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  1. I’m betting Trump or some other conservative billionaire secretly bought Twitter.

  2. re: First trans woman of colour elected to public office in US

    Beautiful Irony, 2017:

    The first openly transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature defeated her conservative Republican opponent in a closely watched Virginia election. Democrat Danica Roem (former journalist) handedly beat Republican incumbent [13 terms] Robert Marshall for their 13th Congressional District — 53.9% vs. 45.0%. Here’s the beautiful irony: Robert Marshall was the author of an anti-trans bathroom bill that never made it out of committee. It seems the number 13 just wasn’t “lucky enough” for the trans-phobic Bob Marshall.

    How do you like that, horsey?

  3. TWITTER: How weak and stupid do you have to be to pay attention to anything on Twitter? From President Trump, to his lovers, to his haters, nothing on Twitter could possibly be of interest to me.

    TRANS FRIENDS: Who cares about the 27%? Take care of the other 73% and you’re good to go. As for me, I would only go to bed with a tranny just to see what they did down there…to taste it, fondle it…just curious.

    HIV IN RUSSIA: For the cold-blooded murder of their anointed, consecrated and sanctified Tsar, and the imperial family, Russia has been condemned in the Infinite; Heaven has judged Russia with civil war, communism, dictatorship, tyranny, invasion, and now oligarchs. Countless millions have suffered these last hundred years, and many more millions will suffer in the years to come.

    GERMAN GENDERS: What a difference a century makes. The German Empire stood astride Europe like a colossus – rich, populous, powerful, feared and respected. Today, it’s still rich, but little else. Germany is demographic train-wreck. The death rate far exceeds the birth rate, the situation is already almost irreversible, and the eventual extinction of all the German genders is a statistical and metaphysical certainty. But that’s OK – Turkish and Syrian Muslims will be the new Germans. Forget Raqqa, the next capital of the coming Caliphate might be Berlin.

    TRANS ELECTED – That’s nothing – Palm Springs, CA, has elected an all-gay city council. All of ’em as queer as a $3 bill. I’m lovin’ it.

    REFUSING CLIMATE CHANGE: Good for us, and for US.

    ELITE WEALTH: Kidding me? If you had it, you’d hide it too.

    FACEBOOK: Oh puhleeeze, dontcha think it’s time to get a real life?

    FACEBOOK NUDES: Say cheese! Facebook is its own reward.

    ANIMAL ANTIBIOTICS: I’m sure these drugs constitute some health risk, but, DUH, so would meat from infected and untreated animals. BTW, now that pork is considered safe as beef, it can be enjoyed rare. I take inch-thick medallions of pork tenderloin and sizzle them in a hot pan with seasoned butter until they’re crispy on the outside, but still rare-med. rare inside. Flavor overload…yummm…melts in your mouth.

    1. One of my school boy lovers transitioned and we had sex just so I could see what a man made fanny was like. I preferred him as a boi.

  4. re: Court: Germany must allow third gender in registry of births

    On the surface, this seems like a good thing. But, it’s actually useless at the time of birth. There’s really no such thing as any “3rd gender” until a child matures enough to recognize within him-/her-self that they really are a “different gender.” At birth, physically, there’s no discernible difference between the two existing genders. So why bother with any “registry” of something different at that time? Parents (and governments) need to wait for 3-5 years before the child presents themselves anything other than a biological male or female.

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