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  1. PORTUGAL > “Two steps forward, one step back.” This is one step back. Se la vie.
    RUSSIA > Another step back. I’m learning to walk backwards.
    ISRAEL > Sorry, but I still don’t buy the whole sex-identity, gender-reassignment thing. I don’t care how you chop yourself up, that XX-XY chromosome thing is still going on. If you’re confused about that, you don’t need a new ID card or a surgeon, you need a shrink. Get help. If I’m wrong about this, you still need a shrink.
    CHILE > Stopped walking backwards. Starting to take a step forward again. Whew.
    US & GRINDR > Wow, there’s good money in research. I ought to think of something worth looking into. Ka-Ching! When you’re a minority of only 1-2% of the population, and when at least half of that is deeply closeted and wouldn’t be caught dead in a gay bar or Pride parade, isn’t the Internet the obvious solution to the problem of meet & greet & suck & fuck? As for safe/unsafe encounters and STD disclosure, sometimes it’s a crap shoot. I’ve never done Grindr, but for shits and giggles I have placed a few ads on CL-half the respondents are flakes, the other half have been a blast! I wonder how many Grindr and CraigsList hookups blossom into LTRs. Isn’t love grand!
    UK SPYING > The UK doesn’t have a spelled-out Constitution limiting the powers of government, and every soldier and civil servant at every level is sworn to the Monarch and her successors (not the state, the Parliament, the country or the people, just the Crown), it’s natural that whatever serves Her Majesty’s best interest, regardless of the effect had on any and all others, is the right way to go. God save, and Long live…
    UK WEB FILTERS > it’s all in the programming. ‘Garbage in-garbage out.’ Adjustment and fine tuning needed here.
    FBI HACKING > The 4th Amendment is in desperate need of an updated interpretation. The Information Age has everybody’s panties in a wad. Consider this: I write you a letter. I address it solely to you. I nail it to a tree in front of your house so you’ll see it next time you go out. A police officer is walking down the street and sees the note on the tree. He reads it. Have your rights been violated? Now, substitute a cellphone call for the letter, and a broadcast tower or internet carrier for the tree. See the problem? The 4th Amendment protects our persons, homes, personal papers and effects, but does it protect what we broadcast over the open air? Or over the worldwide web? Hey all you Congressmen, lawyers and judges, you make the big bucks, get busy and figure it out. In the meantime, kids, be careful out there – watch what you say and who you say it to.
    ANTI – ENCRYPTION > If I’m wearing a mask when I go into my bank, or boarding a plane, what are my intentions? Who knows? They might be completely innocent. But, all things considered in a terrorist-filled world, better safe than sorry.


    I posted the above link in the previous Periodical News #4. It was a reply to Penboy’s “Ok I’ll bite.”

    Point is that in that video you see where blame has to be put. Right back on our fat laps. Terrorists out there? Ok, I can understand that but now the government can actually do a warrantless search in your own home, car, person. Miranda has been put in question. Yup, even that most sacred part of you are innocent until proven guilty is being questioned.


    If I’ve read your post properly part of the above reply covers your comments. Oh, one last thing. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    Sometime “long” ago someone hijacked the term silent majority to excuse his own abuse of power. No one stood up to put that someone back in his place. No wonder since the silent majority is in fact the placid majority that sees boots passing by in the streets and says nothing. The same placid majority that sees trains full of people going into oblivion.

    1. I do not see the government doing warrantless searches in homes except in cases long established in law such as emergency situations, rescue of kidnapped persons or hostages, buildings on fire, and so forth. Cars are another thing – the Border Patrol can completely disassemble your car if their drug sniffing doggie barks at it. Persons are not searched unless they are taken into custody and then they are patted down for weapons and cavity searched if necessary when delivered to jail. Miranda is not in question in my state (Arizona) and neither is ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ In fact, just a year ago, I was on a superior court jury for a three week murder trial and we hung – neither convicting nor acquitting. No verdict. The County retried the defendant, the next jury hung as well, and the defendant was released.

      As for giving up essential liberty for safety, I won’t do it, but I am willing to submit to occassional inconvenience. I am freely speaking here, and since this will be posted, I am also enjoying freedom of the press. Despite Penboy’s consternation I take the Roman Communion. I have a house full of guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. I vote in every election and my vote counts. We just defeated our Democratic Congressman and elected a Republican (Yay!) by just 167 votes out of over 220,000 cast in a district with a huge Democratic registration majority. My essential liberty is doing just fine, thank you very much. And if the government, in its eagerness to keep me alive, monitors the communications I freely choose to send into the atmosphere and the cloud or whatever, I’m all in. They’ll find I don’t cheat on my taxes, I am not dangerous, not conspiring to do anything wrong, not hanging out with terrorists, and I love to suck dick and view Internet porn.

