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  1. INDIA > Let freedom ring!

    FDA > God bless “big pharma” if it works.

    AIRLINE SNAFU > Like they said, it was a misunderstanding. But you’d think that in San Francisco, one of the queerest cities in the solar system, they’d expect this sort of thing. Oh well, it gets better… so they say.

    ETHNICITY & LGBT > The article is a totally tribal exercise in identity politics – a favorite concern of the loony Left. Move on.

    AUSTRALIA & NESTLE > Slavery is unacceptable, however, compelling corporations to play cop is bad policy. Isn’t that what the police are supposed to do? It is? Good. Let them do it.

    US STD RATE > Most other countries in the “industrialized world” are relatively homogenous, even with the massive Muslim invasion, minorities are generally still under 10-12%. The USA is a polyglot ethnic zoo, with uncounted millions of illegal aliens living (and fucking) among us. We’ve already experienced outbreaks of measles and other diseases that we had virtually eliminated. I’m not surprised we have an STD problem. Welcome to diversity. Multiculturalism is its own reward.

    GUNS AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE > I’m all for banning those convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. In fact, I’d be happy to disqualify anyone convicted of any violent offense, including simple assault, from firearms possession. I’m also in favor of women being armed, and when some jerk starts roughing them up, they get shot a few times.

    AIR POLLUTION > Glad my air is clean. As for Red China, who cares?

    ORPHANAGE ABUSE > As late as 1970. That’s only half a century ago – some of those cruel sisters might still be alive. Call the cops! Prosecute them.

  2. “”Former residents of a Catholic orphanage say they
    saw nuns torture and kill children in their care””

    About time those sadistic bitches came up.

  3. If you wish to travel around the world and if you wish to use international carriers you’d be naive to imagine that freedoms, protections and attitudes prevalent in your own country will somehow magically apply wherever you may be.

    It amazes me year after year the number of British and European holiday makers that find themselves in very serious trouble in places like Dubai and Bahrain all for doing something like kissing their girlfriend a bit too amorously in public or bumping into a local’s butt in a crowded place.
    Too many people are dumb. Blindly entrusting your welfare to people who are foreign to you is not clever. An airline is still a bunch of foreigners. Similarly a ‘touted holiday resort’.

    I first visited, frequently too, Dubai and those places in 1971. Just one surfaced road, lots of sand, camels and not much else other than one really good hotel. It was exotic and wonderfully interesting but really a just a dump in the end. Not much has changed till today. The bricks are more shiny and lots more of them but it’s all false. No organic growth of civilisation to be found.

    Countries around the world have changed hugely this past 50 years. Glass, concrete and a gazillion tons of electronica. Throughout all of this you must remember that the only thing that counts at anytime are people. So, amongst all the glitter and change, if the people are the same old wankers as they’ve always been then nothing has changed. Such places are still ‘shithole countries’.

    So, from a Mickey Mouse airline to British Airways. Our first flight together after getting married I was unsure if all the traveller privileges I had accumulated applied to ‘us’. So we just boarded normally. The boarding guy immediately grabbed me and quietly said.. “What are you doing? Everything you’ve got applies to him too.”

    1. Sadly, it’s not just EU folk with those attitudes. I lost count of the number of fellow Americans I saw in Mexico, Costa Rica, etc acting like they never left the states. On the flip side, I see people from Asia and EU at the hotel I work at behaving like they never left their home countries.

      This is a big reason (if not the biggest) so many that live in places that are tourist destinations have such a negative view of tourists and many localities around the world have started limiting the number allowed in.

      Whenever you’re traveling (even within your own country), take some time to learn what local customs are and what the locals expect. Knowing local attitudes about things like tipping or what hand gestures mean something completely different or (since it’s relevant to most here) local attitudes about LGBT people can make or break your vacation.

      Lastly, when traveling outside your country, dropping the phrase “I’m an (insert nationality here)” can easily get you in far more trouble then it will ever get you out of, depending on what part of the world you’re in. Save that line for when/if you’re arrested and need someone (preferably a lawyer) to contact your country’s embassy.

      1. That’s why when I want to travel to other countries, I just go to Las Vegas. You can see the whole world in Vegas. Paris, New York, ancient Rome and Egypt, S.E. Asia, Monte Carlo, it’s all there and more.

        The food is great, the restrooms are clean, no funny money or corrupt cops to worry about, no foreign languages to figure out.

        And if you play the slots, even the penny and nickel slots, the cocktails are all free, and they’re served by the hottest women on earth. (Sorry, I’m bi). Lots of resort bars have free live entertainment too.

        Vegas is the closest thing to Risa (pleasure planet on Star Trek) we have on earth.

  4. Catholic Orphanage etc.
    On an exact same vein. There is a major government long term enquiry proceeding in Scotland just now.

  5. “Former residents of a Catholic orphanage say they
    saw nuns torture and kill children in their care”

    I don’t doubt it. The nuns at our school made us kneel on three sided rulers, beat us with rulers and the long sticks that they used as pointers. And that was at a ‘normal’ parochial grade school in Chicago. I found many of them to be vindictive, hateful, and angry women. The nice ones didn’t last, they quit.

    1. I went to high school in a very private, (very serious) baptist-trained boarding school in Texas. So, when in Texas, to as Texans do — They beat us with 2 to 2-1/2 inch wide belts — just like what most Texans buy for their clothing — nothing special, but certainly it was very good leather — I never once saw any cracks in them from being folded in half to whip us (I once received 72 lashings with just my tighty-whiteys on for having a ‘D’ grade report at half-semester — unfortunately, I set a “record” in that dormitory for lashings, something I didn’t want).

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