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  1. re: 14-year-old boy shot and killed by his father for being gay

    “’Giovanni was abused physically and mentally and spiritually for many, many years,’ Sonja Jones, Giovanni’s former foster mom, revealed to News 3.””

    Not surprised by what I emphasized. I’ll bet it was “two-pronged:” Gay and [I’m guessing] Atheist. Like most evangelicals [he reacted like one], I’ll bet the father was shoving that christian/”jesus” bullshit down his throat since he was quite small.

    THIS is what can and quite often does happen with these “religious” lunatics when there’s a deadly weapon in their house.

    This Trump administration as well as the “religious” lunatics surrounding him (Pence, Sessions, et al) is providing the cover for these authoritarian results.

  2. TURKEY: There are BAD Muslims and there are GOOD Muslims. The BAD Muslims are violent and want to kill us all. The GOOD Muslims are peaceful, and just want the BAD Muslims to kill us all.

    PARENTS: I’m a big fan of what works. Having loving parents works.

    ANTI-GAY POLITICIAN: What kind of guy cheats on wifey with another guy and forgets to lock the fucking door and close the drapes? And so he gets caught? A moron, that’s what kind. I’m sure his parents caught him jerking off a lot too. You can’t fix stupid. He deserves the consequences, feeling sorry for the rest of his family.

    QUEER ASYLUM SEEKERS: As long as they can be fully vetted, and are disease free, are sponsored, speak English, and possess marketable skills, let ’em in. Otherwise sorry. Oh, and I WANT MY WALL!

    MURDERED BOY: Dear ol’ Dad was an airline pilot. They’re supposed to be highly educated, highly skilled professionals. Living in Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas, an adult playground as well as a college town, I’m sure Dad was no stranger to gays and gay culture. Plenty of queers working as flight attendants too. So, what’s his problem? Who cares. I don’t even want to hear his side of it. Years of cruelty to his son, and finally shooting him to death, looks like premeditated murder to me. Give him the needle.

    GOOGLE SNOOPS: Welcome to the surveillance world. It’s not 2017. Fooled you! It’s 1984. What’s the solution? 1776.

    HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES NOMINEE: Relax, he’s not confirmed, and not likely to be. The Donald has shown several times he’s willing to listen and change his mind. Just like he did with the importation of hunting trophies.

    BONN CLIMATE YAKS: Like we said, we’re still going to pay lip service to the great socialist hoax, and reduce our emissions, which are already among the lowest in the world. But withdrawing from the Paris accord was necessary to keep from having to pay billions of dollars to other countries. Climate change is one thing, getting robbed is quite another.

    POPE FRANCIS: Long Live our Holy Father Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, Bishop of Rome, Servant of the Servants of God. What he says about climate change is just his personal opinion; His Holiness is only infallible when speaking “ex cathedra” on matters of faith and morals. Otherwise, who cares what he thinks? Viva il Papa!

    UK JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES: There’s blood in the water, this is not going away quietly. I don’t know how JW are organized – whether there is a central authority that owns property and has deep pockets like the RCC, or whether they’re all independent congregations. They might be virtually judgment proof. This will take careful handling.

    1. “Plenty of queers working as flight attendants too. So, what’s his problem? ”
      It’s fucking obvious to the rest of us: “religion.”
      “Who cares.” When “religion” is involved, you types sure as hell don’t.

      “Long Live our Holy Father Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, Bishop of Rome, Servant of the Servants of God.”

      With that bullshit praise, I’m surprised you didn’t get on the first flight to Rome just to give him a blow-job.

      1. I was not praising the Pope, just acknowledging his titles. As for giving the Pope a blowjob, fuhgetaboutit. Sex at his age is like shooting pool with a rope.

        1. I’m sure Horsey with your ability to suck the chrome off a tow hitch you could get the senile old fuck pig hard.

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