      This current administration is the most evil in our history, it’s so bad the television talking heads refer to these times as “post-Constitutional.” That’s why the GOP swamped the Democrats last November – not just in federal races, but state, county and municipal elections as well. Hopefully we will restrain the Obama administration, hopefully the GOP will win in 2016, and we can begin the de-Stalinization of America. Remember, inside every progressive liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

      1. @horse’sASS:

        Sorry but I had to downgrade your ID because of the absolutely STUPID remarks you just stated in that 3rd paragraph …. and quite honestly, BLATANT LIES. We know you’re in the far right basket, but, really horse’sASS, how & where do you get your daily intake? The likes of Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh? You write as though you adore both of them (and their known stupidity).

        I want you to qualify your remarks, or if not, then STFU about politics and religion because you don’t know difference from what comes out of your horse’s ASS than from the religious hey that you eat.

        “This current administration is the most evil in our history, it’s so bad the television talking heads refer to these times as ‘post-Constitutional.'”

        That is pure horseshit and you know it. EXPLAIN TO ALL OF US just what makes Obama the “most evil in our history”. EXPLAIN THIS OR STFU.

        Obama is hardly “evil” — he has worked to give the LGBT community more civil rights than any President in history, PERIOD. You need “evil”? Then GW Bush fits that description — he actively worked to get a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT passed that would forever ban same-sex marriage. THAT IS EVIL. Fortunately, most of America still has it’s collective brains and put Bush down for that EVIL. (And most Republican candidates for President wanted the same thing as well, like Mitt Romney.)

        As for “it’s so bad the television talking heads refer to these times as ‘post-Constitutional.'” Really, horse’sASS, just how stupid are you anyway? Guess what? EVERYTHING political is ‘post-Constitutional’ since “post” just means “after.”

        “That’s why the GOP swamped the Democrats last November … [blah, blah]”

        The Republicans won simply because during every mid-term election, the majority of this country is apathetic about politics and voting, so, yeah, the Democrats didn’t go out and vote AS THEY SHOULD HAVE.

        “Hopefully we will restrain the Obama administration,…”

        No more than you (far-right republicans/tea party idiots) have already since Obama was elected the first time. You are not “restraining” anyone, you’re just being idiots and quite frankly, LITTLE CHILDREN in your blocking of every common sense legislation that Obama and Democrats have proposed so far.

        You should read this:

        “…hopefully the GOP will win in 2016, …”

        Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Who do you have running for President? Let’s see:
        1. Mitt Romney (already a TWO-TIME LOSER)
        2. Jeb Bush (America is sick & tired of the Bush name already …. don’t put your marbles in his pocket) — also, he is publicly AGAINST same-sex marriages.
        3. Sara Palin (already a THREE-TIME LOSER and quite frankly the laughing stock of all American politics and common sense)
        4. ANY OTHERS — they can forget it and save their money now

        “… and we can begin the de-Stalinization of America.”

        Again, QUALIFY this STUPID and HORRIFIC remark that you pulled out of your horse’sASS … OR … JUST STFU.

        This blog is for teens and young adults who are trying to LEARN something about their personalities as well as learn what’s going on around the world about both LBGT issues and political issues that may or does affect them personally.

        STOP LISTENING TO THE PULPIT and pull your own head of your horse’s ASS with your inflamitory remarks that mean NOTHING.

        1. You’re so cute when you’re angry. I just want to hug you until you stop shaking, and then watch you open your sparkling eyes, and I see that impish little smile…

    2. @Dan:

      That is a great video. Thanks for posting that link. That woman on the panel (I didn’t catch her name and position) said it just like it was/is and with perfect method of answering that muslim woman. It also showed perfectly how (and obviously why) muslims “deflect” when their religion and extremists are in the “hot zone.”

      I particularly enjoyed when she advocated “throwing political correctness in the trash”!

  3. About Portugal, I must say that the rejection was due to the butthurt assholes of the party coalition with the absolute conservative “social democrats” majority. It’s just ridiculous.

