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  1. re: Anti-gay teachings ‘mainstream’ in Australian churches, report finds

    Of course — they’re nothing but a fucking mirror of American evangelical houses of shit.

    What’s more “amazing” is just how stupid the mainstream of societies truly are about the entire “god” concept.

    And now, the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawkings has just published in his last book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions: “There is no god. No one directs the universe. For centuries, it was believed that disabled people like me were living under a curse that was inflicted by god. I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature.

    Here’s one to read:
    SCIENCE: Your Pious Hypocrisy Is Gonna Make Your Kid An Atheist

  2. Count down till horselips gives his retarded opinion on topics where he only reads the title of the article and then goes to suck trumps tiny dick to know the answer.

    3. . . 2. . . 1. . .

    1. …0 … Lift off! I wrote my usual erudite commentary but sometimes it takes a day or two to appear. All good things come to those who wait…

  3. LGBT PROGRESS > Everything runs in cycles Look at the stock market and the weather. Relax, we’ll win this one, even if now and then it’s two steps forward and one step back.

    TAIWAN > See above.

    THAILAND> Another step forward. Patience …

    QUEER YOUTH SUICIDE > The Animal Kingdom doesn’t tolerate diversity well. If you’re the ‘ugly duckling’ or the ‘runt of the litter’ you’re in for a hard life. Sometimes it’s hate, sometimes fear, sometimes instinct. Anyway, look at the mortality that came with the Reformation, freeing the slaves, the civil rights movement, unionization, etc. Anytime you want to change the world, expect casualties, and a lot of them, and especially among the most vulnerable – the young.

    AUSTRALIA > Quote: “About 10 percent of Australians are actively involved in a religion that may potentially promote or carry out conversion therapy, the study found. ”
    May … potentially … promote …talk about alarmism! A whole 10% of Aussies maybe, might, possibly be involved. That means 90% aren’t. Anytime you can get 90% of the people on your side, or at least not working against you, that’s ‘yuge’ – you’re winning – big.

    INSECTS > I keep a can of Raid on my desk, and the bug zapper with the cool blue fluorescent tubes is always on. Just in case. Everything runs in cycles. Species come and go. That’s the way of it.

    COPS PLANTING TOY GUNS > This is bad, and very, very wrong. But I can understand it. Uncertainty created by a suspect’s behavior can cause an officer to make a split second decision to defend himself with lethal force only to be blindsided and sucker-punched by his own department and the district attorney “Monday-morning-quarterbacking” the incident. No cop starts his shift thinking “today I’m gonna shoot me a ___?___” This time I’m partly blaming the victim.
    Middle and high schools need to teach their students about police-civilian relations. People gotta learn when a cop gives an order, obey, fast … and live. Watch an hour or two of COPS or LIVE*PD – the world is full of squirrels. I’m amazed police don’t shoot a lot more people than they do. Epic restraint.

    STUDENT LOANS > I’m lucky, both my kids got their higher education with full-ride scholarships. (Do your homework!) Prices always soar when gov’t money gets involved and why not? The gov’t can print money. Now we have professors grossly overpaid, tuition costs are ridiculous. Get the federal gov’t out of education, let the free market make sense out of this. CAUTION: any course of study called “___?___ Studies” is a loser. Choose your major carefully.

    YOU TUBE > What! YouTube stars are in it for the money? I’m shocked – SHOCKED! I spend at least an hour a day on You Tube and I never even heard of Dawson or DeFranco. Anyway, I’ll say it again, if you’re stupid enough to fall for anything on social media, as Bugs Bunny would say, “what a maroon!”

    DENMARK > I had to laugh at this. “Supermarkets, please post these labels on your products so customers won’t buy them.” Yeah, that’ll work. Found this meme of a pic of a supermarket stripped bare of inventory by folks stocking up for a hurricane:
    Let there be no confusion, I’ll eat what I want, as much as I want, and I won’t give a flying fuck about climate change when I’m filling my cart at Costco.

      1. The Periodic Post appeared on 10/18, my commentary is also dated 10/18, but it seems it took you until 10/21 to find it.

        And you may be right, I might be a moron. Anything’s possible. Cheers.

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