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  1. “”Colombia’s murder rate falls but not for queer victims””

    What else can one expect from a catholic cuntry.

    “” US lawmakers seek license to discriminate queer parents””

    Ah the land of tolerance and equality…………

    “” Bulgarian court recognises marriage of same-sex couple””

    Good, very good.

    “”England mandates compulsory sex ed for all students””

    21rst century and people just don’t get it. Knowledge is not only power but also protection.

    Trans woman will compete for Spain in Miss Universe

    Aww, poor wittle Horselips. Oh! But what if she has a beard? Asked Penboy.

    “”Tennessee set to execute a man with mental illness””

    Complete savages.

    1. Old Dan. What has Trump done in Tennessee to warrant the death penalty? Now there’s a man who is truly nuts. A complete Sociopath who makes a fool of disabled people and loves the stupid because they vote fpr him. I look forwards to the UK doing a post Brexit deal with the USA to get GM crops, hormone injected meat, and corn oil added to everything. I’m looking forward to it like a hole in the head.

      There was a kiddies programme over 50 years ago in the UK called Trumpton. Look it up on YouTube and get the parody one where the mayor is Trump building a wall with Cbigley because they are all stealing their jobs and raping their women.

  2. COLOMBIA > The falling murder rate is the peace dividend for settling with FARC. It’ll take awhile for the country to settle down, catch its breath, and catch up. Patience. Until then, LGBT folks might want to exercise cautionary discretion for the next few years. It’ll get better.

    US DISCRIMINATION > The foster care situation needs all the help it can get, and faith-based charities are happy to step up. Sorry if they also enjoy the free exercise of their religion. 1st Amendment: Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE thereof. Public money notwithstanding. NO LAW means exactly that. Don’t like it? – then amend the Constitution. Settling the issue of religious freedom vs. public policy is going to be the biggest decision the Supreme Court will have on its plate since Roe and Heller. It will be the final ruling on whether the Constitution means what it says, or it doesn’t mean a damn thing. We live in interesting times. Be careful what you wish for … you might get it.

    BULGARIA > It’s getting better.

    ENGLAND SEX ED > I liked sex ed better when it was learned in the gutter.

    SPAIN’S MR. UNIVERSE > He’s gorgeous. I think he’s post-op because I don’t see a bulge and I can’t even make out his Adam’s apple. Anyway, good luck to him, I hope he wins – it’ll drive the Leftist feminists crazy when a guy beats them at their own game. Feminism has maintained that babes don’t need guys, now we can show those bitches we don’t need them either. We can make our own ladies. OHH – and I hope he stays the hell outta Colombia for now.

    INCIVILITY > I get it – being intolerant of intolerance isn’t intolerant. Hating haters isn’t hate. Being a Bolshevik means never having to say you’re sorry. Go ahead, take your index finger and flip your lips. These loons better be careful they don’t go too far – picking on the wrong person or group might get really, really uncivil. And very, very loud. Lock & Load.

    MEAT & DAIRY > As a bona fide, blue ribbon, card-carrying, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, bottom feeding climate change denier, I don’t give a flying fuck through a rolling donut.

    TENNESSEE EXECUTION > Mentally ill or not – when he committed the rape/murder, did he know right from wrong? The woods are full of people with even severe mental issues that don’t rape and murder little girls. Still, it’s a tough call. That’s why the Governor makes the big bucks.

    CAPTALISM > There is no alternative. Even so-called “democratic socialism” requires a foundation of either capitalism or fascism (state capitalism) to generate the wealth creation necessary to sustain the state, or a big daddy like America to cover your defense. One more thing – as long as it’s legal – what the rich (or the poor) do with their money is none of anyone’s business.

    CRITICS > Girls have cooties. Ask any 8 year old boy. Get over it.

  3. I’d love to listen in when they tell the jewish schools and the madrassas that they have to teach sex ed.

  4. “Study: Male critics give lower ratings to films by women”?

    Written that way makes it sound as if male critics give lower ratings to films by woman *than to films by men*. But what the article says is that male critics give lower ratings to films by women *than women do*. Totally different. Could as well have spinned it as “women give higher ratings to films by women”. Damn women, can’t be neutral when they review, right! Or?

    No. Cause in any case, whatever the study may have found, it doesn’t say that this or that sex is *better* at reviewing movies. Just that the ratings differ depending on who’s making the review. Since I’m not interested in writing a report about this lousy report, I’ll state two facts:

    A) The men and women in the study haven’t reviewed the same movies (or even movies that in some sense are equivalent). That means you can’t draw any conclusions whatsoever.

    B) Even though you can’t draw any conclusions, it’s interesting to note that, using the data on page 5 and 6, male critics deliver about as much praise and critique to male directors as they do to female ones. Whereas female critics give much more praise to female directors than to male ones. So… maybe it’d be better if we just had male critics? :D (Well, due to what I wrote in A, that’s not a conclusion we can draw. They’ve not watched the same movies! Not even the same genres, on average. Far from it.)

