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  1. TAIWAN > The 1st domino falls.

    CHECHNYA > Most gays are libtards, and all libtards believe in cultural equivalence. They also decry Islamophobia. Get this through your thick progressive skulls -there are good Muslims who are peaceful and nice, and there are bad Muslims who are violent and cruel. Bad Muslims want to kill us all. Good Muslims just want bad Muslims to kill us all. Sharia means death.

    SOUTH KOREA > It’s worse than you think. Lots of Asians also eat dogs. That’s borderline cannibalism.

    CHI-COM GRINDR > Even privately owned corporations in China are hooked into the communist party and the PLA. If China wants Grindr, it’s not for the money, it’s for their intel and security services to identify homosexuals for future blackmail political influence. If you have a Grindr account, close it – now!

    AIRPLANE! > Given the current unpleasantness between airlines and passengers in the recent news, the agent had to be completely brain-dead to do this….unless there’s more to this than the story tells. Note how in the first 3/4 of the article the reader is inflamed by the event, the photo only shows the kids and their daddies, only to see near the bottom 1/4 an “oh-yeah” – grandma was also with them. I don’t know Southwest’s rules regarding family boarding, and this hit piece makes sure I won’t find out reading about it here.

    UK ENCRYPTION > Britain is a mess. They let in millions of Muzzies, suffer recurring terrorism, and now don’t know what to do except infringe further on the rights of Her Majesty’s good subjects. King Richard The Lionheart is spinning in his tomb. He knew what to do with the bastards.

    ISLAMOPHOBIA > Bullshit. Ever since we elected Trump, desertions from ISIS have skyrocketed. ISIS will collapse, and after that, The Donald will deal with AlQaeda , the Taliban, AlShabab, BokoHaram, and any others. There’s no substitute for victory. Nothing disheartens the enemy more than defeat and certain death.

    REPUBLICANS > Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids. I love it – but then, I’m at the very bottom of the notorious basket of deplorables.

    SAUDI ARMS DEAL > Trump’s out of the country for one day and already scores billions of dollars in new business. And it was all worked out between fundamentalist Muslim Saudi officials and Trump’s Jewish son-in-law. Magic.

    GENDER STUDIES > Don’t get me started. I’m all in with LGB, but T is another issue.

  2. Yep, Grindr is toast. Funny too how Ivanka Trump got $100M from Saudi Arabia for her foundation the same day her father made a $350B deal selling them weapons. Maybe she should rename it “fundation.”

  3. Not the so-called Islamophobia is a problem, but phrases like “This has nothing to do with Islam”. When we see whats being done in the name of this religion, concerns are justified. It is quite astonishing that the Western Liberals, who claim the legacy of the Enlightenment, are not infrequently saying that Islamists and Jihadists abuse Islam. What makes them so sure, that they are constantly asserting the fundamentalists are not Islamic and have nothing to do with Islam? Did the Prophet Mohammed, for example, also abuse Islam when, as can be read in the Koran and Hadiths, he had led religious wars against non-believers and Jews, when he beheaded people? And gay people defending Islam is the most ridiculous thing ever, and this protectionism from criticism is also racist. You can’t attack their ideology, we can’t ably the same standarts, they are from another culture, they are incapable to defend thereself, we, the left, need to do this. Moslems are the new proletariat of the left, sad.

    Hamed Abdel-Samad:

    “I hate terror attacks because journalists and radio stations keep calling me since early morning to hear my analysis. I haven’t taken the phone several times but it kept ringing. I finally answered: The only thing I can tell you about this attack is that it wasn’t me who did it! And I have nothing new to say. All I have to say is in my past interviews and books. Why should I advise people who listen to my advise but continue doing the same thing? No one wants to leave his comfort zone. Muslims still insist terror has nothing to do with their religion and western politicians keep repeating the same mantra after each attack: “this is an attack against our freedom. We won’t allow terrorists to change our life style”, but they continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia!
    But you know what? Terrorists have changed your life style already. Look at your airports and government buildings how they are surrounded by heavy armed soldiers! They implanted fear in the hearts of millions. They intimidated you so that you can’t even publish a cartoon of Muhammad. They don’t only attack your freedom but they misuse it to move freely and teach their ideology freely even at your schools. So, if this is the life style you don’t want to change, then you are a hopeless case, and I have no time to offer you an analysis just to fill in the time of your live programs!
    Europe is giving up itself. I’m not fighting for you anymore. I ll fight for myself alone, for my freedom to say what I want the way I want and in the place I decide!”

    1. @Marvin:

      Thank you for that post and the name, Hamed Abdel-Samad. I looked him up and he’s authored a very interesting book, Islamic Fascism. I’m going to check my library and see if I can get it to read.

