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  1. “Officers responded and asked the men three times “politely to leave the location because they were being asked to leave by employees because they were trespassing.” When the men again refused to leave, they were arrested “without incident,” Ross said.”

    Of course you shouldn’t have to do what a police officer asks you to do. Let everyone do whatever they want. Not having anarchy is clearly casually racist – you are right about that Josh. :)

  2. re: U.S. school allegedly forced queer students to read bible

    This is just ANOTHER example of what I’ve been saying for years: how the religious right will do ANYTHING, AND I MEAN ANYTHING to promote that “god” BULLSHIT and get FULL control our society — the reason they keep attacking [within] schools is so they can “legally” [they desperately hope] keep brainwashing our young and impressionable without being called out on it. This time their usual ploy didn’t work.

    Don’t for a New York second think that this will stop their tearing down of our efforts to keep schools secular as our Founding Fathers wanted it to be. There’s a REASON they didn’t put “god” in our Constitution and it was to keep the entire public square secular.

  3. — ‘TRANS GENDER’ rights in PAKISTAN ? The use of boys as if girls is, there, as new as throwing stones. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the entire former Persian Empire area, has such a thing since way before the inventing of writing. Some Islamists might complain, but, too little too late, by 3000+ years. Boys are of sexual interest to them. Never forget the Olympics where it is the MEN the Islamists kidnap and kill. NOT military men. OH! NO ! But men without arms and without ability to resist … Islamic male RAPE ! They hide the females they make babies with. They Rape boys. They KILL everybody else. That aint merely queer. It is fraud. Plus old caveman horror. Now some of them all want to make such phony faggotry legal. ha ha ha ha ha ….. …. … .. .

  4. Re: “Child labour is back in the U.S. thanks to Trump”

    Upon reading the article, what I learned is that some child labor laws make it harder for young people to get started in meaningful job training because a job is deemed “dangerous”. Such jobs that use heavy equipment like chainsaws or involve being in situations that could be perceived as dangerous like roofing.

    Here in the US, we are facing a shortage of workers for skilled labor while we have a glut of college educated people who can’t get jobs that pay back student debt. There is a huge path to bringing back apprenticeships in the US, so that young people struggling in school and/or young people interested in jobs that can be learned via apprenticeships can get started at a younger age. I’m not saying I aspire to be a roofer, but if a 16-year-old can get a summer job as an apprentice roofer he sure as hell will make more than at McDonalds and come of out it with skills that could become a career. Relaxing these rules isn’t returning to a child labor state, its empowering young people to think about their futures and giving tradesmen an opportunity to teach younger people before they get lost to the college systems which for some people isn’t the right path.

    1. In that case it’s not as much about enabling child labor than unraveling anything that Obama signed, like the Paris or denuclearization agreements and many others. Trump is like a new Penelope, except he hates Obama, and Obama won’t return for a new mandate. Well, no, he is just a stupid senile jerk. He probably never even read Odysseus, no need to do him the honor of such a comparison.

  5. Casual racism is alive and well, agreed, but it is certainly not limited to that handful of incidents popularized by mainstream media to reflect their particular bias. You can readily find examples of anti-white racism from university campuses and entertainment to legislation and company policies. And of course, nobody cares to even mention anti-Asian racism, such as that reported to be practised by Google.

    It’s interesting that Starbucks explicitly gave the manager of that location (and all locations) the right to decide for their store whether non-customers could stay or use the facilities, or whether to treat them as trespassers under some circumstances, or all the time. There was no company-wide policy, yet Starbucks threw this manager under the bus anyway, to save their own butt. It’s about what you’d expect for a vendor of elite milkshakes.

    It’s interesting that not one person has contacted the manager to get their side of the story, preferring to make assumptions and then judge them for those assumptions. That’s how a kangaroo court works. We do not know the prior existing customer relationships, if any, that these two men or any other person present, had with that location. That’s important information.

    1. My favorite was the black woman that was screaming on social media she was harassed by a racist cop when she was pulled over for speeding and felt so violated… but when the police department released the unedited body-cam footage of the stop he’d been completely respectful to her the whole time. Didn’t even speak harshly to her when explaining that he was required by law to arrest her if she refused to sign the ticket.

