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  1. boy that sexting story is all kinds of fucked up. mom calls THE FUCKING POLICE on her son because he dares to have a stiffy for his gf, the police charge him for child porn and want to take pictures of said stiffy for evidence, but it turns out that one of the cops is ACTUALLY doing child porn on the side, so he kills himself after it goes public, and this has all been dragging on FOR YEARS instead of being dismissed outright because GOD FUCKING FORBID some teens have sexual thoughts.

    you cant make this shit up, man

  2. RELATIONSHIPS: I’ve lived straight, I’ve lived gay, they’re the same only different. I believe in whatever works.

    GHANA: Go for it Prez!

    QUEER SUICIDE: Death is ultimate mystery. Curiosity regarding it is irresistible. You don’t have to be depressed, bullied, hated, or desperate to contemplate dying, or even plan to do yourself in. Everybody, str8, bi or gay has fantasized about it, wondered, imagined, and yes, considered it. Especially after learning how many famous, important, powerful and legendary people have done it. Anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or relationship preference, who says they haven’t seriously entertained the thought is lying.

    INDIAN PRINCE: Why the British didn’t kill Gandhi while he was still in Africa is a mystery. Any other great imperial power wouldn’t have put up with his nonsense for minute. Just ask yourself what the Romans would have done with him. Anyway, he lived, and it cost the Windsors the ‘Jewel in the Crown.’ Sad.

    SOCCER PLAYERS: I don’t care, I still hate soccer.

    US VIRUS EXPERIMENTS: Go for it! No possible deterrent should be overlooked. If America ever falls, I hope we have the balls to take the rest of the solar system with us.

    NORWAY: Whatever. I’m just glad I’m retired and no longer heavily taxed. I would hate to pay for treating drunks and addicts when a bullet costs 25 cents. I am perfectly willing to forego any contribution a ‘recovered’ druggie might make to civilization. Trillions for jails, not one cent for rehab! (Unless the criminal abuser pays for it himself.) Good luck Norway.

    COURT-ORDERED WANK: Read cornflake’s comment. He nailed it.

    AMERICAN POVERTY: “The poor ye have with you always.” – Jesus
    Aside from those who are rich through inheritance or luck, and aside from those who are poor for accidental or medical reasons, I have found in my long career in business that the rich are rich for very good reasons, and the poor are poor for equally good ones. It comes down to the life choices they made. By the way, approximately one in 5 Americans is also a millionaire, and in the booming Trump economy, expect that to increase dramatically by then of his term(s) of office. It has long been observed that 5% of the people make things happen, 60% watch things happen, 30% ask “what happened?” and the last 5% are killed off or die in the process. Which group have your life decisions put you in?

    BRITISH COPS: In a representative democracy, the people get the government they deserve. And as Sir Winston Churchill observed, “The best argument against democracy is to have a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.”

      1. All the quote sites I’ve seen say it’s his, but you’re a British subject so I humbly defer to you.
        If not Winnie, then who? Enquiring minds want to know!

      2. Long John: …. “Not by Winnie,”

        Every site I looked this up, says Sir Winston Churchill.

        What’s YOUR source?

    1. “Death is ultimate mystery.”

      Really? Death = biological body stops functioning in any biological way.

      There is NO “soul”; there is NO “afterlife.” What’s the “mystery,” other than, WHEN?

      1. IF you believe there is no God, that death is the end, that there is no soul and no afterlife – OR – you believe in God, the immortality of the soul, and His promise of eternal life – EITHER WAY – You’re right!

        1. “OR – you believe in God, the immortality of the soul, and His promise of eternal life ”

          I’ve never wasted any part of my lifetime believing such obvious LIES and stupidity. And don’t plan to.

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