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    1. “the HDDs”?
      How many 14TB hard drives do you own? ;)

      Well I don’t expect Trump’s administration to sue these Russian trolls for sure. At least they trolled only American teens, not Russian ones that they could identify and threaten or aggress in real life.

      Farron Cousins commented on this death rate report, guns kill over 100 Americans every day, kids and adults altogether, opioids over 120:

      Not sure Verizon willingly blocked Tumblr archivists, it’s more likely an automatic agains DDOS attacks, that’s what it looks like from the server side when users attempt to download a whole web site.

  1. HOMOPHOBIA > Lots of fears are of the unknown. When the unknown becomes known, a lot of fear disappears. And so it is with the str8/gay dichotomy.
    UK LOTTERY > Just run the fucking lottery and stay the hell out of politics.
    TRANS BOY > This is going to keep happening until the scientists get off their asses and determine once and for all if transgenders are messed up between their legs, their ears, in their DNA, or a combination of things. Only then will we finally know if transgenders need sympathy and liberation, psychiatric intervention, or whatever.
    RUSSIAN TROLLS > Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Stay the hell away from social media. Get a life. OK, you’ve been told, you’ve been warned, now no more whining. You asked for it, you got it.
    AUSTRALIAN CHARITY > Can’t use somebody else’s name without permission. Period, end of story. Charities generally are not well served by controversies. Kudos to our wrestler for meaning well.
    FRENCH SCIENTISTS > Good job, France, keep trying. Everything about the abortion issue is hyper-inflammatory. I wonder where PETA is regarding the infecting and killing of humanized lab mice? They go full-retard on every other kind of animal abuse.
    GUNS AND KIDS > Quote from article: “Among firearm deaths, 59 percent were homicides, 35 percent were suicides, and 4 percent were unintentional injuries.”

    The homicides are a criminal justice issue, not a gun control issue.
    The suicides are a mental health issue, not a gun control issue.
    The accidents are an ignorance and education issue, not a gun control issue.

    If guns kill kids, all of mine must be defective. I can’t get them to do anything on their own. People kill people, people kill themselves. I will not compromise my constitutional liberties because some people are homicidal criminals, some are mental cases, and some are clumsy.
    If you ban guns, you will still have a crime problem. If you ban criminals, you won’t have a gun problem.
    VERIZON AND TUMBLR > Hey, Tumblr and Verizon are private companies ands can do what they want with what’s theirs. Don’t like it? Fine, start your own “Tumblr” and run it anyway you want.
    FACEBOOK > Still on FB? Seriously? Kidding me? Has it dawned on you yet that FB and other social media do what they want because they know you’re addicted?

  2. RELIGIOPHOBIA = Most fears are of the unknown so humans immerse themselves in totally fake beliefs like some “god”. When the unknown becomes known and they realize there never were any “gods”, their fears disappear and accept what’s natural.

    1. You’re right – for centuries Man immersed himself in fake beliefs. Religions are efforts by Man to reach God through sacrifice, ritual and incantation, and all such efforts stemming from the ground to the heavens are false. That includes all paganism, nature worship, astrology, and even Islam.

      But Christianity isn’t religion. It didn’t originate among men in an effort to find God. It’s the other way around! Christianity is God’s attempt to reach Man, first by direct communication through the patriarchs and prophets, and miracles, and finally by showing up Himself as a flesh and blood Man. Christianity isn’t a natural religion, it’s revealed theology. Merry Christmas Penboy! Remember the “”reason for the season.”

      1. You just don’t stop with all the BULLSHIT AND LIES, do you?

        No, they’re not. “Religions” are a few men’s attempts to control and steal others’ lives, land and wealth. This has been long proven through the ages and continues today. “Religions” have NOTHING to do with any dieties, they are just used for distraction. When those try to control societies, it’s no longer any “religion” — it’s purely political. “Religions” are more accurately, Socio-Political Ideologies [SPIs]

      2. “for centuries Man immersed himself in fake beliefs. ”

        And “god” and “jesus christ” [along with “allah” and “muhammed”] are no different — they are just as FAKE as those you were attempting to reference.

        “But Christianity isn’t religion.”

        Exactly. What I’ve been saying for years now — it [and ALL “religions”] is nothing but an Socio-Political Ideology.

  3. As a gift for the season I give you the following names. Christopher Hitchens, Matt Dillahunty, Richard Dawkins. Why? So you watch a series of their debates with “believers”. Whether you’re a believer or aren’t one, the point is that insulting your sorry asses all over the place leads to nothing. Reasoning, now that should be interesting to watch you guys try that and see where that goes.

    1. Been there, done that. For example:

      And I’ve also heard George Carlin, Carl Sagan, and several others. Among all the critics I find Hitchens to be the most eloquent and impressive, especially his attack on Catholicism which is in the middle link above.

      Of course I haven’t read or heard everything they’ve all said, but they seem to have overlooked the most stunning aspect of the Inquisition – if a witness perjured himself with false evidence against the accused, he was punished for that, but his false testimony was still given full weight at the sentence of the defendant. Go ahead, take your index finger and flip your lips over that one.

