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  1. Trump — He’s now attempting to activate some sort of “policy” to ban all transgender military personnel. The Generals are not having it — says there must be a Military-Discussed Policy for this to happen and Trump hasn’t discussed this with any of the Secretaries or Generals of the Military Forces. It’s clear he’s doing this just as a distraction from the increasing scope of the Russian scandals (last count is around 8 or more).

    This pig is a clear danger to American security and America’s standing throughout the world — which Obama worked very hard to reverse from the poor standing of George Bush.

    Notice that our religious lunatic V.P. Pence is cleverly QUIET about all this? He’s waiting to pounce on Trump with the 25th Amendment.

  2. AUSTRALIA > Everybody already knows what I think about transgenderism.

    CHURCH OF SWEDEN > European Protestantism is in crisis. However, worldwide there is quite a revival going on, especially in Africa, Russia, Asia and South America.
    Despite all its failings and faults, the Roman Catholic Church, steadfast in its positions on faith and morals, continues to grow at an almost exponential rate. In 1950 there were 437 million Catholics in the world, in 1970, 654 million, and in 2007, 1,147 billion with a “b”. By 2015 more than 1.2 billion people took the Roman Communion. Today, even more – many more. There are now more Catholics in Africa than there were in the whole world in 1950.
    The growth of Islam is due almost entirely to a high birth rate, nevertheless, annually, worldwide, it is estimated some 2.7 million Muslims convert to Christianity – many times the number converting to Islam. Given that most Muslim countries inflict the death penalty on converts, that number is thought to be far higher. Long Live Our Holy Father Pope Francis * Vicar of Christ * Servant of the Servants of God.

    GERMANY> What a bullshit story. It cowardly never mentioned who did these awful beatings. And what king of people do you think these refugees are? Hint: MUSLIMS! Until politically correct, multicultural European snowflakes come to grips with what they have wrought, and the danger they have allowed to settle amongst them, expect it to get worse.

    TRANS SUICIDES SPIKE> Life’s tough. It’s tougher when you’re transgendered. This was not The Donald’s best call. There are about 700,000 transgendered Americans, and around 15,500 are enlisted in the military at some level (Active, N.G. or Reserves). We’ll have to wait and see how this shakes out.

    AUSTRALIA AGAIN > Haters hurt their own cause. These posters will cost them votes.

    TRUMP NEO-NAZI SYMPATHIZER > Nonsense. The Fake News Left and Never-Trump RINOs don’t get to set the standard of acceptable Presidential response, and decide on their own arbitrary whim what is or is not a correct level of outrage. Antifa, that bewildering ‘covfefe’ of anti-fascist, pro-communist, brawling in the tradition of 1930’s German Brownshirts is no better than the KKK or the Neo-Nazis, violence is violence and it was all condemned by the President. As I said in another thread, Charlottesville was a curious conflict between the ‘new’ armed wing of the Democratic Party and the ‘old’ armed wing of the Democratic Party. What’s the ghost of Senator Robert Byrd (D), Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan to think? No matter what kind of socialist you are – national, international, or democratic, a socialist is a socialist is a socialist. They’re all the same to me.

    OLD POLITICIANS > I hope no one thinks we should turn the government, economy, and armed forces of the most powerful entity in the known Universe over to snowflakes, cupcakes, and buttercups? Does anyone really take ‘cultural appropriation,’ ‘micro-aggressions,’ and ‘safe spaces’ seriously? Kidding me? A gerontocracy is infinitely preferable to a kakistocracy.

    FACEBOOK > I think I set up an account years ago, but I never used it, never posted anything, never made any “friends” – if I had to sign in today I wouldn’t know where to begin trying to figure out my user name and password. And I am very happy.

    UNITED NATIONS > The UN is a failed mutual-admiration society for old-world socialists, third-world dictators, eco-chondriacs, and other one-world globalist dreamers. Nothing the UN says or does could possibly be of interest to me.

    TUMBLR > The social media world is controlled, almost entirely, by the Silicon Valley Left. Take this up with them.

    1. “What a bullshit story. It cowardly never mentioned who did these awful beatings. And what king of people do you think these refugees are? Hint: MUSLIMS! Until politically correct, multicultural European snowflakes come to grips with what they have wrought, and the danger they have allowed to settle amongst them, expect it to get worse.”

      It’s just as cowardly for you not to mention that Islamic cultures were not against homosexuality until Christian cultures introduced fear of homosexuality to them. Once you understand this, you will understand the root of both Islamic and Christian extremism.

      1. You need to bone up on your Quran and Hadith:
        Nevertheless, the Hadith do unequivocally condemn male homosexual acts. The Qur’an (4:16) demands unspecified punishment for men guilty of lewdness together unless they repent.

        Yet, the Prophet is supposed to have declared that both the active and the passive partner should be subject to the same penalty as for zina (illicit heterosexual sex, usually adultery), namely execution by stoning.
        I found these paragraphs in an article about homosexuality and Islam in the Pink News website. These passages were written long before any Christian influence occurred.