      It goes both ways.

  6. THAILAND > Sex is Thailand’s #1 industry, you’d think they’d have done this ages ago.

    PAKISTAN > The government doesn’t have control of the country beyond the city limits of the major population centers. The countryside and the mountainous areas are still anarchic and controlled by tribal chiefs, drug dealers, warlords, and organized terrorists like the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It really doesn’t matter what the government in Islamabad does – the folks are still radical, Islamic fundies.

    FORCED BIBLE READING > See ya in court … bring your checkbook.

    CHINA > The economy has evolved from Marxism to classic fascism (an oligarchy of the One Party, the Military, and a carefully controlled Corporate Elite). The “social contract” is unraveling – for the last 40 years the number of Protestants has increased by 10% each year. By 2030, China will have the world’s largest population of Christians. China is already the largest producer of Bibles. The Communist Party is holding on by its fingernails, and it needs an enemy to rally around. Queers will do.

    CASUAL RACISM > sorry, play the race card and lose 100% of your credibility. We’re all way past that now (well, except for Democrats and still-plantationed victim-industry snowflakes and SJWs). The neighbor called the cops because she didn’t know the house was operating as an unlicensed Airb&b, and the people she saw going in and out weren’t the residents. I like it when neighbors lookout for each other. That old lady can move next door to me anytime.

    CHILD LABOR > Finally. it’s about time.

    COSTA RICA > What a jerk. ROFLMAO.

    FACEBOOK & IRELAND > Is this a joke? Duz anyone base their vote for any candidate or cause because of an ad they saw on … LOL … Facebook? Kidding me? OMG, the world is full of squirrels.

    SCIENTIST SUICIDE > I’m a senior citizen. I’ve seen my parents die, my in-laws, and quite a few friends. Every one of them was happy to go. Their chronic, pain, frustrating incapacitation, and undignified dependency was too much for a lady or gentleman to endure.

    Man is the jewel in the crown of Creation, and to be reduced to submitting to natural causes or disease at check-out time is an insult. We’re supposed to be the apex predators, but in reality, the viruses and bacteria are – they eat us, and kill us in the process. Unless I die in my sleep or just drop dead, or am incapacitated by a stroke, I will control my final exit – it will happen at my discretion, not Mother Nature’s. I will take her viruses and bacteria with me – they will die at my hand – not I at theirs.

    FYI, The Holy Bible is silent on the issue of suicide. None of the six men who did themselves in (King Saul, Samson, etc.) are condemned.

    1. Just so you know, Horselips, I don’t bother reading the Periodicals Posts until you reply. Makes them interesting.

      Honestly, I agree with you 100% of the time. I think we’re rare breed in the Gay(ish) world.

      1. Thanks for your gracious compliment. I am unworthy – and yet -Great minds think alike.

          1. “@Horselips
            Yes, I agree, you are unworthy….”

            And you criticize me for making similar comments.

            Hypocrisy much?

    2. “FACEBOOK & IRELAND > Is this a joke? Duz anyone base their vote for any candidate or cause because of an ad they saw on … LOL … Facebook?”

      Err, you seem to have forgotten what happened in late 2016 in the USA, when Cambridge Analytica, paid by the billionaire Robert Mercer, sent highly targeted Facebook ads to the few hundreds or thousands of voters in the strategic counties and districts that made all the difference. That’s mostly why Hillary Clinton won by 2.8 million popular votes but still lost the elections and joined the Al Gore club.

      The Russian hackers based in Saint Petersburg also sent Facebook ads that likely played a role in the American elections, and posted comments and tweets under “patriotic” aliases such as EagleTexas, RealValues or the like, designed fake news conservative web sites, etc.

