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  1. 🙀-Utah teacher fired after students see nudity in art
    🙀-US teen charged with child porn after texting own selfie

    😹~Stupid is stupid does!

  2. White women voting “against their interests” = just means that white women are more conservative than liberal. But we knew that. That isn’t exactly voting “against their interests” unless you come from a political slant. Less affluent people vote against their interests if they vote Republican, but “against women”? That’s like saying that women who vote against abortion go against “their interests”, even if they don’t agree with abortion on religious grounds. I have never voted Republican but I abhor articles like this one, which fail to acknowledge that women are often conservative.

    It also whitewashes that actually it’s left wing women who are also conservative. Left wing women, not right wing women, tipped the scales which caused the Equal Rights Amendment to not be passed, because the left wing women wanted increased legal protections for women without equal responsibility and obligation as men.

    About the man having “too many orgasms”: whoever these “doctors” are, they are not very knowledgable about physiology.

  3. “”40-year-old cancer drug’s price hiked 1,400% by new owners””

    I just went through a second operation for cancer. I am blessed to not have had the need for any kind of special meds because I know I could never afford them.

    When I see people say that my country’s medical system is anti capitalist I want to throw up each and every time I read articles like this one. I don’t believe in hell but if there was one people like him should go there.

  4. US BISHOPS > Denying the mental derangement of gender bending is not saying parents should “reject their trans kids.” Hyperbole like this sends any credibility the article might have right into the toilet.

    FAMILY MURDERED > If you’re against the death penalty, you need to rethink a position that elevates the value of the life of a killer above that of his victim. Capital punishment is supported both in Scripture and the 5th Amendment of the Constitution. For the victims of cold-blooded murder, capital punishment is the only moral punishment, the only chance for equal treatment, and equal justice before the law.
    As for these two, if they are found guilty, let them be sentenced to 30 days in the electric chair.

    RUSSIAN SENATOR > See what happens when a consecrated, sanctified and anointed sovereign is murdered. Russia has been a basket case since their holy Tsar & the imperial family were killed by the fucking reds.

    TRUMP FIRES COUNCIL > It will take President Trump his whole first term to de-Stalinize America, to fire, transfer, demote or otherwise marginalize all of the totalitarian-progressive moles Obama embedded in the civil service, military and judiciary. But it must be done to restore Liberty and Constitutional government.

    SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS BAN > First gay marriage, and now this. No doubt about it, a conservative Supreme Court is our best friend.

    UTAH TEACHER > Stop the madness! Helicopter parents need to be grounded. Political correctness has made society an over-sensitive basket case. This kind of nonsense never happened half a century ago when I was in high school.

    SEXTING: We didn’t have smartphones and the Internet half a century ago, but we did have Polaroid instant cameras, and suffice it to say a lot of “child porn” photos were taken by us teenagers and shared. Took a few myself… This prosecution is insane.

    CANCER DRUG PRICE > As a cancer survivor (5 1/2 years so far) I take this personally. I didn’t need this particular concoction, but my chemotherapy regimen required a shot every month for 6 months that cost $10,000 per dose. I don’t have a perfect solution to this – if we take the profit out of pharmaceuticals, companies like Pfizer will say “screw it,” just take their billions and open fried chicken and hamburger restaurants. Lilly might prefer to build ocean liners and get into the cruise business. You get the idea. Who needs the hassle of tilting at the windmills of over-regulation anyway?
    Still, I find this price increase reprehensible and unjustified. Should a crowd of cancer patients wearing hooded robes and carrying pitchforks and torches appear outside NextSource’s corporate office, and, well, we can dream, can’t we?

    WHITE WOMEN > ROFLMAO. There ought to be a trophy for drivel like this. Perhaps we could call it the “Golden Bunch of Sour Grapes” award.

    ORGASMS > What an ad for Aneros! Their stock might be the next Bitcoin, Microsoft, or Amazon! Call your broker. Soon.

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