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  1. DEAD MAN:> Good riddance. Birth is fatal. “Death comes for us all, even for kings he comes.”

    UK:> May is very busy right now with Brexit, Scotland, et al. Baby steps. Everything by the book, all in good time. It’ll happen.

    PHILIPPINES:> The country is virtually ungovernable. An endless guerilla war with Moslem rebels, grinding poverty, stupefying corruption, and a political tradition of dictatorship. Typical of ex-Spanish colonies. It’s no wonder most of the nurses and doctors have fled to America. On top of it all, President Duterte is a few French fries short of a Happy Meal and is not up to the job. Forget any positive expectations for the time being.

    GUTTING OBAMACARE:> Sorry, but the ACA is self-destructing, the last insurance companies are expected to bail this year or the next. Millions of people who originally signed up have let their coverage lapse – the expensive copays, high deductibles and out-of-pocket limits made most policies useless. The only people it has really helped were those in the Medicaid expansion and those with pre-existing conditions. It has to go and the sooner the better. Never mind Scott Weiner, he’s a progressive Democrat so he only matters in the PRC. The Congress and administration will pass a miserable replacement. That replacement will be tweaked and massaged over time to be eventually successful. Or be replaced again with some creative mixed model of federal or state government single-payer and private insurance.

    TUNISIA:> Islam Delenda Est. Neca eos omnes, Deus suos agnoscet.

    EUROPE:> Read the article. “…in the wake of recent terrorist attacks…” Got it now? Good. You can’t accept millions of Mohammedan immigrants and not expect casualties among your people, and among their civil rights. Welcome to the murderous and bloody real world.

    CAMBODIA:> Pay up or shut up, and no, I don’t want to hear their dictator’s side of it.

    TEEN SEX-ED:> Great. Put sex education back in the gutter where it belongs, and where it worked for thousands of years before the femi-nazis took it over to social engineer and politicize it. In the 1960s we all learned the old fashioned way – dirty magazines, talking with guys who’d already done it, experimenting together, and our own wonderfully clumsy first times. I’ll never forget the day my best friend and jacking buddy ran all excited into my house after school saying “here, smell my finger!” That was sex-ed. it was real, forbidden, secret, nasty, and unforgettable. Good times.

    YOU TUBE:> Just more Trump Derangement Syndrome. Helicopter parenting doesn’t work, the kids are OK.

    EUROVISION:> Dayum, he’s hot as fuck. He can come over and sing for me any day. And stay for breakfast.

  2. Gee, Trump is on the Political Post twice directly and probably up to 6 times more indirectly, that’s way more than I expected. But then he makes real queer news so many times a day that it’s expected to see traces of him everywhere.

    Thanks for the info on Cambodia, Trump really has no shame, given that:
    – the US trained the army that helped US-friendly Lon Nol’s coup (the guy who “borrowed” the US money);
    – the bombing (at 2.75Mt of explosives, more than the 2Mt the Allies used in all of WW2) that killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of Cambodians and destroyed the country precipitated the reign of the destructive Red Khmer;
    – that the $274M of food aid now reclaimed (with 50-year interests) was actually to purchase grain from the US, so you could consider that this money was already repaid to the US, just not to the government. Plus, this was mostly surplus food that did not cost anything to the US, well, maybe except storage costs.

  3. Re: “When your kid’s favourite YouTuber gets racist”

    After reading that article, I can see why he was upset. But, the problem with some “young people” [and others] is they don’t know the meaning of being “racist.” If you [they] are talking about some obvious physical differences according to the true definition, that’s fine.

    But a huge segment of various populations conflate “religion” with “race” just because some of the population believe differently and those of a certain religion are quick to declare “racist!” and “islamophobes/islamophobia [which are ignorant “words”]. I am constantly called a “racist” when I put down religions, primarily islam (and therefore muslims). While there are actual different races that believe and live by islam, that doesn’t mean ALL muslims are racists because simply “religions” [actually and more factually, socio-political ideologies] aren’t human races.

    So, a newsbite can be quite misleading depending on what a YouTuber actually says or professes.

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