      All of these learned and sincere atheists have one thing in common. They cannot ‘see the forest from the trees.’ They tend to concentrate their objections on specific events or doctrines, and although they are far more knowledgeable about the Scriptures than the average Christian or Jew, perhaps even the average Biblical scholar, they still seem to have missed the point.

      True, undeniable, irrefutable faith comes not from logic or philosophy or science or mathematics or metaphysics or any other intellectual pursuit. It is the gift of epiphany, a realization occurring in the life of the believer that is beyond understanding or explanation.

      1. “It is the gift of epiphany, a realization occurring in the life of the believer that is beyond understanding or explanation.”

        Translation: it is made up bullshit. And you know it is bullshit, which is why you can’t defend it with anything more than word salad. Just like everything else in life you are wrong here as well.

        1. @Nate:

          Well stated. Thank you.

          And, @horsey:
          “faith comes not from logic or philosophy or science or mathematics or metaphysics or any other intellectual pursuit”

          THAT is the ONLY sensible thing you’ve ever said about “religions.” And I’ll add to the end of the above quote: …
          but pure bullshit to which all you “believers” seem to latch onto because you can’t claim anything intelligent about religions and every one of you are so desperate to think that somehow, YOU are so fucking special above ALL OTHERS that you will “avoid dying/ death” because you’re so fucking afraid of it.

  4. I wrote this several years ago and post it to certain YouTube sites:


    In the spirit of Neil de Grasse Tyson (without the PC), I offer all of you a most logical take on “god”: I’ve made up a flyer that spells out the ‘truthiness’ of the “god” concept so elementary.

    Feel free to copy this as much as you like, EXACTLY AS IT IS PRESENTED:



    Introduction/Part 1: You will need to possess the intellect of at least a 13-14 year old child with “normal curiosity.” You do possess that, don’t you? An intelligent 12 year old could also determine this as well.

    Introduction/Part 2: You must possess the understanding of very simple logic and reasoning and as well possess common sense.

    Introduction/Part 3: You will need to believe and accept unconditionally the entire concept of EVOLUTION. This should be a “given,” since Evolution continues to prove itself every day, all around you. Just look around and you can’t help but see and experience it.

    To NOT accept EVOLUTION, I seriously regard you as so religiously brainwashed that you are, in fact, mentally ill — because Evolution is so obvious if you just look around. Look at any image (photo, video) of any PRIMATE — that alone should prove EVOLUTION to you. Also, one of the most obvious proofs of Evolution is a mother’s pregnancy. [Added: Since Evolution is {species} change over time and a mother’s pregnancy is most definitely species’ changes — we start out as amphibians {at the least} to end up “primate-like”] You can also prove Evolution to yourself if you just feel/caress your family pet if you own one; if not, then go to your neighbor’s and caress their pet.


    1. By accepting EVOLUTION, you have literally proven to yourself that there is NO “god.” Here’s how:

    2. Because of EVOLUTION, you must admit to yourself and accept the obvious FACT that no “god” created any human being at any time. Because no “god” created any human, there was NO biblical “Adam” and “Eve”.

    3. Since there was NO biblical “Adam” and “Eve”, there was NO biblical “garden of eden.” After all, the entire purpose of the “garden of eden” was for “Adam” and “Eve”.

    4. Since there was NO biblical “garden of eden,” there was no biblical “forbidden fruit” (or “tree of knowledge”) since in order to have any biblical “fruit,” there would have to be a biblical garden” — which of course, didn’t exist.

    5. Since there was NO biblical “garden of eden,” and no biblical “forbidden fruit”, there was obviously NO “god warning Adam & Eve” about not taking of any non-existent “forbidden fruit”. (Ya think?)

    6. Since there was NO biblical “garden of eden,” there was no biblical “talking serpent or snake” (how childish or stupid are you to actually believe in any “talking serpent”?).

    7. Since there is NO biblical “forbidden fruit”, NO biblical “talking serpent and NO “god warning Adam & Eve” about not taking of any “fruit”, there was NO biblical “original sin.”

    8. Since there was NO biblical “original sin,” then by simple logic, reasoning and just plain common sense, there was NO biblical “jesus christ that died” for biblical human sins.”

    9. Since there there was NO biblical “jesus christ” that “died for biblical human sins,” it stands to reason that there was obviously NO biblical (or real) “resurrection” of this FALSE “jesus christ” because there were NO “original sins” for “him” to “die and resurrect” for. (“jesus christ” was totally fabricated.)

    10. Since there was obviously NO biblical (or real) “resurrection” of this FALSE “jesus christ,” there is NO reason for any “god” to “offer everlasting life (after-life)”. And, without “everlasting life,” there is NO reason for any “god.”

    By Penboy — Do not remove this authorship

    1. My dearest, sweetest, all-loving, all-forgiving Penboy, your entire argument is utterly wasted, for you have again sought to prove/disprove the existence of the supernatural world with positions confined and limited to the natural world – mere logic, philosophy, science, observation, and so forth. Irrelevant and immaterial.

      Isaiah 55: 8-9: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
      For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

      You’re out of your league. Like bringing a knife to a gunfight. I will close with just one oft repeated thought, If you believe Christ is God, and from His grace you will inherit eternal life, or you don’t believe in God, and believe death is the end with nothing after, either way, you’re right.

      This thread has been hijacked enough. For the sake of peace, you may have the last word. Enjoy.

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