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  1. “first country in UK”
    I keep forgetting that people are not legally allowed anymore to make the former useful comparisons such as “n-th country in EU” or “n-th country in the world.” Everything British now seems so self-centered and petit.

    But hey, at least this is good news. Not sure if this will permeate the rest of Britain, it didn’t work last time Scotland tried to introduce the kilt, but maybe mentalities have changed since the Middle Ages…

    The article title seems to be misleading though: All of the UK apparently already recognizes a third gender, the difference being that you need to wait until 18 and the process is much more cumbersome and a bit insulting, if I understand the article correctly. Still, go Scotland!

  2. “Court rules in favour of Russians denied queer events” Am I the only one who couldn’t figure out whether this meant they were ruling in favor or the Russians denial or the pride events?

  3. QUEER ASYLUM SEEKERS > Sorry, but I support every hurdle possible for illegal aliens and asylum seekers. regardless of their orientation. If we need more Americans, we’ll make ’em ourselves. Build the WALL!

    TRADE DEAL > Trump is right on this one. Sovereignty come first. Trade deals do not need to be overly politicized, especially with political correctness.

    SUD AFRICA > Another baby step forward. Keep on truckin’.

    ECHR RULING > The ruling is right – Russia’s LGBT community has been wronged, nevertheless, if I were Vladimir Putin, I’d tell the European Court of Human Rights where to stick it. No wonder the Brits voted to leave the EU, and no wonder Trump is dissing the UN – these arrogant, totalitarian globalists want to run everything everywhere. The UN recently tried to sneak gun control into the USA through the nefarious Arms Treaty. Trump should seize the UN building and auction it off to pay the delegates’ unpaid parking tickets and throw their asses out. F*ck the UN, and F*ck the EU. And F*ck their world courts too. (Sorry for the rant. I feel better now.)

    SCOTLAND > Be careful what you wish for …

    AUSTRALIA > Better late than never.

    TUMBLR > Nazi propaganda on Tumblr? So what? Want it censored? Get out your checkbook and buy Tumblr. Tumblr is a privately held entity, and its owners can do whatever they want with it. And it’s none of your business. Don’t like what they’re doing? Fine, don’t go there. Go somewhere else.

    TUMBLR PORN BAN> Actions have consequences. I have no standing with Tumblr’s owners, but I am a customer, and I vote with my mouse. If going tit-less means Tumblr goes tits-up, so be it. For chrissakes, it’s only social media anyway. Who really cares? Capitalism abhors a vacuum. One day, some genius will start a social media Tumblr/Pinterest sort of thing, with no stupid terms of service, and they’ll own the industry.

    BABES EARNING $$$ ONLINE > Laugh my ass off at this – PayPal and their like, with their phony-baloney social justice ‘terms of service’ and ‘user reporting tools’ are getting bullied by incels, and they’re losing customers because of it. Serves ’em right. And what’s with these incels? If violent felons in prison can get girlfriends (and they can and do), these incels have got to be epic losers.

    BODY HACKING FOR SEX > You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Step right up folks, see the bearded lady with the vibrating pussy implant! See the amazing strongman with the electric dick! These people are nucking futs.

    1. SCOTLAND > Be careful what you wish for …

      No wishing involved. It’s recognition of facts and proper government.
      Perhaps separation of church from state in practice.
      Mmmmmm…. possibly Democracy ??

      Of course the leader? of the Free World doesn’t quite understand the meaning of the bullshit endlessly spouted within it’s borders.

      Sorry for you — but you’ll be just fine. Life is overall good.

  4. “”Horselips””

    QUEER ASYLUM SEEKERS > Sorry, but I support every hurdle possible for illegal aliens and asylum seekers. regardless of their orientation. If we need more Americans, we’ll make ’em ourselves. Build the WALL!

    Yes, I will gladly pay for the first brick to build a wall around Horselips……..

    1. Horselips is already pretty much ‘walled in.’ I live in a gated and guarded community, and my residence is secured by multiple levels of locks, lights and alarms, including a dog I’d bet on against a triceratops. No fiercer dachshund/chihuahua has ever lived.

      In case the SHTF, I have provisions for 8 months in storage, and a very nice generator to keep it all going. I know I’ll probably never need any of this stuff, but it is kind of fun just having it.

      None of my neighbors can remember the last time they saw a cop called – crime stops at our gates and just doesn’t happen. I haven’t had to shoot anyone in the over a dozen years I’ve been living here.

      1. @Horselips

        “”crime stops at our gates and just doesn’t happen.””

        It would seem that so does real life.

  5. I haven’t called a cop once in my life. I’ve never held a handgun let alone owned one. I’ve never been mugged or had my house broken into. Never ever been in fear for my life. Only ever spoken to a policeman to ask for directions.
    Scotland has problems. Scotland isn’t utopia.

    But you should try living in a normal country with normal people and real Christian values instead of the Republican slime cesspit you’re so proud of.

    A bit fed up with you. This isn’t a personal attack either but I’m quite annoyed at your blinkered lack of knowledge views on what makes for a real life.

    Gated community ?
    You’re the prisoner mister.
    You can’t spell the word.

    1. I’ve called the police once in my life – my car was stolen, but that was years and years ago. I was in “good hands” with Allstate and they bought me a ‘new’ used car. I’ve never been mugged – one close call when I was driving for Yellow Cab, but that’s to be expected in a big city.

      I have lived in a ‘normal’ country all my life, visited a few others as well (was always glad to get home). I’ve worked and played with ‘normal’ people all my life – my friends span the whole width of the ideological scale and I’m fine with that.

      Living in a gated community duzzint make one a prisoner. You can’t leave a prison. I leave home every day and venture into the outside world. Even after dark. Sometimes overnight.

      I am not “blinkered.” I am probably better informed than most because I avail myself of a wide variety of sources for news and information – from Rush Limbaugh to NPR, from Fox to Free Speech TV, Breitbart to Daily Kos.

      As for “real Christian values,” I don’t think Milkboys is the proper venue for discussing that, since we could very easily forget ourselves over such a topic.

      Scotland may not be utopia, but I love bagpipes and drums, and have a number of Royal Scots Dragoon Guards videos saved to my YouTube favorites. Historically, Scotland’s contributions to the sciences, the arts, and civilization in general are all out of proportion to its size and population. As one of the last refuges of the Knights Templar, Scotland’s history is graced with a fair share of romance, myth and legend as well. Good stuff. I’m really gonna hafta try some haggis one of these days – there – it’s on my bucket list.

      The vision of piper Bill Millin, in traditional Scottish garb, armed only with a dirk, standing on Sword Beach on D-Day, playing Road To The Isles, untouched by the hailstorm of German bullets slaughtering his comrades all around him … such men …

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