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  1. BRAZIL > If anything, the gay press is noted for its hyperbole. “Bolsonaro Derangement Syndrome” has already metastasized among the Left there as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has here, and it’s just as silly. The corruption of Brazil’s last administration was surpassed only by the madness in Caracas. Brazilians have been victimized by thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing the nightmare that spawned out of democratic socialism in Venezuela, just as the USA has been inundated with ‘country-shoppers’ from Central America, and Europe has been virtually colonized by Mohammedan hordes from the Middle East and Africa. Something had to be done.

    TAIWAN > I think we’re going to win this one.

    RUSSIA > Boy wins on technicality, but be not fooled, Putin hasn’t changed.

    POLAND > I am always impressed by the bravery and honesty of LGBT youth. Quote: “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM.” – Isaiah 11:6 It will be slow going in Poland, but it will be going.

    INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENTARY GROUP > Globalism is its own reward. You asked for it, you got it, now live with it. Or … “Avoid foreign entanglements.” – President George Washington. Thank Heaven Trump saved the USA from the Paris calamity, the Iran agreement, and bad economic conventions like NAFTA and the TPP. He’s also defunded much of the UN, and buried the awful Arms Trade Treaty which was a backdoor attempt to get around the Constitution and disarm the American people. Hopefully the World Court is next in his sights. Time for civilized nations to pull out of the IPG which has been overly-influenced by Moslem and African hatred, fear and immaturity.

    BRAZIL AGAIN > The real fascists aren’t on the Right where the capitalists and anarcho-libertarians are, they’re on the Left with the other totalitarians. Yeah – fascism is national socialism, and whether you’re a progressive, a fascist, a Nazi or a communist, a socialist is a socialist is a socialist. Don’t be fooled by laughable euphemisms like ‘democratic socialism.’ They’re all killers at heart, and wouldn’t hesitate to murder ‘en masse’ their opposition. Whatever else Bolsonaro has said, he has also pledged to uphold Brazil’s constitution. We’ll soon see if he was lying then or he’s lying now.

    SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING > Excuse me, but the real, rabid anti-Semitism is not on the Right – it’s on the Left where it’s always been. It was the Clintons and Obama sharing the stage, schmoozing and photo-opping with Louis Farrakhan, the pre-eminent Jew baiter and hater of our times. The quotes and antics of other Democrats like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Keith Ellison, and the late Helen Thomas are no less egregious. Look it up. Funny though, how Trump never sought the endorsement of David Duke, and renounced it when it came. Truth is, when Democrats accuse, they confess.

    Bowers should be convicted and sentenced to death. Unless, of course, you’re against the death penalty, and feel this mass-murderer’s life should be spared, and thus valued above the lives of his Jewish victims. (Which would make you an anti-Semite.)

    SAYOC’S “BOMBS” > Cesar Sayoc’s fascination with bombs is long-standing – he made his first bomb threat in 2002. He had been a lifelong Democrat back then, and only registered Republican for the first time in 2016 when he fell in bromance with The Donald. None of the bombs he mailed had any chance of going off, they were clearly to scare not kill, kinda like the clever contraption assembled by Ahmed Mohammed the Clock Boy that Democrats celebrated a few years back.
    Sayoc has a long criminal record, why he keeps getting let out is anybody’s guess, hopefully this time he’ll be sentenced to enough years to make sure he dies in prison.

    RIGHT WING TERRORIST KILLS 2 AFRICAN AMERICANS > First words in the article – “…white man with a history of violence and mental illness…” Kidding me? Why was this violent nutberger not confined to a jail or institution? What’s he doing loose? Is this another case like Parkland, where the authorities knew he was deranged and unstable and did nothing?

    ANTI-SEMITISM IN USA > Incivility is contagious. What began with rioting “snowflakes” on college campuses, Black Lives Matter riots in cities all over, and nationwide Antifa thuggery, has, no surprise, spread to anti-Semitic vandalism. So, what else is new?

