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  1. “”Trans people in Chile can change gender without surgery”” Anywhere you find the catholic church you find a cancer. Time to excise it.

    “”Underground “gay conversion” revealed in South Korea””

    From the article: “Conservative Christians perform conversion therapy,” Same kind of cancer as above.

    “”EU court: UK mass surveillance violates human rights””

    “1984” should play on TV on all channels 24 hours a day until people get it.

    “”Australian firefighters shot at while battling US wildfire””

    Simple. Australian crew goes home where it will be appreciated and let the U.S. burn to the ground.

  2. re: Brazil might get its own gay-hating Donald Trump copy

    Stupidity will never stop — homophobic “heterosexuals” will always eat their own stupidity and this idiot is no exception.

    “Bolsonaro was stabbed in the abdomen Friday during a rally. He is in a serious but stable condition, and likely will still be able to take office if elected.”

    I hope they find the guy who stabbed him and fine him a huge amount — for missing that asshole’s heart and not destroying more of his body. Next time, when Bolsonaro is on the ground and only wounded, gouge out his fucking eyes before calling for any medical help.

  3. “Bathroom Bill” hysteria Is unfounded – has any hysteria scare ever been founded?

  4. — WHY are TRANS of hate by STRAIGHTS ? Such is not a new.
    — Why are the we who are sexually different of hate by / from the STRAIGHTS ? WE are not a new.
    — WHY is BOY LOVE a thing of hate even by the gays. BOY LOVE is NOT a NEW.
    — The intensity of these various hates seems odd.

  5. The Aussie fire fighters were not being shot at, although their confusion and resultant feeling of being unsafe is understandable.

  6. CHILE > Setting an example for other Latin American nations. We ought to follow their example and totally privatize Social Security. The system was devised by Milton Friedman, and is a marvel of capitalism. As a result, Chilean retirees do very well, their economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, and they have very little national debt. Something to think about.

    SOUTH KOREA > Classic case of a 1st world economy mated to a 3rd world culture. I’m surprised it’s not worse than it is. Time is on our side.

    BRAZIL > Classic case of a partially developed economy mated to a 3rd world culture. Time is on our side. FYI Taurus/Rossi is one of the world’s most innovative firearms manufacturers. Too bad their quality control and customer service needs to get better. The Imbel factory makes some of the finest FN-FAL clones in the world. I owned one in the 70s-90s, (marketed by Springfield Armory as their model SAR48 Match) and regret to this day selling it.

    BATHROOM BILL > I’ve evolved a bit on this one. Ladies’ rooms are all stalls, so even trans babes will do their business behind closed doors, and trans dudes still can’t pee standing up so they’ll be in stalls as well in the men’s room. That’ll work, especially since my daughter now carries. However, locker rooms are still a big no-no for me. The exposure there is public, not private, and as far as I’m concerned, my feelings take precedence over those of any transgendered babe. Sorry – no swingin’ dicks in the girls’ showers and locker room. And no, I don’t want to hear your side of it.

    SCHOOL BOARD RECALL > One wonders if there’s more to this story. The article includes far-left loony code words like “safe” and “welcoming.” I wouldn’t doubt that somewhere in the discussion the word “inclusive” comes up too. Scary stuff. I’m sure these progressive snowflakes are pushing some genuinely controversial policy issues beyond being LGBT friendly.

    EU COURT > Sorry, but there is no better way to say this than fuck the EU. Who the hell do they think they are dictating to the House of Windsor? The British Empire and Commonwealth have only one head of state, and it is Elizabeth II, Dei Gratia Regina Britannia, Pontifex Maximus, Fidei Defensor. Hurry Brexit! Note: Blessedly, the USA is not a signatory to the equally corrupt and thoroughly politicized “World Court.” They have no jurisdiction over anything we do. I’m also delighted to see President Trump pulling financial support for numerous UN agencies, especially aid to the murderous Palestinians – the sooner we get out of the UN completely, and throw the bastards out of New York, the better.

    AUSSIE FIREFIGHTERS > Glad the fuzz caught the ‘hunters’ who fired at these heroic men. Throw the book at them. Nothing less than attempted first degree murder.

    MEDICAL MARYJANE > Whatever works.

    DIABETES MEDICINE > Another triumph of western civilization, putting the lie to the silly liberal notion of cultural equivalence.

