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  1. US state of Virginia considers gay segregation bill

    where such condition would violate the religious or moral convictions of such person with respect to same-sex “marriage” or homosexual behaviour.

    Separation of what again? Look at the U.S. entering the dark ages with glee and joy while a lot of other countries are entering the true age of enlightenment.

    Anyone wants me to comment on why this is happening, hum?

    UK PM wants US to help get rid of encryption

    Fuck off, bitch!

    1. We need that damn edit button. Anyway.

      Parents investigated for allowing kids to go outside

      “” Look at the U.S. entering the dark ages with glee and joy while a lot of other countries are entering the true age of enlightenment. “”

      Yes. it’s a repeat of the above simply because that’s the only sane answer possible in this other case.

    2. @Dan:
      Anyone wants me to comment on why this is happening, hum?

      OK, I’ll bite. :-))

        1. @Dan:

          That is a great video. Thanks for posting that link. That woman on the panel (I didn’t catch her name and position) said it just like it was/is and with perfect method of answering that muslim.

          I particularly enjoyed when she advocated “throwing political correctness in the trash”!

    3. As usual, Milkboy’s headline doesn’t really reflect reality when it comes to US legislation. The bill is not “being considered”. It was put forth by one lunatic delegate, and will likely be dismissed out of hand, if it even ever comes up for debate. The one the US legislature works means that any crack pot that has been elected can put forward a bill. Hell, I could put forward a bill declaring that the sky is green…it doesn’t mean it would have a snowballs chance in hell of passing, even in Virginia. Look at the US entering the dark ages? By what standard? Certainly not LGBT issues…the US is making consistent, exciting progress, particular on the issue of gay marriage. As much as you Europeans/Canadians like to crap on the US about our marriage laws, it is now federally recognized, recognized by the Military, and a majority of states allow gay marriage, with more and more close behind. Bills like the hateful one in the article are the death throws of the homophobic movement.

    1. Re: “From Teenage Angst to Jihad”:

      This young man’s parents chose to move to a secular western country, and supposedly abide by their secular laws and to be tolerant of the differing points of views people had there. In my view, it was his parent’s responsibility to teach him and get him wised up to the fact that many would not respect his fanatical religious beliefs, and that ALL people are free to believe in what they want, and also free to voice their opinions on their views. Thankfully he had the intelligence to figure this out on his own, and become moderate.

      Unfortunately, many young Muslim people have the misfortune to meet up with some insane religious wingnut who leads them completely astray. Parents, you are responsible to teach your children to be accepting and moderate. If you can’t deal with living where you are, please move back to your backwards ass country, and leave us the hell alone.

      1. @daveboy:

        What caught my eye several times reading that article were these “buzz-statements” that really showed his “mettle” about how & why he “believes” his religion so adamantly:

        “Didn’t he get that this was about more than reason and common sense? Didn’t he get that mocking the Prophet was a moral crime?”

        “After the frustration and anger ebbed, I felt shame — for letting my religion down, letting my family down, letting myself down. Shame for an anger I didn’t understand.

        “I grew up in a relatively traditional Moroccan family. We observed Ramadan but my father rarely went to the mosque. There were two books in our house, the Quran and the phone book. We never looked at either of them.

        “Islam told me God is One and the Prophet is his messenger. Adhere to the five pillars and all will be well.” [NOT the koran, obviously, but some iman shoving it down his throat when he was much younger.]

        “When I was 17, I found “The Satanic Verses” tucked away in a school library. I grabbed it, started reading and was mesmerized. … It [The Satanic Verses] confirmed what I had felt deep inside: a free and open society is a threat to religious people.

        That’s just a start showing the hypocrisy of the islamic religion from the mind of a brainwashed and confused “teen-to-adult”.

  2. AUSTRIA > Baby steps are becoming giant leaps for mankind.
    VIRGINIA > Relax, won’t happen. Nothing to worry about here.
    THAILAND > See Austria.
    INDIA > See Austria.
    EX JAPAN PM > Isn’t there an Asian boy-band in drag he could audition for?

    UK-US ENCRYPTION BAN > Our Constitution’s 4th Amendment guarantees that we are secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable search and seizure. The operative word is ‘unreasonable.’ This is wartime. Next to nothing is ‘unreasonable,’ when it comes to protecting the Constitution and the Crown against all enemies foreign and domestic. But don’t worry, the NSA and MI5 couldn’t care less about your silly little private life unless you’re planning something explosive. Still uncomfy? Fine, Keep your life at home, in your papers and effects, and stop broadcasting it over the Internet and cell towers and nobody will bother you.

    TERRORISTS > Gimme a effing break. Perhaps the most deliberately stupid article I’ve read in years. Oh well, you can’t fix stupid. 99% of Muslims give the rest a bad name.

