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  1. Re: People [wit] low IQ more likely to hate gays and PoC

    Be careful when posting titles referencing intellect.

    And with all the crap that’s going on with Twump that affects the rest of the world, you couldn’t find [at least] ONE article to reference for “Other News”? Let’s start with Climate Change.

  2. Unless you are extremely old and somehow fled Germany in the 40s without being noticed, you are not a Nazi. Nazis cannot be killing anyone, because there aren’t any. A Nazi is a member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party between 1920 and 1945. You can be a neo-nazi. You can be a skinhead. You can be a white supremo. But you cannot be a Nazi. The article says right wing extremists. Either refrain from using buzzwords and showing a lack of understanding of basic history, or show me the 90 year old man who is a registered member of the National Socialist Party and is going around killing people.

    As for the Vice article, it is a biased, unreliable source and an insult to people who have actually studied journalism. At no point does the article say what the findings were for the individuals with high IQ, and at no point are other studies or sources referred to. I can write an “article” about a study of anything, and as long as I don’t list any contradictory sources, I will seem right. It’s blatant confirmation bias. Anyone who has studied rhetoric and journalism in school vomits at the site of Vice.

    The Buzzfeed article is just as bad. Only one source, which is another news site, AKA a third party source. This is literally what they teach you not to do in journalism. The title is clickbait, as nothing has been signed yet, but at least the “article” tries to contradict itself a little more than Vice. It’s still biased, but at least it tried.

    I could go on, but I don’t need to. You have 0 understanding of how basic argument theory or journalism works. You don’t understand what sources are important, how to present things in an unbiased manner, or what confirmation bias is. If you genuinely wanted to run a blog that helps LGBT youth, you would be looking for articles that disprove the idea that the world is falling to pieces and everyone should be frightened for their lives. It is ok to share sad or upsetting news, but you ONLY share sad or upsetting news, and it’s almost always from a source with 0 credibility in the journalistic community. You NEVER, EVER provide multiple stories on one topic, include awful clickbait titles, and only cover topics that you know will generate buzz. There is no “other news” about the abused stepchildren of a very popular Youtuber being removed from his custody. Why? It doesn’t generate enough buzz and it isn’t about how the world is going to end for all minorities.

    Stick to pictures of cute guys. You should avoid news at all costs, because you genuinely do more harm than good. I await an actual, professional counterargument by email.

    1. When you call someone a “son of a bitch,” every English-speaking person on earth knows you don’t literally mean that person’s mother was a female dog. When you refer to someone as a Nazi in this day and age, every English-speaking person on earth knows you are not referring to a member of the original National Socialist German Worker’s Party of 1920/1945 unless you specify otherwise as in the case of an elderly concentration camp guard. Words mean what the vast majority of members of that language-speaking group decide they mean. As for the rest of your argument . . . okay.

    2. The reason they use the word NAZI is similar to how people on the internet revert to comparing people they disagree with to Hitler.

    3. Nazi: one who espouses the beliefs and policies of the German Nazis

      Rest of your comment is just bs… you obviously don’t come here often otherwise you would know that there are a ton of positive news posted as well. And even if not, should people ignore all the shit going on and not talk about it because it could upset people? Give me a fucking break lol

      Instead you want to read about fucking youtube wannabe celebs? Are you even serious? You accuse people of clickbait and then bring up the most clickbaity shit on the internet as a counterpoint? Do you know what cognitive dissonance means by any chance?

    4. @Kookie:
      “Either refrain from using buzzwords and showing a lack of understanding of basic history, or show me the 90 year old man who is a registered member of the National Socialist Party and is going around killing people.”

      Either show me a 200+ year old person who actively persecuted the Inquisition, or say it doesn’t exist today. Same argument. Government States are doing essentially the same things that the Inquisition did (and that’s all varieties of it). Nazism, Inquisition, whatever you call it, it’s the ideology and how it’s used, not the individual, per se. So, you really don’t know history as you would have us think. Living up to your name, aren’t you?

      America is undergoing its own “inquisition” but on a [legally] milder scale (and has been since the early 1900’s). But the ideology is the very same thing. They just can’t ALL get away with the outright murders (as much as they try) — but only because of the laws and the majority of Americans wouldn’t put up with it. But, psychologically, emotionally, there’s no difference. And now, legally — particularly now with Twump and Pence (soon to be President) in office.

      Twump’s time is marked and limited as President.