      I agree with just about 99% of what you (and he) stated. I appreciate posts like yours — we can learn a lot about what’s really going on in the world, particularly since we [the world, whether we like or admit it or not] are now in the midst of an undeclared World War III.

    2. As far as Germany goes, the love affair with Ottoman Empire and now Turkey cannot be explained by “the left”, can it? After all, the love affair has been going on for centuries. I think there might be something missing from your analysis.

      Muslims targetted Jews and Christians in Arab, Persian, “Turkish”, and North African lands for over fourteen hundred years and no one said anything. England, Germany, France, and the US all did very little to help that. German observers watched as the Turks shot nearly all the Armenian males from five provinces in 1915, even kept records of the possessions of those being shot. Do we blame that on “the left”?

      But as soon as a few Islamic fundamentalists attack cities in Europe and in the US, all the rednecks from the middle of nowhere start to cry about Islam, as if they’re personally affected. The probability of being attacked by an Islamic fundamentalist is very, very small, and those who have been truly targetted are not typically European or American. The Islamic terrorist incidents still have fewer victims than in the era of non-Islamic terrorism in Europe and the US (the IRA, Basque separatists, Murrah Building, etc.). I don’t like Islam very much but to hear Germans and Americans complaining about it seems like too little, too late.

      1. @Wordworth:
        “The probability of being attacked by an Islamic fundamentalist is very, very small, and those who have been truly targetted are not typically European or American.”

        So, what’s happened in London, Paris, Brussels and now Manchester (just to name a few) is nothing but a figment of our imaginations?

        I don’t know where you received your social (feminism) and political (islamic) learning, but you sure as fuck need new teachers.

        1. I don’t know where you recieved your reading comprehension skills, but you need new teachers. I would tell you to go back and read what I wrote, but I know with you it’s not going to make much difference.

      2. Do not talk to me as if you have any idea about what is going on in Germany. 20 years ago we were on the way to get rid of religion (Christianity). By now it would be practically dead, but you know what happened? Islam and the terror attacks and all the left leaning critics of religion become big Islam-apologist. And the Islamic associations used this circumstance for their political empowerment. The left no longer discussed how we get rid off the religious influence on the state (like taxes, public Broadcasting Council, Ecclesiastical labor law, state religious lessons on public schools…), now the topic was how to give the same rights to Islamic organizations.
        And the problem with Islam isn’t just about violence in form off terror attacks, it’s about girls who are not allowed to participate in swim and gym class, about widespread views that the women is less then the men, homophobia (Gay and Jew become normal swear words thanks to our Islamic cultural enricher), anti-evolutionism, schools where you can’t teach because of that specific group, it’s about “no go areas”, where not even the police dears to control. And isn’t that amazing, we don’t have this problem with any other group and it’s everywhere (all around the world) the same, it’s allays about Islam and Muslims.
        But you know what, all that doesn’t even matter, the simple fact that Islam is a fascistic ideology is reason enough to criticize it to the ground. And that is what I hate about the new leftism, they betraying everything they believed in and fight for in the past. LGBT rights doesn’t matter anymore, protecting the inhuman ideology of Islam is more important.
        They are so blind they don’t even understand the shift to the right. Normally left-leaning voters are willing to vote to the right because they don’t feel they have any other chance. What is the answer on the left? It’s on us, we didn’t integrate them and off-course we need more refugees from the Islamic world and then they don’t understand why they losing the election…

        1. I don’t disagree with you, only that I think there is more than one thing missing in your analysis, if you were to look back beyond 20 years. And yes, I will do that, as it pertains to Germany or anywhere else, even if I’m not German. I think, to miss the long view of history is to miss some important points.

        2. For a German you don’t really have any idea about what’s going on in Germany either.

          Muslims make up 7% of the German population, yet somehow in your warped worldview they’re responsible for basically all problems we have (you blame them for homophobia and antisemitism in Germany? Are you even serious? Did they skip history in your school?)

          It’s always easy to blame others, outsiders and everyone who’s different for your own problems because it’s less of an effort than looking at yourself and trying to figure out where you might have made mistakes. That’s how right-wing parties rose to power in the past and that’s exactly what parties like the AfD are doing right now.

          You would think people learn from history, you would think causing a disaster that will define a country for generations to come by blaming a religious minority for all our problems is something you do once and then never again but sadly no, people like you seem to be happy to enable parties building up the exact same sentiment again.

          And stop with the bullshit about schools not being able to teach something because of them, that’s bullshit and you know it, that is literally not possible under German law. Same for “no-go areas”, where cops supposedly don’t dare to go, those areas do not exist, plain and simple. Show me a single source for shit like that.

