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  1. AUSTRALIA: Good.

    TRANS ACCEPTANCE: the term ‘acceptance’ is in the eye of the beholder. Any level of accommodation may be considered too far or not far enough depending on one’s point of view. All this will be settled once and for all when the scientists and politicians finally decide where the truth of gender resides – in the body, or in the mind. Stay tuned.

    QUEER HISTORY: No problem. But it would be nice if we also found the time to teach high screwel kiddies the elements of critical thinking, the Constitution line-by-line, essentials of money and banking, some political science, jurisprudence and judicial review, firearms safety, an outline of the criminal justice system, and bring back ‘shop.’

    ACID TRIP: Paranoia and homophobia run deep in Russia.

    OKLAHOMA POT SHOTS: Dayum! Hope they can catch the bad guy. Glad nobody got hurt.

    PARAGUAY: Some clerics are cool, some are not. These are not.

    INDIA: The British should have shot Gandhi while he was still in South Africa. Losing the jewel in the Crown has been a disaster.

    HATE CRIMES: The largest increase in hate crimes stems from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” wherein Antifa and BLM haters go on rampages of cop killing, riot, looting, and other mayhem.

    UK AUSTERITY: Yep, that’s what happens with socialized medicine, or socialized anything, sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money.

    CALIFORNIA MASSACRE: It’s now 6 dead -they found the killer’s wife’s body. He murdered the Mrs. first.

    CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH: Let the superstitious believers in this nonsense fund the research. Don’t bill me.

    BOYFRIEND LOOPHOLE: When a court imposes a restraining order, the person being restrained should automatically have to wear an ankle bracelet that keeps track of his whereabouts, so if he violates the order and gets too close to where he’s not allowed to be, police can respond. Domestic violence sickens me, if the Lautenberg amendment needs updating, then do it.

    But the question is begged – if someone is so dangerous, so unreliable, so unpredictable, so flaky, that he’s disqualified from possessing a firearm, why is he at large to begin with? Shouldn’t people that untrustworthy be in some level of custody? Just sayin’ …

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