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  1. The US is also the only country where guns have more cars than people. ;)
    I am not surprised that China is making gait surveillance work, and the fact that it does not work beyond 50 meters is probably irrelevant in a country with surveillance cameras every 50 meters…

    It’s good to see more acceptance and support for queers around the world, and to see such defiance of Trump and his bigots in the US. There’s still a lot of progress to be made yet, it’s a pity sexuality and gender have never been part of the first 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and even in the later revisions of individual liberties, they are included in the “minority” rights together with handicapped persons or refugees, instead of standing on their own.

    Maybe it’s time to make a new Declaration and make it part of our laws. Greenpeace regularly point out that many countries defile these basic human rights.

  2. In Michigan, the outgoing (term limit) attorney general had argued against gay marriage in one of the cases that went on to the Supreme court. The incoming attorney general, Dana Nessel, was arguing the opposite side of that court case. She won that court case and now the attorney general seat, she has a wife and two kids.

  3. MID-TERM ELECTIONS > In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. We’re people too, it’s time we got what we deserve.

    ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION > I will admit to questioning my sexual proclivities when I was young, and even sometimes in my twink years, but I never got to the level of ‘anxiety and depression.’ Besides, the sheer number of sexual contacts I was enjoying, with so freaking many different boys and men, convinced me that if this ain’t normal, ain’t nuthin’ normal. It can’t be too weird if seemingly everybody’s doin’ it, and the parking lots at the arcades are full.

    UK HOMOPHOBIA > Doin’ whatever they gotta do.

    THAILAND> Sex-trade tourism is one of their top industries. Don’t run off what attracts the customers, it’s bad for business.

    TANZANIA > Tanzania was better off as the German colony of Tanganyika. Imagine how successful and civilized they’d be if they were still a wholly owned subsidiary of modern Germany, instead of the shithole backwater they are now. (Yeah, I’m still an unapologetic imperialist).

    HATE CRIMES > Haters gonna hate. Lock ’em up. Start with those virulent anti-Semites – Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson and Keith Ellison.

    GUNS IN AMERICA > Over 1 gun per person. That’s ridiculous, that’s awful, but at least it’s a beginning. . One more super gun salesman like Obama ought to do it. Hopefully we’ll eventually get to 7 guns/person. A well-rounded, minimal collection should include a battle rifle (.308 or similar), an assault rifle (.223 or 7.62×51), a tactical/hunting rifle (1 MOA accurate to 500 yards), a tactical shotgun (12 or 20 gauge), a service handgun (9mm or better), a concealable handgun (your choice), and a .22 rifle and handgun. Also, extra magazines, optics, accessories, and plenty of ammunition for each. Lock & Load!

    FBI & POLICE > Justice has to be blind, to be real justice. Trouble is, no movement stands alone, they all get co-opted by unrelated agendas. When an ostensibly good cause like civil rights is infiltrated by politically-correct fascists, socialists, and, like Antifa, hard-core communists, don’t be surprised when the enemy of your enemy becomes your friend. At least white supremacists aren’t burning down and looting cities like Ferguson and Baltimore. They aren’t rioting against invited speakers on campus after campus. They’re not targeting and ambushing cops. And they aren’t trying to suppress religious freedom or 2nd Amendment rights. What makes them bad is they do other things, like shoot up black churches and Jewish synagogues and their websites spew hate and bigotry, and heaven knows what else. Evil is, unfortunately, widely distributed across the political, racial, and religious spectrums. Paradoxically, it’s one of the prices we pay for a free society.

    CHINESE SURVEILLANCE > China is a police state. So, what else is new?

    ICELAND > As a retired restaurateur who held numerous positions in unit and multi-unit management, and built, owned and operated 3 Italian restaurants/pizzerias, I hate to say it, but he’s right. The only fruit that belongs on pizza is tomatoes. But, to each his own. I’ve often thought that if we would invent a Mexican noodle, an Italian tortilla, and a Chinese cheese, we could double the world’s cuisine overnight. Just a dream.

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