    AMERICA’S PROBLEM > Right wing violence? LOL. The Democratic Party has always had its militant branch. For a hundred years after the Civil War it was the KKK who lynched,, during the Cold (Vietnam) War it was the S.D.S. who bombed, and now it’s Antifa who beats people up, destroys property and provokes riots. And that’s just the organized ones – there are lone-wolves aplenty like the maniacs who beat up Senator Rand Paul, attempted a mass-assassination at the Congressional baseball practice, stabbed one GOP candidate in Wisconsin, punched out 2 others, and recently shot up a GOP headquarters in Florida. It’s undetermined yet if the rioting “snowflakes” of political-correctness tyranny on campus, the screaming mobs that invade restaurants and theaters to harass conservative patrons, and disrupt and vandalize the Senate are organized, or just spontaneous hooliganism. Yes, there have been a few on the Right as well, but they are far fewer and farther between. And unlike the terrorists on the Left, they’ve all been certifiable mental cases. Open your mind and read this editorial published in the Chicago Tribune – a bona-fide far left newspaper:

  2. Let there be no confusion, I am not a defender of the Right wing. It is not the Republican Party. The Right wing is fascist, with an agenda of “state capitalism.” That’s where the means of production are privately owned, but the economy is still centrally planned and controlled. Politically, it is atheistic dictatorship. That’s not conservative Republicanism.

    And the Left wing should not be the Democratic Party. Democrats are supposed to be liberals, meaning they support free speech, capitalism, nationalism, and as the great liberal hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, we should defend western Christian civilization. Liberals are color blind, the Left sees everything as racial, the Left suppresses free speech, the Left believes in cultural equivalence and open borders. That’s not classical liberalism. The Left believes in “state socialism” which is simply Marxism-Leninism and as Antifa demonstrates, is perfectly willing, as were the Bolsheviks, to violently suppress opposition on campus, in city streets, even in the halls of the Senate.

    Sadly, the Left has pretty much taken over the Democratic Party, and the classical values of liberalism now reside with … the conservatives, but not with the Right. Both Leftists and Rightists are the enemies of us all, and for Democrats to call Republicans the Far Right and Republicans to call Democrats the Far Left doesn’t help.

    Republicans have condemned the bigotry of the David Dukes out there, condemned the violence of the Neo-Nazi white supremacists at Charlottesville, and openly rejected “state capitalism.” Donald Trump has embraced opportunity, and under his leadership unemployment has decreased to the lowest levels in history for Blacks, Hispanics, women, and youth – the folks the Left says he’s supposed to hate. And because of dramatically rising wages, 4 million people have come off of food stamps, and even Medicaid is seeing a significant reduction. The USA is once again #1 – the most competitive economy in the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the known Universe.

    It only remains for the Democrats to renounce the Leftists among them, and return to their American roots, believing and espousing true,nationalistic liberalism, as it was expressed by the great Democratic icon, President JFK, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    1. “I am not a defender of the Right wing. It is not the Republican Party.”
      Yes it is. It’s the absolute heart of the Republican party.

      “The Right wing is fascist”
      For once, you’ve actually told the truth.

      “Republicans have condemned the bigotry of the David Dukes out there,”
      No they haven’t … and won’t …. they embrace them with open arms.

      1. Sorry, but you’re wrong.
        Trump’s dismantling of Obama’s regulatory straight jacket, his tax cuts, and renegotiated trade agreements are the exact opposite of fascism.
        David Duke’s endorsement of Trump was renounced.
        Fascism (state capitalism, ie.: modern China) functions as an absolute dictatorship. That means extreme gun control to keep the regime safe. Trump is a strong supporter of an armed populace.

        There is, today, a cultural laziness with political connotations. Democrat, liberal, progressive, and the Left have become synonymous, as have Republican, conservative, and the Right. It ain’t necessarily so.

        Socialists and fascists are seen as opposites, but they are in fact the same. Both are totalitarian and intolerant, hateful and violent, the only difference is there is some small variations in the targets of their oppression.

        1. “Socialists and fascists are seen as opposites, but they are in fact the same.”

          Where the fuck did you go to school? Or did you just skip it to “shoot your guns”?

          A true socialist shares — that’s the entire purpose of [true] socialism.

          A fascist demands/steals from others.

          As I keep saying — and you continually prove it in spades — you don’t know jack shit about your own “religion” and politics. Or, you DO KNOW but as (like all others in your party/”religion”) a fascist, just demand from others so you won’t have to do the work or “expend the capital.”

          Just remember what real “religion” is: Socio-Political Ideology.

          1. “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”
            “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

            – Sir Winston Churchill

  3. As can be seen the Republicans are creating hell with their embracing of white nationalists and their mob violence. Shootings, bombings, antisemitism. Embracing sexual offenders as candidates. Foregoing whatever morality they had in a desire to win at any cost.

    Absolutely sickening.

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