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  1. … re TRANS losing voting rights — Am a kweer homo faggot odd weird freak sperm producing male. To vote, will say anything. They merely ask birth gender. That is either future sperm or future egg, M or F. What comes later in living is some thing else. Androgyny is not a human physical real. Being “off” is a social thing, not some anatomic thing. Get your rights right.
    … re THE PASTOR getting booked for child abuse — He does nothing physical to any other’s body. Why is Homeland Security seducing him ? The answer is that he is easier to get than actual rapists, whoremongers, and child sellers. Cops do actually say such so to this listener. The CIA, FBI, NSA, nor any military intelligence, nor any cop in this powerful USA, do NOTHING to stop 911. So they create Homeland Security. Guns including. ALL these COPS end up doing is deuce old men.

  2. COSTA RICA > For the longest time, Costa Rica has been the only stable, sane, peaceful and reasonable country in Central America. Keep up the good work.

    TRANS VOTING> Election fraud is rampant, I can see why some states have the good sense to tighten up. After transitioning, it’s a simple matter to re-register to vote with an updated photo and description. Sorry, but none of the excuses hold water. If you can make it to all those doctor appointments for your shots and drugs, and all trans patients do make it, you can make it to your DMV for the photo shoot and ID card, and then to your county registrar. Vote, and vote often.

    CHICKEN-HAWK PASTOR > So, what else is new? Everybody knows that the more homophobic someone is, the more likely they’re a closet case themselves. Our sex laws have to change. Here are the cops, posing as a sexually active 14 year old boy – why? – because they know for a fact that every 14 year old boy either is and has been sexually active or wants to be. The police are fighting a losing battle against human nature. It is perfectly legal for two 14 year-olds to enjoy consensual sex, but if one of the partners is more than 3 years older than the other – that’s rape. And that’s bullshit. Especially for queer boys. Who among us, as young teens, hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from encounters with older boys or adult men? I sure did. A lot.

    PUBLIC POLL > As I have said before, the boundary line between freedom of religion and anti-discrimination ordinances will have to be settled, once and for all, in no uncertain terms, by the Supreme Court, and their ruling must be incorporated to the states.

    TURKEY > They have a lot more to worry about in Ankara than gay entertainers on TV. President Trump is levying ruinous tariffs on them and their currency’s value is plummeting. On a positive note, the Turks make some very fine firearms, especially their CZ75 clones – might be able to make some good deals in a month or so.

    ITALY > We have the same controversy over here, in some jurisdictions the battle about mandated vaccinations goes on. At my age, physicians and pharmacists are always hawking the pneumonia vaccine, and I refuse. Took it once, and had a very painful reaction – pretty much lost the use of my right arm for almost a week. Needless to say, never again – I’d rather get pneumonia, thank you. I did take the shingles shot – no problem.

    HEATWAVE > More silly alarmism. Global temps haven’t changed by more than a few 10ths of a degree. Every winter there’s a winter “kill” and every summer, there’s a summer “kill.” Junk science and fake news are the opiates of the socialists and secular humanists. Want me to give up my plastic straws, incandescent lightbulbs and V8 powered car? MOLON LABE. (Better bring your friends, you’ll need ’em.)

    GENDER PAY GAP > And tall people get better grades than short people. Slender people make more than fatties. What’s next – trans men earn more than trans women? On and on it goes. Guess what – it’s not a perfect world. Life ain’t fair. Deal with it, or get over it. OR, decide not to be a wage slave, start your own business, pay yourself whatever you want or can.

    HEALTHCARE > I’m all for single payer, with some conditions. No death panels, or age cutoffs for treatments. No coverage for illegal aliens – if they show up at a hospital, stabilize them, and then arrest and deport them. No months-long waits for appointments. No rationing of high-tech equipment. No 50-70% income taxes to support the system.
    The Pentagon should be responsible for supporting healthcare, through the conquest of smaller states, enslavement of their people, plundering of their wealth and natural resources, and exacting tribute from everyone else.

  3. The so-called wage gap (wages for same job) is real, but is much smaller than usually reported, at about 2-3%. Further, no analysis of that gap was able to determine a cause for it, and that includes discrimination.

    There is an EARNINGS gap between the sexes (what you get when you take total income for each sex, and divide by population), and this is largely due to the life choices of women and men. For example, men more often choose to go into trades, earn the hard STEM degrees, and take jobs that separate them from family, whether in terms of distance or time or both. Men attain harder and rarer skills, and they apply them more. That’s why, when you need help with something, more often then not it is going to be a man who helps you out. This is not to say that women can’t do many of these things. But most simply won’t.

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