      1. The same sort of data that Cambridge so ‘scandalously’ acquired from Facebook was given, gleefully, by Facebook to the 2012 Obama campaign, which was cheered by the Left as electioneering genius.
        Even the NY Times had to admit that CA’s claimed effectiveness was overblown – the effect of psychographic targeting of voters was inconsequential. Hillary’s vote margin was almost entirely in California and New York, and nobody cares what they think anyway. Thank God and the Founding Fathers for the Electoral College, which has repeatedly saved this blessed nation from totalitarian-progressive statism.
        The Russian ads were pathetic, many sent after the election, lots were misspelled or showed laughable grammar, and many hit both sides. Besides, what has Facebook got to do with real life anyway? Oh no, don’t tell me, you go there…LOL

  7. Racism Three: In terms of racism still being existent, I agree. Unfortunately it will always exist somewhere.

    However, look at the facts of the Starbucks incident: The two men bought NOTHING, wanted to use the bathroom, but were refused because they aren’t paying customers, then sat down in a space meant for paying customers. They refused to buy anything when asked, and refused to leave when the manager asked them to. When a manager or business owner, or even the police ask you to leave an establishment, you LEAVE. Likewise, the police gave them three chances to leave. They still refused. This is trespassing. These are the objective facts the incident should be judged on. Or do objective facts not matter anymore?

    Instead, everybody made this all about race, including you, Josh. The entire situation could have been mitigated had they each bought something. Or left when asked. If they want to pay nothing, there are many parks in Philadelphia. Libraries, too.

    Furthermore, no one reporting this story has ever sought the manager’s account, Holly. She has enforced this policy in the past, and now she is being vilified for doing her job. Her own company is throwing her under the bus.

    “Child Labor”: The road to Hell is paved with “Good Intentions”. This is one example. Regulations like these prevent teenagers from learning job skills and possibly develop a career in high school. Long before OSHA existed in America, fatalities in the work place have been going down consistently since the 1800s. No one is exploiting these teenaged apprentices, either. They willingly choose these career paths. If they don’t want an apprenticeship, no one’s pointing a gun at their head– they don’t have to do it.

    Also, Jhairhemee is right on the money about the shortage of tradesmen here and a glut of college students and degree holders with rising amounts of student loan debt. Truth is, we will always need skilled laborers, these careers pay handsomely and not every pathway to success is college.

    1. @Bigmouth

      When’s the last time you saw a white man thrown out of a Starbuck or where ever else? Here, where I live, we have tons of street people/homeless, and unless one was in a strange mode of behavior he or she was NOT thrown out. No matter what color they are. As for a “normal black person” I’ve never heard of one ever be thrown out of a restaurant here.

  8. Penboy United States

    “”2018-05-16 at 02:52

    Yes, I agree, you are unworthy….”

    And you criticize me for making similar comments.

    Hypocrisy much?””

    I burst out laughing when I read you comment. But then again, if it makes you feel better, I’ll also agree with you, you are unworthy…

    Truth be told, You and Horselips are the same. Both full of themselves and entrenched until death do you part.

    You, Penboy, are an atheist. I fully agree with you. Where I stop to agree is when you become vitriolic in that belief, refusing to accept what one could call spiritual. Not believing in a god or gods does NOT mean not accepting that we are more than the simple physical. You also can’t tolerate that others just might have different ways of expressing their own gender, including a beard!

    You, Horselips, are an intolerant bastard. You are gay, so am I but I’ll be damned before I throw to the fire people I don’t like, like, ah…. transgenders. You do know the story behind that Pink Triangle? For me, if I had to wear one I would have a drop of blood running down on it. How about Stonewall? Remember who fought back? Drag queens. And I’m sure that in that bunch a lot were transgender even if at that time there were no terms to describe it.

    So, this time I dedicate this one to you two intolerant bastards.

    P.S.= What worries me the most about the two of you is what the younger ones will feel when they read your replies while trying to find support for the hell they might be going through.

    1. “when you become vitriolic in that belief, refusing to accept what one could call spiritual.”

      You can be as “spiritual” as you think you need to be, I don’t give a shit — but they/[you] just don’t understand what that means. Spiritual/spirituality is nothing more than a political correctness response because you/they want the idiot religious to believe you/they “have balls” to say you’re “not religious/church going” but don’t have the balls to tell them “god” and religions are pure bullshit. This is very much like when the term “deist” was invented to respond to the puritans/other really fucked-up “jesus-types” that they didn’t believe their bullshit, but were too socially afraid to tell them what they were peddling was, again, total bullshit. All you need to do is read The Age Of Reason by Thomas Paine. His is the best example of the times: an atheist cloaked in the nearly-equal bullshit of deism [which is to “believe a god created” Earth but then just left it to the {essential} destruction by humans].