    FRENCH ARRESTS > Sorry, but I’m a bona fide, unreconstructed, unapologetic Xenophobic Islamophobe. France can arrest Muslims for any reason they care to give me and I’m fine with it. Get over it. BTW-hey you Goddam Mohammedan freaks – Some people are gay. Get over it.

    AMAZON > Who cares. Go to Barnes and Noble if you don’t like it and STFU. Or, start your own Internet retail operation. Good luck.

    PARENTING > Geezus, we’ve gone from helicopter parenting the kiddies to helicoptering the parents, to full blown paranoid-schizophrenia. When I was 10 years old, my friends and I had the run of the town, and if I didn’t come home tired, hungry, dirty, and sometimes bleeding, I had a bad day. Life is an ongoing crap-shoot. You play hard, and you take your chances.

    1. “The operative word is ‘unreasonable.’” What is reasonable and what is not is not for gestapos to decide.
      “This is wartime.” No, my silly friend. The wartime is in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Yemen and other countries which American and British empires invaded and where they are killing thousands ( even millions) of innocent people.
      “ To protecting the Constitution” ha-ha-ha! Your Constitution is a used piece of toilet paper. And it was not Muslims but your own government who destroyed it.
      “TERRORISTS”How many Muslims do you know? How many Muslim countries did you live in? I lived in Turkey, a nice place and nice people. Much better than Americans. Not such arrogant to others and not such sheeple before their government.

      1. This isn’t the place for a hundred post flame war, so instead I will just be your sympathetic friend and try to empathize with your crushing anger and depression.
        You should include more comfort food in your diet, like pastas, PB&J, and lots of bacon (it’s meat candy). It’s winter time, so drink more warm beverages like bouillons, teas, and decaffeinated coffee. Have desert!
        For relaxation and tension relief, try masturbation. Beat your dick like it owes you money. Visit an adult shop and buy a dildo and an inflatable party sheep. When you’ve recovered your composure, you’ll be ready for a relationship. Answer twenty or thirty ads on Craig’s List – you need to get out more.
        Don’t thank me – after all, what are friends for…Enjoy.

        1. @hoirsey:
          Nice reply. Especially this:
          “Visit an adult shop and buy a dildo and an inflatable party sheep.”

          Very funny. Of course, he will need to be prepared to hear that sheep’s response to his actions: “Baaaaaaaad ….. baaaaaaaad”

        2. LOL! This is the reason why we need the forums back. I have some nice inflatable Canadian moose and Canuck meat candy (backside bacon?) to dish out for free, to those who deserve it most. ;-]

  3. Re: “Are all the terrorists Muslims? Not even close”

    That has to be about the stupidest piece of so-called journalism ever. Someone goes on a rampage and causes mayhem? They must be a terrorist, right? WRONG! Some people are just unilaterally bat-shit crazy all by themselves. We never used to call kooks terrorists in the past, but just insane crazy people. This guy thinks that any crazy person that commits horrible crimes, we’re just going to automatically name them as such. WRONG. They are CRAZY and NOT terrorists.The modern term has been created from MUSLIM FANATICS that have done crazy shit in the name of their screwed up religion called ISLAM. We all know there are crazy Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Agnostics. atheists and others who have done horrible things, but for the most part those groups are much more tolerant and sane. This guy is just trying to ‘pass the buck’ if you ask me.

  4. Any kind of fanaticism whether political or religious or whatever leads to trouble: end of.

    As for Cameron’s so called security measures and intrusion into Internet privacy: he has been trying to get them through for the life of this parliament but has been held back by the lib dems on civil liberties grounds. Only way this will get though is if there is a Tory majority government from May. If you are British and do not like what you see don’t vote Tory simple.

    As for encryption we have already seen the death of Trucrypt and I am guessing this was due to the NSA and GCHQ managing to crack it. I think they probably have huge teams of experts trying to break Tor too.

  5. Oh my god? did you do some research about the “comedian” that was arrested in France? He’s a anti-Semitic right-wing activist, and supporter of Marine Le Pen’s party, that welcomes revisionists and neo-nazis. He has already been arrested for that kind of behaviour in the past. It’s not shocking for us to see him in jail, it’s fair !

  6. So what? I’m not saying it’s wrong that he got arrested for the bullshit he spreads but if a country is parading around telling the world about how they value “free speech” so much you can’t just arrest the people who disagree with you.

    Either you arrest people hating on Jews AND Muslims or you don’t arrest anyone. Everything else is a blatant double-standard.

    That being said, I think there should be a limit to free speech. In Germany you get into serious trouble with the law when you deny the holocaust and I think that’s fair.

