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  1. CHILE: I love this country – from the mass teenage sex parties they used to have in Santiago parks to their Milton Friedman designed privatized (capitalist) social security system that left the country virtually debt free and the richest country in South America. Marriage equality would be extra icing on an already delicious cake.

    CANADIAN REPARATIONS: Sometimes we get a baby-step, sometimes a long jump over a high hurdle.

    AUSTRALIAN TEENS: Like the article said, as long as everyone’s in agreement beforehand. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

    UK BLOOD DONATIONS: As long as every pint is tested and found to be safe and HIV free, I’m fine with this.

    WORLD CUP IN RUSSIA: Why the flying fuck is anything held in Russia nowadays? Not that I really care – I hate soccer, and I wouldn’t watch a soccer game if it was played in my living room.

    MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISM: There are GOOD Muzzies and BAD Muzzies. The BAD ones are violent and want to kill us all. The GOOD ones are peaceful and just want the BAD ones to kill us all. I’ll give the Crown Prince kudos for his good intentions, but I’ll believe it when I see it. In any case, they’re all still infidels and heretics.

    KILLER ROBOTS: All this proposed UN treaty would do is make sure bad countries have them and good countries don’t. I say game-on, because a battle between our robots and theirs is preferable to a battle between soldiers.

    PIPELINE SPILLS: Every state this pipeline passes through should demand an exorbitant security deposit (cash or bond). Nevertheless, until the USA is 100% energy independent or only buying from our allies, it’s drill, baby, drill!

    SOCIAL MEDIA: All these social media giants are owned and operated by dedicated far-left liberal elites. An intrinsic aspect of the totalitarian-progressive agenda (liberalism) is achieving power and exercising control over everything, especially every level of human interaction. We see it everywhere with laws against “hate speech,” political correctness, radical feminism, tyrannical concepts like “cultural appropriation” and “micro-aggression,” who can or can’t speak on a college campus, even what costumes are allowed on Halloween. Censorship of social media is perfectly in line with the rest of modern liberalism, which is anathema to freedom and liberty. You asked for it, you got it, now live with it.

    FACEBOOK PICS: What!? Face book demanding a photo of your…face? Geee…ya think? Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of Facebook, Zuckerberg had founded Dickbook, or Assbook or Tittybook or Pussybook? Thankfully, other, more enlightened entrepreneurs have done so. Say cheese!

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