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Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, my cable modem died over the holidays so I had no internet access. We’ll be back to the normal posting schedule from here on.

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  1. As the years go by the U.S. is getting weirder and weirder! The nest step is absolute puritanism.

    By the way, saw your post about that dead modem. Happy to see you back.

    1. “As the years go by the U.S. is getting weirder and weirder! The nest step is absolute puritanism.”

      You couldn’t be more correct. I’ve said to many of my friends that we’ve already seen and experienced the best of America. The only things left (for as long as they last) are the National Parks and Forests — before the oil industries get their hands on them via Trump & Pence.

      1. Drill baby drill. It’s not enough that we succeed, everyone else must fail. Oil is life. Oil is power. I don’t care if they put pumps on the White House lawn or right next to Old Faithful – if there’s oil down there, we want it, we need it, and we’ll get it.

        1. Drill baby drill.

          And then you lose all the cherished wild areas for your hunting.

          Tell us all again just why you love guns so much if you won’t have a place to use them anymore (except on yourselves).

          1. I don’t hunt. Never did, never will. The big reason is I hate the taste of game animals. Through my friends who do hunt, I’ve tried them all – Yuck. I don’t like many fish either except cod, pollock, or tuna. Shellfish are OK.

            So, I do all my “hunting and “fishing” at Costco, Safeway and Fry’s. Hmmm, do my gardening there too.

            As far as having a place to “use” my guns, there are lots of plinking spots and several local ranges here to enjoy. But just as numismatists don’t spend their coins and philatelists don’t use their stamps to mail letters, I either rarely or don’t shoot half the guns I own. They’re collectibles, acquired for their mystique, cachet, historical significance, extraordinary workmanship, or for investment. Some are well over 100 years old and if I shot them and something broke … original parts are getting hard to find. Guns like Lugers have many matching numbered parts specific to each individual gun- break one of those and replace it with an un-matching numbered part and the weapon’s value is cut in half.

            I “use” my collectibles at gun shows where I buy, sell or trade. Ever been to good gun show? Lotsa fun. The wheeling and dealing, the fellowship of like-minded folks, lots of smokin’ hot, tight-bodied, all-American teenage boys to ogle. Yummm.

  2. Josh,

    Its okay if you took a few days off after all the low-key racist comments on the last post. I was pretty sad about them too.

  3. GRINDR> Oh Puhleeze, you’re not still f*cking around with social media are you? Kidding me? What will it take to make you wake up?

    GRINDR AGAIN> Just delete your account. And delete you accounts on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and everywhere else. Stick with forums like this, and stay away from the merchants of information. FB, etc., has nothing to sell but ad space and … your soul. Wise up.

    COSTA RICA> Elections have consequences. Let’s see what happens.

    PHILIPPINES> Baby steps, but closing in on the prize.

    USA> You can count on Democrats to misgovern, and Republicans to not govern. Se la vie. It will be up to the Supreme Court to decide where the 1st Amendment religious rights end and where discrimination begins. And what a fine line that will be.

    RADICAL PROPOSAL> Without the surveillance of every click of your mouse, and the data it gathers on the useful idiots that participate, the social media moguls have nothing to sell except some ad space, and that won’t satiate their greed. If laws are passed regulating surveillance or requiring site users to opt in, social media’s inventory of information will soon dry up. When that happens, we shall see the terrible unintended consequences of our fear and loathing – the things that social media give users for free will of necessity disappear, or be offered only at a healthy charge. Imagine paying a monthly membership fee, or even being charged by the word for FB posts, or being billed for Google searches. One’s head explodes. Remember, TANSTAAFL. You pay, one way or another – with your data, or your VISA card. Wanna keep your secrets? Then get out your wallet. OR, just don’t play the game. Get a life. Try it, you’ll like it.

    UK PORN CHECKS> Give it up. Accept that we’re all sexual beings, and nobody waited until puberty to play doctor. Everything I really needed to know in life I learned from porn. Hey, bluenose, leave those kids alone.

    ONLINE CENSORSHIP> Those votes of 388-25 in the House and 97-2 in the Senate shows the Democrats and GOP are all on board together. Nothing new here. Tumblr and You Tube have been censoring content for years already. If this act ever becomes law it will be thrown into the deepest dungeon of litigation the lawyers can find, and if it is indeed unconstitutional, it will be overthrown by the judiciary. Don’t panic yet. I’ll tell you when to panic.

    FACEBOOK MEMO> Yep. It’s all about the $$$. Gee, ya think? Duhhh!

    SNAPCHAT > Yep. It’s all about the $$$. Gee, ya think? Duhhh!

  4. 1. Do NOT believe in gun control. The local cops kill, the FBI, CIA, ATF, IRS, the SS, and the various military, and the other government agencies, plus private security, do all kill. Meaning, they kill with guns, with no problem. The criminals kill, too, with no problem. What choice do we, WE, have left ?
    2. People already HAVE Queer discrimination rights. You can change the tv channel if you do not like it. You can go to another radio station. You can delete one site and go to another. You can refuse to associate with Queers.
    3. Anti-Discrimination laws are anther matter.
    4. And telling everyone or anyone your medical thing ought to be your choice, never theirs.
    5. The ‘THEY’, government and business and criminals, always want to know where you are and GET you one way or another. We need to keep ourselves as secret as we can. Do not think that is possible completely nor actually very much. Certain things as bank account numbers, maybe. But not much else.

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