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  1. TRUMP AT FRC: Like any group, FRC gets some things right, some things wrong, and with a few things time will tell. Lose the hair-on-fire, click-bait headlines and relax.

    TRUMP AT HERITAGE FOUNDATION: The so-called hate here is nothing compared to the hate emanating from the Left, especially from those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Look at the hate Penboy has for people of faith – that’s real, visceral hate. The hate BLM has for our police, and Occupy Wall Street for capitalism. The hatred expressed by Governor Cuomo when he said conservatives aren’t wanted anywhere in the whole state of NY. The hatred NFL players have for the land of opportunity that made them all millionaires. Antifa hates like no other group, plus they’re violent and destructive. Etcetera ad nauseam. The Heritage Foundation attracts a wide variety of speakers, some great, some iffy, but none as iffy as Fauxcahontas (Elizabeth Warren). Once again, relax.

    IRISH HATE: Only 25% of Irish respondents to a survey would accept a queer family member. How much ya wanna bet 25% already have a LGBT family member? How much ya wanna bet about 50% have a queer buried somewhere in the family woodpile?

    I’m part Irish on Dad’s side, so I’ll take the poll. I have no problem with Poles, Eastern Europeans, and Jews. (I also have no problem with Blacks, Hispanics, or Asians – as long as they aren’t dog eaters). FYI – “Travellers” are Irish gypsies, just like the Romanian kind, only different. I would not want them in my family. Nor would I want 9 out of 10 Muslims or 9 out of 10 asylum seekers. I wouldn’t object to Penboy marrying a Traveller, Muslim or asylum seeker. I want him to be happy.

    EGYPT: Mixing homosexuality with Islam seldom ends well.

    SYDNEY DONATION: We’ll know soon enough how the congregations feel about this when they pass the plate and contributions either skyrocket or dry up.

    CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate has always changed. Get over it.

    MORE CO2 IS GOOD: Little known secret – the rate of absorption of carbon dioxide by plants varies with the amount of CO2 available. The more there is, the more plants take in, and the more oxygen they give off. More CO2 means bigger, healthier plants giving off more oxygen which means bigger, healthier animals. What environmentalist wackos have against plants and animals is a mystery to me.

    BARBARIC FACTORY FARMS: GRRR! I am a continuing-recurring contributor to the Humane Society. They automatically hit my checkbook every month. I would like to see, on every state ballot by 2020, a proposition advising Congress to do something about this. State laws won’t be enough because some states would ban these practices and some others wouldn’t – only federal attention will do. I’m sure that given enough pressure from voters, action would be forthcoming. Yes, theprice of meat would rise a bit, but I’ll pay it. As for my dog, she is treated like royalty. You should live so good. Heck, I wish I did.

    KEEP COAL ALIVE: Energy independence, at any cost. It’s not just electricity, it’s national security. Coal is a question for the free market to decide.

    WiFi HACKING: Hacking, creating and spreading malware of all kinds, must be elevated to capital offenses. Only when we kill hackers and virus makers will the problem abate. The CIA can be given the mission of assassinating any foreigners involved. They must die. Computer crime of any kind, at any level, committed by anyone of any age, is terrorism.

    1. “Look at the hate Penboy has for people of faith – that’s real, visceral hate.”

      I hate the faith, you incredibly stupid idiot. I hate the constant, incredible child abuse you “faithful” instill on every single child you encounter. I hate the FRAUD of “god, religion” and churches. I hate everything ABOUT “religions” — I feel sorry for the people because of their constant ignorance and insistence in believing in that total BULLSHIT.

      Btw, even that HOAX called the bible PROVES BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT that there is NO “god” — you idiots just soak up the LIES as if it were honey.

      And, this is just another example of your stupidity:
      “CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate has always changed. Get over it.”

        1. Actually, you proved MY case:

          Your statement was nothing more than to have the last word and therefore convince others that you’ve spoken some sort of “wisdom” that everyone must bow down to.

          That doesn’t work for me and those like me. I see completely through your words and religious bullshit (it’s not difficult to do …. I’ve understood the bullshit of religion ever since I took my 11th cycle around the Sun).

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