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  1. re: America’s most anti-gay politician won his election

    This election proves beyond any doubts that the people of Alabama are the most backward and stupid people in the United States. Fortunately, it was only the Primary, but I have no problem believing that Roy Moore will probably win the General election — again, just adding more proof of how stupid those backwater hicks really are.

    This idiot was removed from their own Supreme Court, TWICE because of his stupidity. Why else would an electorate vote AGAIN for this complete buffoon after their judges REMOVED HIM (with judicial force) other than to prove their backwater idiocy? This man doesn’t even have the qualifications to be a lawyer, let alone a judge on their Supreme Court and will be probably the most incompetent Senate in Congress — I’m not even sure Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell is worse than this buffoon, but I’m sure it would be the closest race in history.

      1. Since your reply looks like sarcasm, I’ll just say this: Look him up in your favorite search engine and you’ll see what I’m saying isn’t any bs.

  2. 20% > So what. I’m sure a dozen years ago it was a lot more than that. Baby steps…it’s getting better.
    KKK> Funny thing is, these neo-Nazis don’t know that many real Nazis – the 1930s German kind, were queer. Ernst Rohm and most of the leadership of the S.A. (Brownshirts) were gay, and enjoyed orgies with the gay boys they led. After Herr Hitler assumed power, the S.A. became politically incorrect and was dissolved, with the S.S. executing the leadership. The KKK, the skinheads, the white supremacists have no idea they are just useful idiots, and would be among the first to be liquidated if their kind ever achieved power. Anyway, about gay bashing, the solution is CCW. Get your permit, carry your gun. Everywhere, everyday. I never leave home without it. If you’re too young to legally carry a gun, carry pepper spray, and/or learn a martial art, learn to fight, learn self-defense. Being gay duzzint make you weak, or any less of a man, or a woman. You’re still at the top of the food chain, still an apex predator. Don’t be a victim.
    FINLAND > Trangenders are often screwed up – some go back and forth, many descend into swamp of progressive liberalism. No wonder the Finns don’t want them breeding. Be patient, this too will change.
    TUNISIA> Great, and Saudi babes can now drive. Cultural equivalence is a big lie. It will take more than Tunisia’s mea culpa for me to accept or even respect Islamic civilization. It isn’t “xenophobia” when they really are barbarians.
    ALABAMA> Make America Great Again! When Ol’ Roy whipped out his little carry gun at that rally, the election was over. Senator Moore will be an aggressive supporter of the Trump agenda, the Constitution, and nativist nationalism. Here in Arizona, we’re working hard to defeat Senator Jeff Flake (RINO tool of the Chamber of Commerce and advocate for DACA and amnesty for illegal aliens) in the upcoming primary and replace him with Dr. Kelly Ward, a no-bullshit conservative babe. Drain the Swamp!
    KOREA & TUMBLR > Hang tuff, Tumblr. Seoul has more important things to worry about right now than Internet porn.
    AUTISTIC KIDS > Fear. Paranoia. Stupidity.
    PIRACY > It’s the principle of the thing.
    SON OF A PREACHER MAN > Mr. & Mrs. LeHaye, a straight couple, have a gay son. Isn’t that how every gay boy gets made?
    Lee wasn’t a religious “leader,” Mommy gave him a job as CFO of the family biz (CWA), in other words, he was a freaking accountant and kept the books. (Both sets?).
    NAME CHANGE > Multiculturalism is just seeing “balkanization” through rose-colored glasses. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you’re going to live in America, and be an American, then be one. Assimilate. Fit in. Kiss your old culture good-bye. Welcome to the New World. Enjoy.

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