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Queer News

  • Asia’s biggest pride parade brings tens of thousands to Taipei
  • Federal court blocks Trump’s transgender military ban
  • One in four people say same-sex relationships should be illegal
  • Hong Kong to be first Asian city to host the Gay Games
  • Teacher suspended for educating students on LGBT issues

Other News

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  1. TAIPEI: I love a parade.
    COURTS: The Pentagon needs to forget liberal nonsense like identity politics and group think and just apply unwavering standards to every applicant. Those who measure up get to enlist, those who don’t, don’t.
    SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS: You can get 1 in 4 to agree or disagree with just about anything, and so what? Take care of the 3 out of 4, and you’re good to go.
    GAY GAMES: Better Hong Kong than Tehran. That said, these games need to go. Gay athletes should compete for spots on Olympic teams. Gay Games makes us look like we’re handicapped – sort of a ‘special Olympics’ for queers. It divides instead of mainstreams.
    TEACHER: Fire her ass.
    CLIMATE CHANGE: I’m still a denier. Don’t waste your time trying to convince me.
    AUSTRALIA: Dontcha just love that 1st Amendment! If you do, love also the 2nd – it protects the 1st.
    TWITTER TROLLS: The whole ‘alt right’ scare was just more fake news. I’m a lifelong conservative and I never heard of it before. If you’re so weak that you allow yourself to be influenced by social media, you deserve to be misled, misinformed, and called an idiot.
    WEALTH GAP: 5% of the people make things happen, 60% watch things happen, 30% ask what happened, and 5% are killed off in the process. Where are you?
    PYRAMID: Sooo cool. I love Egyptology. The ancient Egyptians were far more prosperous, successful, productive, creative, industrious, ingenious, and important than Egyptians today. Shame on them.

  2. I was scrolling down quickly and thought that said “US report finds climate change is 90% marmite”

    Heh. Always knew it was bad for you.

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