    5. @Kookie😡
      ~You are now officially milkboys #1 Troll…
      Penboy’s gonna love you!

      1. ~On everything, including what he said on the 😸’Benny’ post? Just curious, everyone’s open to their own opinion.

          1. 🤗The more comments we get the better milkboys is, keep em coming Kookie and fabulous fan, Fulcher!

          1. 😘Don’t be jealous Penboy, I’ll always feel the same about you… Forever & forever!

    1. I wish we could stop this “but what about”-ism. Why try to distract from an injustice by bringing up something else?

      1. How can you NOT think of Circumcision when talking about FGM? Yes, FGM is worse, by far (since some “god” doesn’t demand people to do this as a “covenant”).

        The primary reasons we DON’T END this genital mutilation (both sexes) is simple: All State governments won’t go against presenting their religious privilege.

  3. So child abuse is acceptable because the parents in question were Youtubers? You clearly didn’t read my response, which is pretty disrespectful considering I took the time to go through all o these shitty articles in order to write it.

    You can call someone whatever you want, but the article itself didn’t even use the word Nazi. Whoever the fuck CATO are, at least they know better than to sink to that level of clickbaity bullshit. Literally the only reason to include the word Nazi in the hyperlink to the article is to generate anger and ensure a click. It would have been more mature, respectable, and CREDIBLE to use the language used in the article, since at that point you are just quoting. But nope. Gotta generate as much hate and fear as possible right?

    1. Far-right wing includes nazis (nazism). It may be called different names, but it’s not really any different from islam and christianity — only the degrees (legally and socially) of how it’s implemented can you say “there’s a difference”.

  4. CHECHNYA > Into the abyss.

    TRUMP > Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. And yet we do. We ban human and animal sacrifice, and law enforcement sometimes keeps its eye on various cults. When anti-discrimination laws bump up against Constitutional protections … see you in court. However this issue works out, it is a risky policy for a business to discriminate against any class of customers. Every class, including the LGBT community, has friends and supporters throughout the market and refusing to serve them, even if it’s legal, might cost a business a lot more than it thought.

    JAPAN > There was an iron curtain over the Soviet Union, and a bamboo curtain over Red China. Despite Japan’s worldwide involvement in commerce, there is a rice paper curtain over its home culture. Patience.

    YOU TUBE > Why can’t the radical totalitarian-progressives that run Google and You Tube (and Facebook as well) just leave free speech alone? How hard is it to just STFU? If venturing into social media means taking a walk on the wild side, so what? Nobody who is offended by anything they see or read has to go back for seconds. Latest outrage – screwing up Outlook with Focus/Other. Geezus, Microsoft, wasn’t Windows 10 insult enough?

    GORILLAS IN THE MIST > Love is where you find it. Rock on.

    CLIMATE > The sooner we bail on the Paris Accords the better. I wish President Trump did it the same time he killed the Trans-Pacific Trade thing. Trump also needs to pull the USA out of the UN Arms Control treaty. The UN is anathema to national sovereignty and individual liberty.

    FGM > It’s a federal offense, so state action is superfluous. One thing’s for sure – I would not hesitate to use lethal force to protect my foreskin.

    IQ & HATE > Welcome to the human condition. As for myself, I don’t have much in the way of loves or hates, just my druthers. Oh, and for that, Hillary says I’m “deplorable.” Fine with me.

    NAZIS & MUSLIMS > Neca eos omnes, Deus suos agnoscet.

    LOUISIANA > Gonna hafta take this on a case-by-case basis.

  5. About four years ago they was a proposal from a German politican to outlaw MGM but I guess Herr Merkin spiked it. It would have been a brave move what with the German’s history with people with mutilated genitals.
    I think Sweden also were looking into it but of course they have now allowed themselves to be overrun with members of the religion of peace, so it’s probably off the agenda there.
    Shame, it’s about time baby boys were protected.

    1. No Sweden didn’t look into it.

      They do have a law though that states that only doctors can perform circumcisions and almost all of them refuse to do them unless there is a medical reason for it.

      And by the way, the law in Germany was not going anywhere because of protests from the Jewish community, not the Muslim one.

  6. horsey, enjoy it [Twump & Co.] while it lasts. I just learned today [5/5/17] that there are now 2 Grand Juries convening in Eastern Virginia with all probabilities of Indicting between 28 and 42 of Twump & Co. vs. Russia.

    Hmmm. How will Twump’s tweets go now? At 3:00 — 4:00 A.M.?

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