      “Not believing in a god or gods does NOT mean not accepting that we are more than the simple physical.”

      That’s a total bullshit statement using the same political correctness cloak of stupidity to mask the misunderstanding of actual science [all of which is yet to be discovered by humans].

      If humans are “more than the simple physical,” then what are we? You don’t know because you can’t even describe it properly to understand that even to/for yourself. Humans today still have a problem of “wrapping their heads around” the factual evolutionary concept of primates. [Here’s two for you: HOW/WHY is it that {ONLY} humans can grow hair on their head to unbelievable lengths but primates hair/’fur’ can only grow to a predetermined length? And another: HOW/WHY is it that {ONLY} humans and primates have arms & hands to the lengths they are?]

      What happens inside our brains is pure biological — even if you like to think it’s “transcendental” — again, just because you don’t want to “upset the religious cart” — after all, it SOUNDS “religious,” doesn’t it?

      What I have done is break clean of that political correctness cart and I think for myself — not giving a shit what society has to say about religions. That’s not “vitriolic” — it’s the truth.

      1. You simply have proven my case. Descarte said that until you have all facts you can’t say that something does or doesn’t exist. That is my own perception of reality. And some of it shaped by personal experiences. Having multiple out of body experiences in no way creates the need for a god or gods. In fact those experiences lead to my becoming an atheist. I wanted to understand what was happening. I wanted to know more but religion whom, ironically is the “soul pusher” called my experiences impossible and that to believe in their reality could also be seen as sacrilegious! So now, I’m a free thinker. I refuse to be an absolutist like you are. Hey, I like Hitchens!

        But just like Horselips it’s your refusal to accept that others can be different and happy and that in no fucking way are they obligated to fit the idealogical mold you would want them to be in. That’s not support that you offer, it’s moral tyranny.

        1. I’ll respond to your stupidity from the end of your post first:

          “But just like horselips it’s your refusal to accept that others can be different and happy and that in no fucking way are they obligated to fit the idealogical mold you would want them to be in.”

          In your zealousness to put me down, you are now making up bullshit — ironically, just like Trump. I have NEVER advocated being like myself as you put it and just about every post I make shows acceptance of “others being different and happy” [as you put it].

          But, like so many others, you just fall into the line following the politically correct ignorance that those that harp “different” religions put out. I’ve always advocated critical thinking and acceptance — by the way, just like Hitchens [I like and agree with his view a lot!].


          “Having multiple out of body experiences in no way creates the need for a god or gods.”

          This is a prime example of what I pointed out about you (and so many others in that “line-up”). Let’s get to [science] basics: There’s no such thing as “out of body experiences”. First, to have an[y] experience, it’s in your mind [which is IN your body and how you interpret it] and therefore by pure “physics,” is impossible to be “out of body.” You’re basically just contradicting yourself [as I said, just like Trump].

          experience = practical contact with and observation of facts or events.
          You simply cannot [as a human] have any observations “out of your body.” And for YOUR “practical contact?” Any “contact” is done inside and with YOUR body — otherwise it’s just NOT a “contact” of/by yourself.

          “But … but … it’s a common phrase!” [Shall we add “meme” to that commonality?]

          A common phrase/meme is not in any sense of the word, evidence or proof in and of itself. By YOUR definition/acceptance, an LSD trip is “spiritual.” Except it’s not — it’s just imagination wanting it to be some sort of “out of body interpretation.” While we’re at it, let’s add disgustingly drunk on various alcoholic beverages consumed in one sitting. It’s not “spiritual” either — it’s just disgusting — regardless of what you think “you saw” while drunk.


          “I refuse to be an absolutist like you are.”

          I’m hardly any sort of “absolutist.” After what I’ve experienced during my late childhood in Texas, I learned the nuances of bullshit, particularly the “spiritual” and religious type. I change my mind often about things — after I’ve heard or seen more accurate reasoning for the change. Another instructor of reality: the military and war, which I’ve experienced first-hand (which I’m pretty sure you haven’t). Both of those bring reality quickly to the forefront of my mind for anything I’ve questioned — including death.