  7. It bothers me that you have sensationalized a menial proposed bill in a conservative state as a way to make the U.S. seem as if they aren’t making advances with regards to “Queer news”. It’s actually rather pathetic how you are grasping at straws in every Periodical Political Post. The reality is that 38 U.S. states have independently voted to protect gay marriage purely due to the efforts of activists and the vast majority of citizens demanding it. Furthermore, now the Supreme Court is currently voting on federal legislation to force the other 12 into recognizing it. Soon the U.S. will join the short list of nations in which gay marriage is truly legal. You should post about that, and I would think you would be excited about it. Instead you continuously choose to defame us.

    1. lol cory your country starts wars left and right, arrests and tortures people over decades without any trial, spies on the whole world but when you don’t get cheered on for your pathetically slow progress with gay rights it must be because everyone hates your freedom haha and you really wonder why you’re the laughing stock of the world

      1. Way to dodge the subject. You certainly won’t find me disagreeing with you on our miserable foreign policy post-WWII; as a matter of fact, I can guarantee you that I am much more pissed about it, because a.) I have to personally finance these wars with my income tax b.) I have to watch misguided and impressionable family and friends die fighting these pointless wars, and c.) I have to endure snobbish pricks like you laying your hatred onto me because you just care so much over there in Slovenia.

        But the point remains, Josh reporting on some negligible attempt of a bill that will probably not even reach the floor (bills are written everyday, just fyi) is quite strikingly odd, considering national news here for the past week has been focused on the Supreme Court decision to uphold gay marriage as a federal right…..where is the report on that? You don’t have to like my country, but being shamelessly petty doesn’t exactly put you on higher ground.

        Just a side note, if any of you truly understand American politics, you would know that the vast majority of laws are passed at the state or municipal level and the federal context is completely irrelevant unless someone brings a case before the Supreme Court. The first U.S. state to fully legalize gay marriage was Massachusetts in 2004, which predates Slovenia’s gay rights movement and subsequent gay marriage allowance. So there’s that. But none of that really should matter much, because as I explained before, the U.S. has possibly the largest, most passionate, most organized, most influential gay rights movement in the world which has been fighting an uphill battle across our enormous nation in every statehouse and city hall and has achieved their goals in a fraction of the time that other civil rights campaigns have in the past. I know you don’t care, but it is significant, and it certainly is “Queer News”.

        1. @Cory:

          BOTH of your comments to “nicoono” were excellent and right on. Thanks for taking the time to point out some glossed-over (actually, ignored) facts by so many that come to this blog.

      2. [For some reason your profile says Slovenia, as does the flag when I drag my cursor over it. But your flag looks more like Sierra Leone. So, sorry if I assumed your place of residence incorrectly.]

      3. @nicoono [flag is Slovenia]
        “… but when you don’t get cheered on for your pathetically slow progress with gay rights it must be because everyone hates your freedom haha …”

        According to Wikipedia: (as of today)

        Same-sex marriages…………NO
        Joint adoption by same-sex couples…………NO
        Right to change legal gender…………NO
        MSMs allowed to donate blood…………NO
        Commercial surrogacy for gay male couples…………NO

        So, it looks like for many things, we’re (USA) either not far behind or even surpassed your country (Slovenia) for FULL gay rights.

        And, before you become “the laughing stock of the world,” you might want to do your research first.

      4. “lol [] your country starts wars left and right …”

        Please, enlighten me —- what are all “those wars left and right” we’ve started?

        I recall only two wars that you might be concerned about:
        1. Afghanistan
        2. Iraq

        For #1, we had every right to go to war with them — they knowingly harbored terrorists that attacked our country — i.e., they started it.

        For #2, yes, we had an idiot for President who “started a war” in Iraq — actually, we just deposed a tyrant (which was none of our business). As for the “ensuing war”, because you’re too ignorant to call this out, I’ll briefly explain:

        After deposing Hussein, Iraq should have worked with us to help them make a better country — even if it wasn’t democratic (and it will never be), they should have at least provided someone competent to run the country and we would have worked to rebuild it (assuming they would help us). But they didn’t help us —- NOT ONE FUCKING BIT. INSTEAD, they were more concerned about in-fighting between them — Sunni & Shiite — all about RELIGION but NOT about rebuilding their infrastructure. And what is this Sunni v. Shiite all about? The working of their country? FUCK NO. It’s ONLY about “who would succeed the LONG DEAD “mohammud” which, just like “jesus christ” was TOTALLY FABRICATED ALONG WITH ALL OF THAT FUCKED UP RELIGION, ISLAM. (And these are FACTS)

        Those fucking idiots can only think of that stupid religion and how to CONTROL THEIR POPULATION’S MINDS & BODIES. They give NO CONCERN to their populace’s well being. PERIOD.

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