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  1. IRELAND> Time is on our side.

    TAIWAN> This too shall pass.

    PHILIPPINES> This third world country is broke. They don’t have enough money to even buy the paper and ink to print more money. We’re only talking $300+K, I’m sure some rich gay billionaires can cover the loss with pocket change.

    RELIGION & SUICIDE> Everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation or relationship preference has entertained thoughts of suicide – the curiosity over death is irresistible. That religious folks would be more likely to attempt it is not because of any deviance, but because religion holds out the sure and certain hope of an afterlife in a world better than this. Early 1st century Christians began to openly contemplate the validity of suicide as a way to quickly enter the second life. The church reacted to this heresy and declared suicide to be a mortal sin, reminding their parishioners that Christ came that we may have life, and live it more abundantly (John 10:10).

    Gay youth are no different than straight youth – they are immature, with still-developing brains, and given their short lives and limited life experiences, are much more likely than adults to make very poor decisions. It’s not the church who condemns them, in fact, the church condemns us all – “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23).

    ALASKA> Not surprising at all. Alaska, due to its remoteness and harsh climate, is, despite all that snow, not a “safe space” for wimpy, wussified millennial “snowflakes,” but rather the natural center of hard-edged, rugged individualism and a libertarian outlook. Unlike the totalitarian-progressive Left, which condemns all opinions that deviate from its liberal-Marxist orthodoxy, we libertarians are inclined to live and let live.

    TORONTO MURDERER> The one thing all the victims had in common is that they were all unarmed and defenseless. Had this been attempted here in Tucson, it’s likely that van would have quickly had its tires, radiator, and driver filled full of lead, and this would have ended with much less carnage. That said, I had no idea that “Incel” even existed, or what “Chads” and “Stacys” were. Obviously, more than the political establishment “swamp” needs to be drained – the societal fringe is a whole ‘nuther “swamp” that needs attention.

    NASA> Finally NASA gets a leader who is a climate change denier. Maybe now we can get back to space exploration. Word up NASA: Never mind looking for extra-terrestrial life, or growing bean sprouts in space, or watching spiders spin webs in weightlessness. NASA has 3 priorities, and only 3 to solve, (1) propulsion and (2) artificial gravity. Solve them, and the galaxy is ours, fail to solve them and we ain’t goin’ nowhere. What’s #3? A superior American militarization of space through orbital battle stations armed with nuclear-pumped lasers capable of frying anything else in orbit, and armies, navies, air forces, and cities on the surface. Dominate the firmament, and we dominate the earth.

    SATANIC SEXUALIZATION> More societal fringe “swampiness.”

    SEX WORKERS> This law is very likely to be challenged in the courts, where its chances are not very good, or be reformed by Congress in short order. Patience…

    KIDDIE PORN> Misleading headlining – says sending “their own nudes”
    on Snapchat. Alas. no pics of the boy, just the somewhat precocious babe. Anatomical curiosity predates pubescence – little kids are infamous for playing ‘doctor.’ Given the Internet, I’m sure every kid in the 4th grade and above has already seen a lifetime of cocks and cunts and knows what those parts are for. At least the kids were quickly released to their parents, hopefully the local district attorney won’t make them register as sex offenders.

    1. “What’s #3? A superior American militarization of space through orbital battle stations armed with nuclear-pumped lasers capable of frying anything else in orbit, and armies, navies, air forces, and cities on the surface. Dominate the firmament, and we dominate the earth. ”

      I wouldn’t hold my breath, NASA was kept separate from the military specifically to prevent this from becoming their sole focus. Also, since the space shuttle program ended they’ve relied more and more on third parties to get just about anything into space.

      There is hope for your dream though, China is quickly moving in exactly that direction. Might wanna start learning Mandarin.

  2. How long before we hear about horselips killing a bunch of people to drain the swamps and get rid of the snowflakes he hates so much. Also, make sure to kill those gay boys with tattoos that he can’t fap to. Always a pleasure to hear his well thought out and insightful opinions.

  3. gee. LOVE these posts of issues see no wheres else. !!!
    1 — The sex police are more into sex than those they prosecute. The sex police assert a number of sex slave imports from other countries, yet are unable to counter such import. How do they count what they assert they know nothing of ? DO NOT BELIEVE IGNORANCE. Yet others go to jail. And Megan’s Law is still there. DUH ! As our USA HOMELAND SECURITY guy says publically, ”We do not know what we do not know”. That, as Aristotle writes 2500 years ago, equals the ‘what’ as not existing.
    2 — ‘Involuntary Celibacy’ is an obvious fraud. Some thing else is going on here. DO NOT know WHAT it is, but it AINT about celibacy. NO FUCKING WAY. Celibacy excuses with an agenda different.
    3 — Do find a man who cuts off his dick because god says so, YES, do talk to him, YES, and his wife do talk to, YES, and he aint kidding, and, there is no murderous nor malevolent hint. He advertises his act and opinions. And is now dead. Am very aware that having no dick does not entail no masturbating nor absence of neither arousal nor failure to cum nor get orgasm, depending on the particulars. Several thousand plus years of male [and differencia female] sex slaves in China / Egypt / Greece / Rome / USA, guys with balls gone, and dick too, depending, more than demonstrates this.
    4 — The Iraqi / pre-Iraqi areas has historically several cults of self neuters insisting on murder, suicide, and murder / assassinating for hire. So do the Romans, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Indias, Aztecs, and Mayans. Meaning, these cults of the murderous male neuter is not new. This particular BLAMES us for their neuter. WOW ! And, it seems to be more than one blame us cult. These in this of well to do, by comparisons of the older, and of whites in this continent, USA and Canada.
    5 — Do write that it is more than a celibacy issue. Do meet in life more than a few self celibates, actual self cutters, and, there is at least one site for them of them. The killers here are not of such.
    6 — As much as might be of despising self-cutting trans sexuals, these guys hate us for just being sexual. Some FEMS write such as so about males, and, do read their writings. But these guys BLAME us for ‘their’ failures, as such as we read of what the sex police tell us. BELIEVE NOT. But ! It is a different version of cult killer celibacy !
    7 — Do meet the Highland Park prostitute killer inside Detroit back in 1979 at a Six Mile and Woodward bar as he confesses his failure with sex, and, his desire for murder of prostitutes [specifically, not whores, but, specifically, pay for prostitutes]. Sexual Liberating talking he derides and goes away. Until the prostitutes hear what is, to them, reciprocity. He is unable to intubate as not orgasmic. Thusly, celibate. Common rapist situate.

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