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  1. This isn’t directly related to any of the articles in this PPP, but I would strongly recommend everyone give this podcast a listen. It is about history, but it’s presented in a way that’s fun to listen to… and this particular episode really gives a loot of good (and scary) food for thought:

    It is long, but it’s available on iTunes as well if you’d rather download it rather then listening through the WEB site.

  2. FACEBOOK > Still on Facebook? kidding me? “You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?”

    HUNTING SEASON > Sorry, but if my daughter went to that school, I wouldn’t be too keen on having a boy who “leans very far forward” in the stall next to her. Maddie is going to have to use a little common sense here. Accommodation works both ways.

    AUSTRALIA > No politician is perfect, and it duzzint help to make the perfect the enemy of the good. Morrison brings to the office a lot to like – he’s anti-illegal immigrant/asylum seeker, he won’t force climate change nonsense like carbon credits and higher energy prices on the people, and his economic policies will certainly benefit . After all, if socialists knew anything about economics, they wouldn’t be socialists. Now, if he can repeal all that gun control …

    DENMARK > As long as they can screen donations, and insure the safety of the blood supply, who cares who donated it? It’s not like getting a transfusion with a gay guy’s screened and safe blood is going to make you a homo.

    CATHOLIC SCANDAL > I have no doubt that both the accusation and the responding apologetics are rife with errors, generalities, and exaggerations. These errant priests will have to be evaluated individually – if they’re gay or not, so what, as long as they end up in prison if that’s where they belong.

    AUSTRIA > We covered this in the last PPP. Austria knows exactly what it’s doing, and the policy isn’t ‘dumb’ if it achieves the desired results. Most of “Hapsburg” Europe isn’t interested in accepting any ‘share’ of the millions of uninvited illegal/asylum migrants from the Middle East and Africa now flooding the Continent. And the more unreasonable Austria looks to the politically correct “snowflakes” who run the EU, the quicker they’ll be written off as incorrigible, and happily ignored.

    TENNESSEE DEATH PENALTY > As the technology of crime fighting and evidence gathering continues to improve, the rate of erroneous conviction continues to drop. The death penalty is the only moral response to capital crimes – the only solution that doesn’t elevate the worth of the criminal above that of his victim. As for the available methods of execution, lethal injection is among the worst. A bullet to the medulla oblongata costs only pennies, death is instantaneous and painless – quicker even than the speed of sound, the condemned won’t even hear the shot that kills him. Second best choice – nitrogen gas. Look it up.

    HACKING BODY CAMS > That’s why I don’t like autonomous cars and self-flying airplanes (!!!). I can just see some 14 year old kid with unresolved anger issues tinkering with electronics in Mommy’s attic – he throws the switch and it’s lights out – everything in range of his wi-fi crashes. Nothing is hack-proof and never will be. Good to see that at the end of the article most of the major makers of these gadgets either had the problem solved or were working on it.

    PRISON STRIKE > Prison inmates all volunteered to be there by the life choices they made. Most had to work damn hard to finally make it to prison. Most district attorneys are anxious to settle the vast majority of their cases with a plea bargain – a guilty plea in return for a reduced charge and a favorable sentencing recommendation – most often community service, probation, house arrest, work-release, rehab, or short sentences in the county jail. Actually making it all the way to prison requires a lifetime of dedication to criminality – and with budget issues resulting in so-called prison overcrowding, the competition for cell space is intense. No wonder recidivism is so high -you finally make it, and then the bastards let you go – WTF!
    I fully support the convicts going on hunger strikes. I don’t even care why. I just wish I had their willpower to push myself away from the table. I hope they stick with it. About 3 weeks without food ought to do it for most.

    FACEBOOK IN GERMANY > Still on Facebook? Kidding me? “You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?’

    HELICOPTER PARENTING > I’ve been a kid, and I’m a parent (2 kids). Kinda torn between both sides of this issue. I learned in the Hard Knocks School of business management if you want an employee to take responsibility, give it to him. The concept worked in my retail stores and restaurants – I was rarely disappointed. I took the concept home. Mother and I closely followed up on them meeting the responsibilities we gave them – keeping their grades up in school, driving safely and staying out of trouble with the law – and as long as they were performing and behaving satisfactorily, we allowed them virtual freedom in managing their own time, choosing their own friends, and respecting their privacy, including their sexual privacy. The policy of combining compliance with independence worked. Brilliantly. My kids saw the value in both sides of the equation, and the necessity of having both. No illegitimate pregnancies, no STDs, no arrests, no addictions. Today, both are well educated, embarrassingly prosperous, successful and happy.

  3. — The scatter brains at TWITTER delete me from them because of this’s complaints about DISCORD and DISQUIS. POTUS can say anything. FACEBOOK warns me. Still get e mails from that. Do say “GOOD BYE”, last entry. GO FIGURE. Any one with a better place to converse, please tell.
    — The DEATH PENALTY is weird in its weird manner. We ought to SHOOT to KILL. PERIOD. If we / they make a mistake, such is nothing new. Sorry.
    — Boys acting as if they are Girls is absurd. They be XY and ought use the XY room. OR, give ALL and EACH private uni sex stalls in uni sex rooms, and, in each, each and every one can hide. Even some male prisons try to do this, including showers, for sexual, and, other, uh, more personal, reasons. Reasons exclusive of wheel chairs and disables.
    — Still wonder why WILLIAM FRANKLYN MILLER has a no show crotch.

  4. @Horselips

    Death penalty. Hey, did you hear about the guy that came from Nazareth that got executed on trumped up charges?

    Immigrants and asylum seekers. Yeah, rrrright. They did write a song about them, “They Dance Alone.”

    1. The Christian trump is still part of the church which makes irrelevant his reality. BEELEEVE ! If you obey the church, get to more than reality. The love of this country’s origins and arguments are less of belief than the church’s. Make a religion of the Founding Fathers, a new religion. But it does not happen

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