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  1. re: Egypt wants to ban atheism in case it turns people gay

    “Current Egyptian law says atheists can be prosecuted for expressing their disbelief in public but the committee’s proposal would go further and criminalise disbelief itself.”

    This is the height of absolute stupidity — and as well, all the anyone needs for proof that any “god” not only doesn’t exist, but also clearly that “religions” have to rely on LIES and VIOLENCE to FORCE their BULLSHIT onto everyone in a society.

    1. Saudi Arabia adopted a similar position in 2014 when “promotion of atheist thought” became officially classified as an act of terrorism.

      Ironic since it’s “religion” that’s actually terrorism of the mind.

  2. CHINESE CENSORS> Aren’t one-party dictatorships fun! Thank GOD for the 1st Amendment.

    INDIAN SUPREME COURT> The anti-gay law is hundreds of years out of date. ‘Bout time for a reform, dontcha think? See Egypt.

    MISS TRANSAMERICA> Isn’t “Miss” kinda sorta sexist? Shouldn’t that be “Ms.”? Needless to say, I’m not fooled – it should really be “Mr. Transamerica.” Anyway, domestic violence is a very messy thing -scares cops more than almost any other kind of call.

    JAMAICAN CENSORSHIP> Baptists aren’t actually protestants, nevertheless they are outside and apart from the Roman Communion; that makes them heretics. Just the same, Jamaica’s version of “Antifa” fascists shouldn’t be shutting down any speaker. Note: This preacher is so anti-gay that he should be close to getting caught in bed with 2 naked ten year old boys and an Irish Setter. Aren’t most virulent homophobes closet cases? Answer: Yep.

    EGYPT: During the devastating Punic Wars with Carthage, a Roman caught uttering the word “peace” could be charged with treason. In WW2 Japan, the ‘thought police’ prosecuted people who harbored a defeatist mindset. Of course, the real problem is the persistent belief that homosexuality is entirely a choice, and anything influencing that must be stopped. There are those who make a somewhat convincing case that sexual orientation is inherent and completely outside of conscious volition. The truth is out there somewhere, but until it’s settled science, this nonsense will continue.

    ELGIN, ILLINOIS > Ruthless and cruel totalitarian-progressive Democrats behaving very, very badly. Probably a good thing for him anyway – if his home-owner’s insurance company got wind of this, they’d either up his premiums or cancel his policy altogether.


    OXYGEN DISAPPEARING FROM OCEANS > This is not news. In 1954, nuclear radiation mutated a sea creature into a gigantic fire-breathing dinosaur which appeared in Tokyo Bay and devastated the city. An eminent scientist, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, invented a device he called an “oxygen destroyer” and deployed it in the ocean in order to kill the monster. The machine was never recovered or turned off, and apparently is still functioning.

    US ISP > The law-abiding have nothing to fear. As a published author, I tend to side with protecting intellectual property and copyrights.

    FRENCH CENSORSHIP> And yet another country steps onto the slippery slope . Thank GOD for the 1st Amendment.

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