    COMICSGATE > The only magazines I read are Reason, Guns & Ammo and The American Rifleman. With all the free porn on the Internet, who has time for comics?

  7. — If GENDER is NEUTRAL there would be no meaning to GENDER. Are we all neuters ? Comparing us to what ?
    — Are the two sexes a ONE ???
    — What meaning is there to sperm and egg ? Can we say they are really the same ? And merely different ?
    — Are genitals of no real consequence ?
    — Is BOY LOVE therefore no more wierd as BOYS loving GIRLS ?

  8. As much as I despise the various hate groups and predators out there and am reluctant to agree with them on anything…. they do have a point that the left has a long history of silencing and demonizing anyone that disagrees with or criticizes them.

    Just like the right has a long history of rigging the game to keep anyone that isn’t with them from winning…

    1. “they do have a point that the left has a long history of silencing and demonizing anyone that disagrees with or criticizes them.”

      As do the right — even more so. Look what’s going on with OUR politics these last 9-10 years.

      “The Left” are far more resilient and approving of differences than the right — The right can’t even stand having their [obviously FAKE] “god” criticized.

  9. To even insinuate that Trump hates gays is absurd. It amazes me to find such a beautiful blog with such ugly leftism.

    1. — Does Trump actually SAY that he hates us queers and homos ? Do not know.
      — There are RIGHT WING homos and fags as well as LEFT WING homos and fags.
      — Remember that the German NAZI’s are Left Wingers until they become the MEIN. The Mao Tse Dung Communists are Left Wingers until they become into The Power.

  10. Chile: Cool I guess. Horselips does have a point about their economy and privatization of Social Security, though.

    South Korea: Terrible, but things will get better overtime.

    Brazil: Brazil is a failure of a state, and it has become more evident since it hosted the 2016 World Cup and Olympic games. I’m sure the violent leftist who stabbed the politician in public just made him even more popular. Scream “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe” instead of challenging his politics and you’ll get him.

    Bathroom Stalls: One thing some facilities have are genderless bathrooms. Long as the facilities are similar, I don’t see a problem. I do agree with Horselips somewhat with the locker room factor. I also can see a problem if this is implemented with children involved; I’d be wary.

    School Board Members: The article in question is very small. More information, please?

    EU Court: The UK does have a lot of surveillance. I can understand if it’s used to prevent and solve crime, but the UK has seen a spike in crime, and a lot of it is unsolved, or they will just not enforce the law for fear of being seen as “racist”. Some popular excuses claim the police are cash-strapped. However, they always have the resources to arrest or fine someone for posting a Tweet they define as “offensive”.

    Australians in America: Good riddance of those “hunters”.

    Medicinal Marijuana: It does have health benefits. Hope it gets legalized. FDA just approved the first drug with cannabis in it this year. It’s called Epidiolex.

    Insulin drug: Only in the West. Should it get approved it’s another great advance in medicine.

    Comicsgate: For starts, comic book sales have long declined over the last 2-3 decades (the last comic book store I remember nearby was in the 90s). From what I’ve read of this issue, comic companies like Marvel have shoved social justice down the throat of its audience. It doesn’t sell, and their audience doesn’t like it. The new characters of various demographics and sexual orientations also happen to have poorly written characters. When the audience expresses their displeasure at say, Tony Stark aka Iron Man being replaced by Riri Williams (never heard of her? Me neither), instead of answering to market demand and bring back Iron Man, a popular character, Marvel will call their audience racist, sexist, bigots.

  11. Boy Lovers are not Left Wing nor Right Wing. Even the lgbt hate the Boy Lovers. Explain that please.

    1. When one throws a friend under the bus to save oneself, the cognitive dissonance requires that it be for a just reason.

  12. Comicsgate is not about free speech, of course.

    Rather, like similar actions before it, going right back to Atheism Plus in the atheist community, it is about people with no interest in comics telling comic artists and fans that they are seriously wrong and need to change.

    The Washington Post has long been known not to be a reliable source when it comes to competing media like social media, games, or comic books. They know they are losing audience share, and will say anything to grasp onto what is left.

  13. REPEAT — Why are man / boy lovers and boy / man lovers of hate even by the lgbtq people ?
    — “cognitive dissonance” = “confuse” and “not sure” and “what ???”. Am of confuse to the purpose of the term here put.

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