    2. Thank you for your constructive criticism. I accept full responsibility for occasionally being misunderstood.
      I shall offer only a short, small defense: Re: Transgenders: the conflict is whether you believe mother nature made her mistake between their legs or between their ears. Until the docs, scientists and shrinks convince me otherwise, I believe their problem is between their ears. And I don’t want anyone thrown to the fires. As for pink triangles, I hate Nazis. National socialists (Nazis), international socialists (communists), democratic socialists (progressives) – they’re all alike, all totalitarians at heart. Alas, I was too young and too far away for Stonewall, but I will accept your analysis.
      Dan, I wish every member of this blog would comment as intelligently, and as often as you do. I am happy that, for once, a Periodical Political Post got over 20 comments. Thanks for your participation. I look forward to your next contribution, even if it targets me.

      1. @Horselips

        You are missing the point and here I’m hoping it’s not willingly. My point is that it is not YOUR or my choice to decide if one “gender” is legitimate or not. The person that is living that state of being is the one that knows who he or she is, what he or she is. History has proven itself time and time again about those that stubbornly refuse to listen to what others have to say. It really comes down to tolerance, to live and let live. Your response to transgenderism is exactly like the straight person that refuses to accept homosexuality. For example, while being gay, I’m not a flaming gay or one that would even consider going in drag. Still others do and that is their own business. It’s not a reason to slam them because they do and until science and medical establishment proves to me that it isn’t between their ears I will accept them as who or what they say they are. Trans that come here are hoping to find support, not judgement because of purposeful blindness and rigid thinking.

        About activity here, I wonder how many have just turned away after reading your and Penboy’s posts. I simply can’t comprehend why there are so few people posting here. Unless…..

        1. Quote: “My point is that it is not YOUR or my choice to decide if one “gender” is legitimate or not. The person that is living that state of being is the one that knows who he or she is, what he or she is.”
          My issue was never that people couldn’t choose their own gender; but my daughter is a member of LA Fitness, and if I see a guy strolling into the girls’ locker room expecting to get naked and shower with her, we’re both making the 11 o’clock news.

          I am not judgmental of trans people, I’m all for live and let live, but I would like from them a little common-sense accommodation on their behavior. They can use the restroom of their choice – as long as it’s equipped with stalls and doors so nobody has to see their physical reality, but school and gym locker rooms, where open, casual nudity is ongoing – nope. Nude beaches where the all sexes and genders expect to mix naked – fine. Enjoy.

          It’s their business what they feel or think, but it’s all our business when their feelings impact public policy. You can’t park your car in a handicapped-marked space just because you ‘feel’ handicapped. You have to be legit to get the permitting hang tag or license plate. When a trans finishes the job, gets the surgery, and is completely re-manufactured, fine. Until then, drugs and hormone shots notwithstanding, you’re still what’s down there, and a little toleration and understanding of the sensitivities of the rest of us will go a long way.

          As for homosexuality in man, whether it’s nature or nurture, a kind of addiction or an obsessive-compulsive disorder, or just perfectly normal like being left-handed or red haired, one thing’s for sure, it’s definitely in our head! The brain is the most important sex organ in the body, and whatever one’s sexual orientation, the ’cause’ is not between the legs.

          I don’t think our reasoned debate runs anybody off, instead it’s an attraction. There’s an honesty here that public political correctness often discourages. The worst thing to ever happen to higher education is banning free speech and controversial speakers on campus, and creating ‘safe spaces’ that shelter over-sensitive adult “snowflakes” from the real, adult, world.

          Once again, I welcome your input on this and every other issue. FYI – I have already ‘evolved’ somewhat regarding trans people – a year ago I didn’t even want them to use the restroom of their choice. I am not the hide-bound, intransigent, hard-ass you might think. I am always open to change and reconsidering any position I may hold today. Keep working on me.

    3. Old Dan [before you get any older]:
      You seriously need to read [and absorb]: Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World by David Silverman. Then, hopefully, you’ll begin to understand the correlation between political correctness and religious privilege.

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