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Queer News

Other News

  • Average penis size in America is smaller than expected:
    Food & Drug Administration approves smaller condoms
  • Report: UN’s global ‘war on drugs’ has been a failure
  • Billionaires are the leading cause of climate change
  • Hundreds of police officers in the United States were
    charged with more than 400 rapes over the last 9 years

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  1. “Trump voters say men are discriminated more than gays”

    Because you can be either a man or you can be gay, but apparently you can’t be both…

    Seems NBC isn’t as diverse as they constantly admonish every other company to be.

  2. That Trump government memo that wants to define gender as the one you got at birth would make 1.4 million transgender Americans disappear overnight in the statistics. I don’t think it will get adopted but it shows what this government really thinks about LGBT issues. Well, “think” is too big a word for what goes in Trump’s mind. Well, “mind” is too big a word too for this empty cranium. And “empty” is too small a word for the immensity of that void…

  3. CHRISTIAN GROUP > They mean well – love the sinner, hate the sin – don’t realize that sometimes, that’s … mean. So what else is new?

    URUGUAY > The first country to legalize marijuana takes another big step.

    MEN > The totalitarian-progressive-feminist ‘war on boys’ is now decades old, and recent attacks like micro-aggressions, cultural appropriation, toxic masculinity, and white privilege is all directed at … white men. We can’t even get laid without a notarized, counter-signed consent form in triplicate.

    CANADA > Government flag poles in the USA are usually reserved for national or state flags, in Canada they should be reserved for the national flag, provincial flag, or the Royal Standard. If you wanna fly agenda, corporate, or personal flags, do it on your own pole.

    TRUMP, SEX & GENDER > for 98+% of the world, sex and gender are the same thing. When mind and body are in synch, that’s healthy, when they aren’t, something’s wrong with one or the other. The shrinks, quacks, and lab guys will have to finally solve this one way or the other.

    DICK SIZE > Alright, so we’re not all hung like dinosaurs. I’m fine with that.

    UN & DRUG WAR > There never has been a real war on drugs. If every pot and opium grower was shot, every ‘mule’ caught transporting drugs was shot, every drug dealer was shot, every gang member was shot, and finally every user convicted for the second or third time was shot, that , and only that, would be a war on drugs. Since nobody has the balls for a real war on drugs, might as well just legalize it all and let “social Darwinism” run its course.

    BILLIONAIRES & CLIMATE CHANGE > Utter nonsense. As if climate was stable before those 100 bad corporations were founded. Anthropogenic climate change is a hoax of the globalist Left. And no, I don’t want to hear your side of it.

    BAD COP – NO DONUT > Wow, over 1600 sex crimes in that article. You’d almost think police officers were school teachers or priests. As we all know, the most law-abiding demographic is concealed-carry permit holders. Go figure.

    1. “And no, I don’t want to hear your side of it.”

      Because your an idiot who doesn’t want to learn, which is why you voted for Trump. Ignoring facts doesn’t make you smart.

      1. I’ve ignored nothing, in fact I have done extensive reading on both sides of the global-warming-climate-change issue. Which is something no liberal ever does.

        Fake News is the opiate of the totalitarian-progressive, and Junk Science is his faith.

        Make America Great Again * Keep America Great Again

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