        Yes, despite this dogma, early Muslims were generally tolerant of same-sex sex, but if it was between a man and a boy, Graeco-Roman precedent applied – the man was expected to be the top, the boy the bottom. Modern Islamic interpretation is not corrupted by Christianity -Islam rejects every important Christian belief, from denying the Holy Trinity, the divinity of Christ as the begotten Son of God, His Passion and even the crucifixion and His death on the cross, His resurrection, and His explanation of God’s plan of salvation and reconciliation with the Father. It would be quite a stretch to claim Islam borrowed an anti-gay mindset from Christianity, when it rejects absolutely everything else.

        Modern Islam has entered a phase of radical fundamentalism, all on its own. The Quran is now to be taken literally and applied culturally at every level from the societal to the individual. It is within the Christian civilizations of the West that the LGB community has made the most – and its only – progress. Don’t bite the hand that’s slowly but surely evolving, and feeding us civil rights . It’s sometimes “2 steps forward – 1 step back” but we’re getting there. Patience is a virtue, all good things come to those that wait …..

        1. Your knowledge has a lot of holes in it, and you come from a distinct Christian-believing bias which is hardly objective.

          Islamic cultures were more than tolerant of homosexuality until the 1920s, not simply “early”, and it did not originate with Greco-Roman practices. Take away from men what they really want (boys and feminine young men) and the next generations of men will become religious fundamentalists. The same dynamic applies in Christianity as with Islam. Christianity created radical Islam, not the old texts. Any culture can dig up old texts, translate them and re-interpret them however they want regarding homosexuality. It doesn’t mean that radicalism begins with the texts. Radicalism begins some other way – by taking away from them what they really want, which is what Christianity did.

  3. I agree with Penboy. But, I feel the need to point out, that trump was born and raised in a racist household. He was never Not a racist. He has always been a racist, and has always been a nazi supporter. None of this is new, and is well known in the New York City area.

    1. Yeah, Trump’s a Nazi at heart- that’s why he married what any good Nazi would say is a sub-human Slav from Slovenia in the goddam Balkans and blessed his daughter’s marriage to a Jew who he also trusted with his campaign. Yep, that’s what Nazis sympathizers do. And like any good Nazi he picked another Jew for Treasury Secretary, and an African-American for HUD. Wow. How racist can ya get. But Blacks can see through that stuff – that’s why more Blacks voted for Trump than Romney or McCain. Go figure.

      1. @horsey:
        “that’s why he married what any good Nazi would say is a sub-human Slav from Slovenia in the goddam Balkans”
        First, they ALL looked and acted “white”. They didn’t have noticeably darker skin (as a Latino or black or even Asian) nor did they have “other than white” features in their makeup. Sorry, you lost on that one.

        “and blessed his daughter’s marriage to a Jew who he also trusted with his campaign.”
        She is blood-family And what wealthy father would refuse his daughter the love of her life at the expense of another group? Plus, I’m pretty sure Jarred offered many things for his business and therefore his own personal gain. Jews are known for financial knowledge and we all know by now, Trump needs all the help he can get in that area even if that help is jewish. Again, you lose.

        “But Blacks can see through that stuff – that’s why more Blacks voted for Trump than Romney or McCain.”
        Technically, you’re correct. But look at the numbers: 2008 – 2%, 2012 – 6%, 2016 – 8%. Those aren’t huge margins by any stretch — nor is it any “sign” that blacks overwhelmingly approved of Trump. It wasn’t because they could “see through”, but instead, showed how more blacks were bamboozled (conned) by Trump.

        ………………………… Group Obama McCain
        Race: 2008 ………… 13 ………… 95 ………… 4
        ………………………… ……….Obama ………… Romney
        Race: 2012 ………… 13 ………… 93 ………… 6
        ………………………… ……….Clinton ………… Trump
        Race: 2016 ………… 12 ………… 88 ………… 8

        For the third time, you lose.

        1. Well, at least you’ve successfully proven beyond any reasonable doubt that your ignorance and misunderstanding of National Socialist race theory is thorough and complete. Congratulations.

          1. Actually, your comment applies to YOU. You can’t even tell the differences of race in his multiple wives.

  4. The American left sure is crazy beyond imagination. Not that the right is that much saner.

    1. They’re both crazy. Unfortunately there is a big vacuum caused by this, and it has caused a whole camp of sub-intelligent people to vote fo Trump simply because they are against the modern American left – even when the right wing would surely eat them for dinner (including our Horselips, who would become dog food if it were up the right wing).

    2. The Left is drowning in it’s own political correctness.

      The Right is just bat-shit crazy and stupid — witness the incredible numbers for religion and internally, actually believing in TOTAL BULLSHIT like creationism.

  5. It’s sad reading these comments. I wish I could go back to the days living in Vietnam. No one cared, no one gave a sh*t. I walked down the streets with myself hanging to my boyfriend, passing people, young women starting and giggling, cooing at our open intimacy, elders looking on at our lost-mindless heavenly bliss. But now, we are torn apart by the left and right. Forced to choose one side of other. It won’t matter in centuries from now if you chose the left or the right, if you’re a “Nazi” or a “progressive SJW”. It’ll all just be dust in the books of history. This may be a turning point in our timeline, where we are quick to judge, freely calling one group Nazis, another terrorists. This blog is celebration of ourselves and things we find beautiful about the human queerness. At least, that’s what I like to think. It was better before when I skimmed instead of read. But the hurtful truth is always better than a blissful ignorance.

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