    Sorry for mansplaining it to you Josh. Hope you learned something. (“Like I could learn anything from you, you damn white male middle classer, now I’ll vote for the greens and the socialists at the same time; take that you alt-righter”.)

    TL;DR: feminism is wrong as usual.

  5. “Male critics give lower ratings to films by women”

    In other words, female critics give higher ratings to those very same films by women. Almost as if they’re biased or something.

    When we have a film industry that openly doles out awards for “acting while being female” and pats itself on the back for delivering awards to films by and about people primarily based on their race, something is seriously wrong. It’s called bigotry.

  6. There’s one female Director who’s tops on MY list: … Kathryn Bigelow. She’s directed some pretty spectacular pics and she can direct her actors as well as any male Director.

    1. Maddasses are islamic child mental abuse chambers (they call them “schools”). They get [primarily] all the boys in the community — quite often as young as 4 years old — and put them in a room to have that qu’ran shoved down their throats, day in, day out (literally) — they are required to memorize that asinine book, as much of it as is humanly possible by such young minds. They recite it over and over, often in unison, pausing only to eat every day, from nearly sun-up to sun-down. It’s the only book they “read”/memorize from and they’re told they are given an “education”.

      1. Oops, sorry about that: that word should be: madrassas. OK, now you can hit me with a wet noodle.

  7. @Horselips

    “”TENNESSEE EXECUTION > Mentally ill or not – when he committed the rape/murder, did he know right from wrong? The woods are full of people with even severe mental issues that don’t rape and murder little girls. Still, it’s a tough call. That’s why the Governor makes the big bucks.””

    No, it isn’t a tough call. Just ban executions. Is the guy guilty? Then keep him behind bars for life. It will cost less than an execution plus it avoids the state of becoming a murderer by executing someone that isn’t guilty.

  8. Periodical Political Post *67 milkboys 2018-07-21 …
    — The USA discriminating against possible queer parents is as absurd as not wanting whites fostering blacks nor blacks fostering whites, nor adopting them (depriving of their culture rule).
    — Sex Ed argument is as old as WWII. At its youngest. In Health Ed, do read ahead in the book to find drawings of the male and female, insides and basic outsides, plus egg & sperm. The class never gets even near that ! OHH ! My Sex Ed is from a _____ and do learn nothing but some kind of penis pain by rod put into the penis (he teaches it thrice !)(no book). Ought to at least give the physics of the sex and the birth !
    — Males acting as Females is as old as horny fire dances. Male genital removal / alterating is to make the Male a permanent Boy (ball cut), to make the Male into a Female (with, maybe, also, penis cut), or, other, many a real possibility, including modern electrocuting. Care not for Females on parade, one way, nor, some other. No matter where. The 3RD SEX is as real as the 5TH DIMENSION [except for the music of the group of that name]. It all, simply, aint interesting to this fag. Prefer dicks, and, guys with.
    — Trickle Down Capitalism is as old a discussing, in the USA, as Wall Street versus London versus the slave trade versus gathering cotton with machines, and, especially, since Prez Roosevelt & friends, and their subsequent Social Security, Public Welfare, Food Stamp, and more, creates. WHAT IS NEW ? The ‘trickle down’ versus the ‘percolate up’ versus the mix of both is a conclude with NIXON declaring “I am a Keynesian !”. HA HA HA.

  9. Colombia: Their murder rate is still one of the highest in the world. Start with the drug cartels/gangs and ALL homicides will follow suit.

    Gay Parenting: Many private religious organizations work with adoption and foster care, and they, protected by their first-amendment rights believe married heterosexual couples are the perfect fit. They believe these couples are in their best interests. It is what it is.

    Bulgaria: Good for them

    England Sex-Ed: It’s terrible here too.

    Spain Miss Universe: Never gave a damn about beauty pageants. The world still moves on…

    Incivility: Ah the tolerant, accepting left… Disagreeing with the left’s politics means you’re free to harass them, get in their faces, and even assault those who disagree with you… How very tolerant. Antifascists engaging in fascist tactics to shut down people from different points of view. My millennial peers disgust me.

    “Climate change”: Isn’t it funny how everybody who preaches lowering greenhouse emissions also ride on private jets and have gigantic mansions giving off even more emissions than the average joe’s house or apartment? Also, newsflash: meat’s important to eat. If you don’t want to consume meat, that’s your prerogative. Me? I’ll buy my steak and eat it too!

    TN Execution: I don’t sympathize with criminals much, period. I have a learning disability. Despite that, I never used it as an excuse for any of my actions growing up; nor was it an acceptable one ever. We all have the chance to make our own choices in life. Word of advice: Don’t want to be in jail? Don’t want to be executed? Don’t commit crimes!

    Capitalism: Unlike “democratic socialism”, capitalism is the one system that has brought more people out of poverty than any other. If someone from the 30s was brought to the present day, they’d have thought they died and went to heaven. The article lost all credibility when it mentioned the state…

    Male critics: I don’t give a rat’s ass who makes what movie and who stars in it. If I like it, I like it. If women want to be the next Ingmar Bergman or Akira Kurosawa, kick butt and make a good movie.

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