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  1. SWITZERLAND > We’re all entitled to equal treatment under the law.

    US DIPLOMTIC VISAS > Not an issue. Rules are the same for all married couples, and accommodations will be made for couples from countries that haven’t enacted marriage equality.

    MARYLAND > Banning conversion therapy for minors is fine.

    GENDER & IDENTITY > How much ya wanna bet the WCF leadership is riddled with closet cases. This group only has the influence these pathetic turd-world countries give it.

    CUBA > Screw Cuba.

    WAGE LIMITS > What corporations do with their money, for better or worse, is their stockholders’ business. As a consumer, if you don’t like a company’s executive compensation, buy elsewhere. STFU and MYOB.

    KIDS APPS > You want free social media? TANSTAAFL. Take it, or leave it. Don’t like it? Fine, smart-ass, start you own social media. Good luck.

    UK AUSTERITY > Behold the joy of cradle-to-grave democratic socialism. When you run out of other peoples’ money, guess what has to happen! The solution is not increased taxation and appropriation. Long term, the answer to almost every social need and want isn’t government, it’s liberty, individualism, and free market capitalism. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

    NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA > Thank you, President Trump, for putting an end to over 6 decades of failed policies. Now, on to the Middle East!

    NEW ZEALAND 4 DAY WORK WEEK > The Perpetual Guardian company should be able to do as it pleases with its terms of employment. More power to ’em.

    1. Trump didn’t do shit, only in your imaginary trumptard world does he get credit.

      1. Fine. Credit whomever you want. Fact remains, things are getting better betwixt the Koreas on his watch. And thanx to somebody, the NATO countries are paying their way and we’ve cut funding to the greedy and ungrateful UN.

        It appears Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as the 115th Justice of the Supreme Court. Once again, give credit wherever you like. If we could just lose Ginsburg or Breyer, and confirm another strict constructionist/originalist, the Constitution would be safe for another decade or two. Cross your fingers.

        The economy is on fire. Dow Jones is over 26K. Steel is booming. Coal is booming. Oil and NG are booming. New factories are springing up like weeds. The Federal Reserve chairman was quoted as saying “it’s almost too good to be true.”

        Unemployment is down to the lowest in 49 years – 3.7% and that’s across every racial, gender and age demographic. There are now many more jobs than people to fill them, as a result, wages are up round 3% and climbing. Economy is growing at the fastest rate in decades. I know, Trump had nothing to do with that. Those tax cuts, renegotiated trade agreements, competitive tariffs, and de-regulation were done by … who cares.

        4 million people have come off of food stamps since Trump’s inauguration. 4 million. I’m sure that’s because of somebody else.

        The Donald did say we’d get tired of winning. I’m not tired yet.

        1. Presidential actions take a long time to have an effect on the economy. Wait until the Trump-caused recession hits (but I’m sure you’ll blame that on whoever comes next…)

        2. “It appears Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as the 115th Justice of the Supreme Court. ”

          Yes, he was confirmed … but as the 114th justice. You can’t even get a very simple stat (in YOUR favor) correct.

          Credit for this? LIARS, CHEATS AND THIEVES. That’s all the “credit” you’ll receive.

          And guess what? He fucking LIED AGAIN — when he took that oath be a “justice.”

          1. I was just thinking ahead – to the Justice we replace Ginsberg with.

            (In my dreams)

        3. Your not winning to fucking idiot. When gay sex is made illegal again, I pray to your imaginary god you are the first to go to jail.

          You can’t back up anything you say, and you don’t know how unemployment is actually reported, you are a fucking idiot.

  2. Eastern Europe is really a bad place for LGBT people now, in the countries that are ruled either by the Christian Orthodox or the Muslim churches.
    The WCF will probably hold next year’s conference in Romania: Following an homophobic petition signed by 3 million Romanians, their Senate just authorized a referendum for this month that seeks to change the definition of marriage as an union between the neutral word “spouses” to between “man and woman” only.

    I can’t imagine the amount of work that the next American President will have to just reverse all the nonsensical regulations put in place by the Trump administration, like this refusal to grant visas to diplomats’ partners, straight or gay, and so many others, in the environmental field too. On the other hand, it will be fun to watch…

    And how come the fields “Name” and “Email” are not filled in automatically anymore in this comment form? This has been happening for many months now (I use Firefox) and I am pretty sure this discrimination is specifically aimed at LGBT commenters… ;)

  3. “And how come the fields “Name” and “Email” are not filled in automatically anymore in this comment form?”

    I’ve asked that very question twice now. Thanks for asking it again.

  4. The autofill works for me. It should be a setting in your browser settings. Firefox, maybe Options, General, Browsing, Search for text when you start typing.
    Or in others under Settings, Advanced, Find as you type
    Or could be called autofill.
    Good to set your browsers to clear every time closed and you can also do so manually as often as you want. Good idea to do before and after going on social medias like facebook as they read your cache and use that info to build data bases on you. Mobile apps are really bad about this. Investigate the new “Solid” program designed to allow people to control their privacy..

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