          Fuck people like you spreading this nazi propaganda bullshit, fuck people like you blaming others for their own misery, fuck people like you ranting about humans literally fleeing from wars because you’re to dumb and dead on the inside to sit down and think about these things for a minute because you go on the internet and spread your hateful shit.

          But what else would you expect from someone who literally advocated murdering people in a comment here before as long as it’s “fun” to the murderers…

          1. “But what else would you expect from someone who literally advocated murdering people in a comment here before as long as it’s “fun” to the murderers…”
            Wow, that’s not fair, I actually wrote the opposed…

            And for the rest, since you are german, if you actually want to understand the other side, please watch this two vidz, posted a few hours ago with Hamed Abdel-Samad lecture in a church. Just let it run in the background. You will not regret it, even if you disagree with everything he says.


      3. “For centuries”? Are you stupid? (well you’re American that would explain your ignorance regarding history). The demented Prussians were the ones, who forged an alliance with the Ottoman empire during the very late 1800s and it was already over at the end of WW I. Maybe you wanted to write “decades”.

    3. @Marvin:
      “Islam and the terror attacks and all the left leaning critics of religion become big Islam-apologist. And the Islamic associations used this circumstance for their political empowerment. The left no longer discussed how we get rid off the religious influence on the state (like taxes, public Broadcasting Council, Ecclesiastical labor law, state religious lessons on public schools…), now the topic was how to give the same rights to Islamic organizations.”

      This is essentially the same in USA with minor changes. And the rest of what you posted is also very similar to what’s happened in the USA.

  4. Everyone is arguing about Islam and I’m just here to say that no, most Asians do not eat dog. The older generations in South Korea still do it, but the newer generations are very much against it and trying to get it banned.

    You also have to understand that to these older generations, these aren’t the dogs you keep as pets. These sre dogs specifically bred for eating. They are raised and slaughtered like any other game animal. You don’t really feel an emotional attachment to the chicken you eat every day, do you?

  5. re: South Korean soldier was convicted of homosexuality

    People don’t realize that, in Asia, S. Korea is just an extension of USA, circa Pre-1990. And the sole root of this crap is their primary “religion,” i.e., socio-political ideology of christianity. Unless a lot stronger pressure is put on S. Korea, it will be much longer for their laws to change.

    What’s even more infuriating about this situation, is: “The captain was arrested days before he was scheduled to leave the army,”. Those religious idiots over there couldn’t let it be since he was leaving the military very soon. Pathetic. This is just proof that the religious will stop at nothing to force their religious bullshit upon their societies.

    And this: “The army insisted that it was not discriminating against gay soldiers; instead it said that it was trying to root out illegal homosexual activities.”

    1. ‘Islamophobia,’ like any ‘phobia,’ is defined as an IRRATIONAL fear of whatever the subject is. There is nothing irrational at all about a fear or aversion to Muslims – Islam is an existential threat to my community, my liberty, and my country. As for an extreme disdain for all illegal aliens, it’s not ‘xenophobia’ if they really are barbarians … and they really, really are.

      1. “Mohammed had nothing to do with Islam.”

        Because, exactly like “jesus christ,” “mohammed” never existed as a “messiah” or “prophet.” BOTH were totally FABRICATED to put FEAR into their respective stupid societies to further their religion’s CONQUESTS.

        1. But this “Jesus” (who perhaps never existed) was just a street preacher for the short time of 18-30 month where he was in the spotlight. He was not head of state and army leader, a conqueror, a law-maker or the treasury secretary. Mohammed was all of that and furthermore had the personality of a narcissistic psychopath. All that is the reason why Islam can’t be reformed, you can’t go back to the roots, you can’t take Mohammed as a role model. Every attempt to reinterpret the Qur’an ends with the person Mohammed.

          1. @Penboy

            I can’t read the article, trey want you to subscript…

            But I know Sven Kalisch for his work and like Mouhanad Khorchide he was and is always under a lot of pressure for hes viewpoint from the official Muslim organizations and politicians prefer to cooperate with this conservative Islamic associations, giving them a lot of money for their “integration work”. It’s really sad. Moderate Muslims that want to reform Islam always get to hear from other Muslims that there Islam “light” has nothing to do with the real Islam and that they dilute the Islamic faith. They will say they are against ISIS but that’s all, there is nothing wrong in Islam, it’s all perfect…

            I hope all this reformers will someday realize there work is not wanted and Islam is not reformable.

    1. We can’t see that article because they FORCE EVERYONE to subscribe (pay money) FIRST with a banner that COVERS THE ARTICLE.

      If you can see it OK, maybe copy and paste it in here so we CAN READ it?

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