking about “rape” like feminist use it, as in “he raped me with his eyes” or other snowflake kabuki like that, but really sticking a dick into someone against their will) a girl in college and is now able to disappear into the group of mere sexual predators, which includes men making some nasty joke or whatever. It is weird to see how different things are suddenly the same, as if we went back into the 50s, where all of that was considered the same big no-no, because all was a sin. Just that now progressives promote that idea.

      I wish we would start thinking about what words we are using the way we always demanded words are used, which is more differentiated. But as it seems, we are just a bunch of hypocrits just like conservatives have proven to be for the last 30 years. And sadly it also seems like Josh is perfectly fine with that by just pushing the outrage machinery a revolution in complete unawareness that this makes him Trump’s best man.

      1. I love the phrase “snowflake kabuki” -stealing that.

        DO NOT pick on Josh. he is our host, and we are his guests. There now, be a good Gentleman. Josh tolerates free speech, and that’s to his credit. Josh knows that the answer to objectionable comments is more comments, not censorship. No one is called out on, or corrected on their opinions if they remain unseen. Even I have had some of my opinions moderated by the interaction allowed here. Also, acting offended or victimized by politically incorrect ideas or so-called “hate speech” is, well, “snowflake kabuki.”
        And Josh is not President Trump’s “best man.” That’s my job.

        1. “And Josh is not President Trump’s “best man.” That’s my job.”

          Why didn’t you apply for his Chief of Staff position? ….. It’s right up your ass ….. err, I mean, …. alley.

          1. Ever since the election I’ve kept a suitcase packed and my phone charged and handy. Just in case he calls.

  3. RE: UK Porn age verification

    Sounds like a great plan to increase ID theft by normalising the need to provide high value ID (drivers license) to random websites.

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