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  1. EDUCATION > The docs are probably right, but there’s so much that should be part of education that isn’t yet. Students learn little or no history, almost nothing about the Constitution, Federalist Papers, and critical Supreme Court decisions. The Civil War is an educational afterthought. Students are not educated about gun safety, and they are not even taught to shoot. They learn nothing of the law, of first aid, and most can’t safely change a flat tire. Students are taught nothing about economics – about money, banking, compound interest, real estate, wealth creation, insurance theory … etc. ad nauseum. Instead of graduating capitalist sharks ready to achieve and succeed, we graduate sheeple ripe for sheering and slaughter. How about the elements of critical thinking? Forget about it. Logical fallacies? Not a chance. No doubt about it, to educate a student properly in the Age of Information, and graduate a functioning 18 year old adult, school needs to be year ’round, with very little time off. Our K-12 curriculum must be shit-canned and completely overhauled.

    TAIWAN > The referendums are not binding. Liberating legislation will follow. Sooner or later.

    RED CHINA > Lovin’ that 1st Amendment! If you enjoy true freedom of speech, rejoice. If not – lock and load. Anyway, how communists abuse each other could not possibly concern me – may they all murder each other.

    UK ADOPTION > Seems being gay duzzint negate the instinct to parenting. My children are my heroes, being a father is still the jewel in the crown of any man’s life.

    TRANS REGISTRY > Oh what tangled webs we weave when we set our minds against our bodies.

    UK AUSTERITY > Socialism is its own reward. As Maggie observed, “sooner or later, you run out of other peoples’ money.” Right now, 1 in 20 Americans has a net worth of $1 million or more. With the roaring Trump economy, that number is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. (Make sure you get yours.) Anyway, poverty is the result of sin and atheism, for it is written in Deuteronomy 15:4-5, ” There will, however, be no one in need among you…if only you will obey the Lord your God by diligently observing this entire commandment that I command you today.” Failure to do so results in, “The poor you will always have with you.” – Matthew 26:11.

    SEX ASSAULT VICTIMS > More race-baiting, victim-industry nonsense. Notice they never research the opposite – willingness of blacks to intervene on behalf of Asians, Hispanics, whites, or trans women. Note to chicks – to avoid non-consensual contact, stay sober, and if you’re legal, carry. No one ever raped a .38.

    AMAZON DEFORESTATION > More Leftist ‘fake news’ trying to discredit the Bolsonaro administration. It’s Buzzfeed for shit’s sake. Note that the 13.7% increase occurred in the watch of the previous government, one of the many corruptions Bolsonaro campaigned against.

    EU BORDER PLAN > Illegal aliens are a problem everywhere. Terrorism rears its ugly head in all places. Drug cartels operate globally. Something has to be done. I like this, and if it works, we should try it here. Until then, we should at least build the fucking WALL. A person’s humanity is not founded in his anatomy and physiology – that just makes him a featherless biped – his humanity is vested in his legality.

    OHIO ANTI-ABORTION BILL > Relax. Such legislation would never pass judicial review. Roe v. Wade is settled law – for now. And that’s all this bill would hope to do – get the Supreme Court to reconsider an atrocious decision that clearly exceeded the federal government’s Constitutional limits set in the 10th Amendment. Torturing the 4th Amendment for justification is unconvincing.

    Editorial Time: The whole point of aborting a baby is to avoid the cost and commitment of parenthood. Fine. If the bitch doesn’t want to be a mother, I’d rather she not be. I support the right to abortion. The trouble is, elective abortion is nothing less than the cold-blooded murder of an admittedly rather young human baby. I don’t support infanticide.

    The solution, obviously, is to separate abortion from infanticide. If a woman can abort her pregnancy while minimizing risk to the child, it’s a win-win. Abortion should be criminally illegal until the fetus has reached viability, usually around the 7th month of gestation. At that point, the baby can be expelled by induced labor, and incubated until matured. She gets to walk away from motherhood, free and clear, and nobody has to die.

    The technology exists for successfully completing neo-natal gestation, and I’m willing to be taxed to support it. Newborns are far easier to adopt out than older children. If we will just stop the killing, all the opposition, anger and frustration with abortion will evaporate, and the issue will pass from public debate. Among our God given unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” LIFE comes first.

  2. “” Note to chicks – to avoid non-consensual contact, stay sober, “”

    Anyone ever called you a pig? She’s sober and says no? It means no. She’s drunk? It automatically means no. By saying what you did you put the blame on the victim. You are at the very least disgusting.

    1. Methinks I have been misunderstood -you and I are in complete agreement – no means no, and drunks are off limits. But we’re not talking about you and I here, the article speaks of college snowflakes who were victimized by a dozen or more years of left-wing liberal indoctrination in public schools, the girls were never taught to be ladies, and the boys were never taught to be gentlemen.
      For those girls, the advice stands – stay sober, and pack heat. Old Dan won’t take advantage of you, and neither would I, but we can’t speak for others.

      1. @Horselips

        I stand by my words. You are putting the blame on the victim. No matter what her social background is or family situation or how she was or wasn’t raised it still NOT HER FAULT if a pig took advantage of her. Could also be a him being the victim. An other point. That gun you love so much? Would you want a drunk girl or boy packing a gun while seriously drunk to the gills ? But then again, for you happiness is a warm gun.

        1. By all means stand by your words -I’m standing by them right next to you.

          I’m not blaming the victim at all, but just because she is in the right doesn’t make her safe in a sometimes dicey world. Bad things happen to good people and there’s such a thing as being “dead” right.

          As for armed drunks, please re-read my post -I specified staying sober and packing heat. Booze and guns don’t mix. As for happiness being a warm gun, a bad day at the range was always better than a good day at work. But I have many other compulsive interests: architecture, boys, Egyptology, history, boys, politics, astronomy, boys, classic cars – oh – did I mention boys?

          1. “Booze and guns don’t mix.”

            And how many TV shows, movies, plays depict a drunken bar-room brawls and, yes, shootings? Gunslingers, anyone?

      2. “who were victimized by a dozen or more years of left-wing liberal indoctrination in public schools”

        You just won’t stop, will you — you types keep putting out the very same debunked bullshit until your voice gets hoarse — and still try to put it out — especially in your ignorant churches.

        1. “You just won’t stop…putting out the very same debunked bullshit…especially in your ignorant churches.”

          When liberals accuse…they confess.

          1. @Horselips

            “”What does it mean to call someone a liberal?

            The answer, as is so often the case with the English language, is “it depends.” ‘Liberal’ shares a root with ‘liberty’ and can mean anything from “generous” to “loose” to “broad-minded.” Politically, it means ““a person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change.” “”

            From a google search.

          2. “When liberals accuse…they confess.”

            No, horsey, you’re seriously confusing that with your very own evangelicals / fundamentalists — to wit: you “conservatives” own more than 85% of all [“white collar”] criminal corruption and sexual cases. That’s a fact.

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