  4. “Russian founder of queer teen support group fined”

    Just another example of Putin and his criminal cronies unfairly punishing LGBT people in Russia. Social worker Klimova was previously acquitted of the same charge, but they decided to charge her AGAIN, and this time convicted her, most likely because she didn’t have access to any legal council. With the EU, American and Canadian sanctions on Russia due to Putin’s aggressive actions in Ukraine, their ruble has lost half of its value, and has now being classified as ‘junk status’. There’s been huge inflation there, with prices in many cases more than doubling. The Russian people are suffering greatly from his actions. They need to wake up and get rid of their homophobic, criminal and aggressive leader.

    1. @daveboy
      Unfortunately, it is my understanding that the majority of Russians are very supportive of Putin. I would love to know if I am misinformed.

  5. @horse’sASS:
    “You’re so cute when you’re angry. I just want to hug you until you stop shaking, and then watch you open your sparkling eyes, and I see that impish little smile…”

    If that’s the best you can do, then this just proves to all of us that you don’t know jack shit about politics so you should stop commenting because no one will pay any attention to your ramblings.

    1. It’s kinda scary, but I get the uneasy feeling you really don’t know what happened there. Wow. Just wow.

      1. @horsey:
        “… but I get the uneasy feeling you really don’t know what happened there.”

        No, I know exactly what happened ….. you deflected from the issue at hand and instead tried to offer up some pathetic sort of “humor” so no one would recognize that you are skirting the reall issue, but in fact, wasn’t humorous at all.

  6. “” horselips United States
    2015-01-30 at 21:57

    You’re so cute when you’re angry. I just want to hug you until you stop shaking, and then watch you open your sparkling eyes, and I see that impish little smile…””

    You wouldn’t like the sparkle in my eyes. Anyway reading your reply to my post was as depressing as it gets. You are guilty of exactly what I was pointing out with my Franklin quote. I see you perfectly proud of wearing a brown shirt asking everyone here if they have something to hide. While you are busy breaking everything in the house you are saying that we must be happy to see you in action because if we aren’t then we surely have something to hide.

    I just don’t get it. When in hell did we decide to be run by the government instead of us running the government? WE THE PEOPLE, that applying to any country one lives in. WE are basically the CEOs of the country not the employees.

    1. @Dan:
      “I just don’t get it. When in hell did we decide to be run by the government instead of us running the government?”

      A long time ago ….. when the population majority decided to just be a pacifist. And that’s why we have the problems we have today — in the U.S.A., England, Europe, Africa and middle east (the areas most in the news today).

      In the USA, England, Europe, it’s mostly allowing the corporations to “take over” with their wealth and lobbying.

      In those areas and the rest of the world, the pacifists have just allowed the religious fanatics who “fight” for some type of theocracy in their areas. All of the middle east and most of Africa are run by some kind of theocracy — usually islam. In the USA, England, Australia and a few others, christian fanatics are attempting to create their own theocracy — Mostly in USA but only because our population is greater and therefore potentially more influential for their religious causes (bullshit).

      Need proof? Denmark and France whose cartoonists published some cartoons depicting the fabricated “muhammed”. The pacifists came out in droves to argue against the cartoonists and publishers instead of the idiot islamists who protested and decided to kill innocent cartoonists & publishers because they’re so fucking spoiled with this religious privilege that they think they were “offended”.

    2. We live in interesting times -specifically, wartime. When any society goes to war, governments tend to take over and the people tend to follow along. In American law, the government even reserves the right to conscript the entire population in military service. All governments since the beginning have reserved to themselves the ultimate power of life and death.

      As a Canadian citizen, and subject of the Queen, you should be aware of the extremes your own government may reach – during WW2, Parliament passed a law placing “every British subject’s LIFE, TALENT, and PROPERTY at the disposal of the Crown.” King George VI had more legal authority over his people than the Reichstag ever granted Adolf Hitler over Germany. Need less to say, Herr Hitler abused his power and lost his country. King George VI used his wisely and saved his country. FYI – that law passed by Parliament has, to my knowledge, never been repealed. While Her Majesty is important not for the power she exercises, but for the power she holds in reserve and the powers she denies to others, under the right (desperate) circumstances, she can at her discretion, legally and lawfully resume personal rule of the UK. As Head of State and Head of the Church, the Queen is both Pope and Caesar. And since the entire civil service, the clergy, the military and judiciary is sworn solely and exclusively to the service of the monarch and her successors, (and not Parliament, or the nation), it would take another civil war to stop her. Fortunately, the Windsors are the good servants and responsible shepherds of their people.

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