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  1. Those of us in the US don’t need a warning about Pence… I’m convinced he’s the reason no one’s tried to assassinate the orange monster already.

    1. Of course we’ve never heard of any attempts, YET. This phobic man is still the darling of the Re[ligious]publican party. Most of them can’t wait for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment — after all, if HE does it and he’s such a “patient and calm” person it MUST BE warranted, right? ….. RIGHT?

      Make no mistake about it, he’s definitely one of the (if not the) primary sources for all these phobic laws (Executive Orders, etc). Trump is nothing more than their useful moron.

      If the Democrats are able to take control of Congress this next January, Pence may just receive some necessary comeuppance — he was in total charge of that transition — getting all those pr-Russians hired.

  2. GREEK ACTIVIST MURDERED > Today’s Greeks share a common trait with modern Italians and Egyptians, which is, their ancient ancestors were far more creative, industrious, accomplished, innovative, artistic, important, powerful, successful and happy than they are now. Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt will capture the imaginations of every generation forevermore, while the pathetic civilization and culture of these places today will be forgotten and ignored. As they should be.

    PENCE> KAGA! Looking forward to his inauguration after the 2024 election. (I know, in my dreams.)

    RUSSIA> Czar Peter the Great wasted his time – Russia is its own place in its own time, and it’s not compatible with western civilization as we know it.

    PEDIATRICIANS> Going with the “PC” flow. If it works, great. If not, we’ll have a boatload of seriously messed up kids to deal with. Hope for the best.

    INDIA> “British colonial legacy”, eh? How lucky can you get. Have you seen the countries whose colonial ‘legacy’ was Germany, France, Belgium, Spain or Italy? Most of them are pretty fucked up, and there’s no nicer word to use. I thank God the original 13 colonies were once British colonies and I thank Manifest Destiny for liberating the rest of the country from Native, European and Mexican control and influence.
    It is an incontestable, unarguable, obvious, and metaphysically certain fact of life, nature and history that God is an Englishman, and according to German Chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck, He holds a “Special Providence for drunkards, fools and the United States of America.” May God save Her Majesty, and may God bless the USA!
    E II R … C III R … W V R … G VII R … forever!

    BRITS JUST SAY NO> Consent resides within us all, and is given and withdrawn at discretion, and that’s the way it is and should be. However (I hate that word) in the real world, the ‘social contract’ is sometimes not much different from any other contract – once signed, you’re committed and there’s no backing out without consequences. If you’re not sure you want to go to bed with someone, don’t even go to the bedroom. Sayings like “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” and “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime,” and “shit or get off the pot” come to mind.

    US & CLIMATE CHANGE> Ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks to President Trump we narrowly avoided the biggest “cost” of climate change – the redistribution of wealth that came with the Paris Piracy.

    CATHOLIC SCHOOL> Too bad the major players here are already dead. Would love to see ’em behind bars.

    FACEBOOK SECURITY BREACH SCANDAL> It’s pretty obvious by now that if you’re still on social media you’re happy with the exploitation, abuse, and insecurity. Live long and prosper.

    FACEBOOK PHONE SCANDAL> You all have really strong backs. Forget the last straw, despite the bales of hay that Zuckerberg piles on you, you just keep on taking it, liking it, and begging for more.

  3. @Horselips

    PENCE> KAGA! Looking forward to his inauguration after the 2024 election. (I know, in my dreams.)

    Yup, worthy of the lowly troll you are.

      1. @Horselips

        We are patient, very patient…… We also have lost a lot of blood through all the wars that you’ve had just to protect your sorry asses. Something that makes our patience even more resolved. I simply can’t comprehend how a supposedly gay man would jump for joy for a disgusting piece like Pence.

        1. “I simply can’t comprehend how a supposedly gay man would jump for joy for a disgusting piece like Pence.”

          There’s really only one way: The total brainwashing by religion [and equally stupid parents]. In this case, BOTH of them are sorry hypocrites.

        2. Old Dan,
          It’s simple, really. My politics extends way beyond my sexuality. It embraces economics, foreign policy, globalism, immigration, gun rights, voter fraud, social security, healthcare, gun rights, religious freedom, military strength, junk science (climate change), fake news, gun rights, and because scores of Democrat Senators and Representatives are card-carrying members of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), I believe in my heart that the Left constitutes an existential threat to liberty and free enterprise. Did I mention gun rights?
          What the Left wants, it mandates, what it doesn’t want it bans. It masquerades as political correctness, social justice, whatever, but it’s all tyranny. Even the #Me Too movement has morphed into sexual McCarthyism, operating along the same lines as the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem witch trials – accusation=conviction. Example – the Kavanaugh nomination. Never has so much been alleged with so little evidence, and despite that, given credence by a thoroughly subverted media and the Democratic Party. That’s not my America.
          There is no room for personal choice, for states’ rights, even the Left’s interpretation of the Constitution’s and Founding Fathers’ original intent is twisted and contorted to conform to its agenda.
          And as of yet, regarding LGBT issues, nothing has changed. There’s still marriage equality, laws against sodomy haven’t come back, and even though I still have questions regarding gender dysphoria, the states are leading the way regarding transgender issues, one by one extending rights and protections. Yeah, it’s still getting better.
          The economy is now, finally, expanding at over 4%/year. With the stock market closing near 27,000, one out of 20 Americans now has a net worth of a million or more. There are more jobs than people to fill them. Every demographic is enjoying record-low unemployment, lower taxes and higher earnings. Two or (six!) more years of Trump followed by 8 (!) of Pence should improve that immensely.

          1. There’s NOTHING in that comment that I haven’t already experienced from Trump and other ignorant FAR-RIGHT imbeciles, literally.

            “My politics extends way beyond my sexuality”
            Really? Just wait until you “get caught” doing something “conservative” Arizona just doesn’t quite like of it robots. And you end up in jail preceding an expensive court cost for doing something you have been raving about all these years — you know, just like what happens to most right wing Republicans.

            THEN let us hear you say, “my politics extends way beyond my sexuality” — yeah, right.

  4. It’s simple horselips is an idiot, he watches fake news such as fox, briebert etc. He has a deep misunderstanding of almost every topic. He cherry picks stats without understanding the whole issue. Basically he’s your typical trumptard.

    1. Since my “stats” are cherry-picked, I’m open to considering your economic “stats.”

      While you’re at it, here’s another interesting stat – the USA has over 3 times as many advanced 5th generation fighter jets as the rest of the whole world’s air and naval forces combined. Thanks President Trump! (And we’re already busy designing the 6th generation, which we’ll have before anyone else, and in far greater numbers.)

      1. It’s amazing how much you talk about guns and warfare —- yet you were never in the military. I was and it’s nothing to be bantered about so carelessly.

        1. Thank you for your service.

          Constitutional issues and national policies are open to discussion by all citizens. Hopefully those super-advanced jets will deter our enemies so that the next generation won’t have to fight as you did. Thanks again.

  5. “India’s, now revoked, gay sex ban was a British colonial legacy”

    It is indeed correct that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was taken over from the British equivalent in 1947, then some 85 years old. Within some 20 years, the corresponding legislation in Britain was repealed. It bears examination why in the 70 years since independence the Indian legislature has not chosen to repeal it. Could it be that there has been no significant political support for its retention, or that at the very least, its abolition was seen as carrying no political benefit to reformers? If so, why? Simply saying that 377 was a colonial prejudice does little to explain the failure to repeal it in the post-colonial era.

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