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  1. DE VOS:> Whatever, or whoever it takes to clean up the mess K-12 education is in. it all has to go – baby, bathwater, Common Core – all of it. Only someone completely detached from, and opposed to, the current theory and practice of education can do the job.

    AUSTRIA:> Time is on our side. Patience is a virtue. All good things come to those who wait. Chill.

    POLAND:> See AUSTRIA above.

    NORWAY:> Lutherans are heretics. Ask any Catholic boy. Viva il Papa.

    BOY SCOUTS:> I think the boys will handle this on their own.

    MOTHER:> Italy is not ready to give up on gender norms just yet.

    CIA:> Hopefully the new Deputy Director will help straighten out the agency, which had become so thoroughly politicized and corrupted under Obama that they had to publicly admit to doctoring the P.D.B. to fit the preferred, politically correct narrative.

    PROTESTERS:> The Constitution provides for the people “peaceably to assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances.” It does not provide for disturbing the peace, blocking public streets and sidewalks, littering and jaywalking, vandalism, violence, rioting, and looting. I’m not tricked by anyone into hating them – it’s the protesters themselves who convinced me. But I’m not upset – every demonstration, every broken window, every burned car, every looted store, every assault, just increases the GOP’s chances of decisive election victories in 2018 and 2020. The more ‘they’ march, the closer ‘we’ get to our destination. As we said in the 60s, “Keep on truckin’.”

    QUEBEC:> There’s one thing the victims of mass shootings all have in common – they were unarmed. “Rule #1 – Have a gun.” (Never leave home without it.)

    BRADLEY MANNING:> “If I had a son, he’d look like…” – Obama

    FINLAND & SCOTLAND:> Hmmm, that should attract lots and lots of Muslim refugees to those countries. Better there than here.

    GUN TOTING TODDLERS:> The good news is 12 states have enacted “Constitutional Carry” legislation, 4 more are now actively debating it, and next year it will be on the agenda in at least another 4. “National Reciprocity” legislation for carrying concealed weapons outside your home state will be introduced in Congress this year and President Trump has indicated he will kiss the paper when he gets it. There are seven new guns on my wish list, I’ll be happy if this year I get two or three. Let freedom ring!

        1. Got ya!

          But serious Horsey, as problematic as the far left can be at times, the people you call “we” in your posts (the far right), they’d eat you for lunch if they knew about you. If someone puts a bug in Donald Trump’s ear about the men who like boys, we are all toast much moreso than the left wing had ever dreamed of!! With NSA’s powers and such, we’re all fish in a barrel.

      1. @Wordworth

        “”Look everyone! Archie Bunker is back from the dead!””

        I second that! :-P

    1. @horsey, the brainwashed biblical animal (very close relative of that ASS):
      “Whatever, or whoever it takes to clean up the mess K-12 education is in.”

      The stupidity of that statement, even from you, is amazing. DeVos represents and IS the very reason our schools are in such a fucking mess. All she wants to do is divert public tax dollars to religious (christian) schools — be they private OR public — just as long as they brainwash with the “god & creation” BULLSHIT. But you’re still too fucking stupid to understand this. You are just one of the definition of brainwashed. And what’s really pathetic about you is you’ve never allowed yourself the natural curiosity of learning what’s true.

      1. QUOTE: “But you’re still too fucking stupid to understand this. You are just one of the definition of brainwashed …”

        Yep, that’s me! Ol’ too-fucking-stupid horselips. “Brainwashed” too! Put it all together and I’m “really pathetic.” No “natural curiosity” either.

        I’m finished – don’t want to hold you up – you can’t be late for your anger management class.

        1. You/your alter ego reminds me perfectly of Mitch McConnell. It’s nothing for you to let the truth and facts just slither out of your mouth and down your body with no thought of being honest.

          And the way you describe your personal life, I’d suspect you may even look more like him than you’d admit.

  2. Thanks a lot Horselips. I’m Scottish. We’ve got enough nutters in this country without adding to them . No thank you. P.S. Your country is full of fucking nutters. They’re called Christians. And most run everything going. I’m off to paint my arse blue and point it at the moon. I’m the chief Priest/Priestess of our local Wiccan circle. OK. I’m talking shite, Just like all guys with a dog collar. Can I get tax relief if I call our little group of guys letting off steam and fucking everything that moves a religion.?Unlike Catholic Priests well keep away from children.

    I could do with paying no tax like the Monarchy and Churches do. Hell, I might even invent one. I can’t do any worse than the raging fucking nutters that pass for the Abrahamic Religion. BTW do you live in a state that kisses snakes and drinks poison? In Scotland that would get you sectioned under the mental health act 1980 and put into a rubber room. In America that gets you on TV with gullible bastards sending you their pension funds. For the love of god (lol) don’t belittle anyone’s country with that fucking halfwit as Head of State/Government/Armed forces etc. Nero reborn? Be afraid, Be very afraid.

    1. If Incitatus (Caligula’s horse) can be a Roman Consul, anyone can be President. “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” – Sir Winston Churchill

  3. Typical antifa-logic: anything right wingers hate, for example Islam, must therefore be “good”. So let’s repeatedly ignore all the discrimination and persecution that LGBT-folks face in Islamic countries (and Muslim enclaves in the west) and focus on ze eeeevil christians instead, so that nobody can accuse us of being “cultural racists”, right? Haha

    1. I hope that comment is not aimed at me? When I said we’ve got enough nutters in Scotland I meant I don’t want more people stabbing innocents for no bloody reason. And screaming “Allah Akbar”, and threatening to stone women for not dressing in sheets is not a reason . They can stick that reasoning up their hairy backsides. These are the same fuckers throwing little boys off roofs for holding hands. If that’s not the definition of nutter, I don’t know what is? BTW All Religion is a giant bluff. Christianity is no exception. Please tell me your not a Gay Christian? P.S. Regardless of where your economic or cultural outlook/interests lie on the left/right spectrum,, Trump is one hell of a scary guy. He means what he says. Just like a Charlie Chaplin lookalike did 80 years ago, but not half as funny.

          1. BAD Muslims are violent and want to kill us all.
            GOOD Muslims are peaceful, and just want the BAD Muslims to kill us all.

    2. @Fulcher:
      “anything right wingers hate, for example Islam”

      One doesn’t need to be just a “right-winger” to hate islam — just have a minimal amount of reasonable intelligence.

    3. @Julian:
      “So because some Muslims are bad we just assume all 1.5 billion Muslims are gay-hating savages?”

      You seriously need to watch/listen to Sam Harris’ talks and podcasts. You can start with the now infamous argument between him, Bill Maher and Ben Affleck.

      The “moderate” muslim you so much want to idealize is a much smaller number than you seem to understand.

      And start READING what’s in that fucked up qu’ran — and don’t forget the hadiths either.

      And here’s something enlightening: Check out the REAL NUMBERS (percentages) of those who want sharia law in their society.

  4. Julian,

    Yes, you are correct. Like muslims, christians are all a bunch of dangerous fuckers. Nasty bastards who along with muslims and jews want to destroy the whole fucking world. “My imaginary Fairy in the sky is better than yours”. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the great classic film Harvey starring the late great James Stewart? Look it up. That is religion in a nutshell. Just because a fascist has a darker complexion than you doesn’t make him right? I’m nearly albino except the eyes. I have naturally white hair since birth, I’m 29, and really light blue eyes and lilly white skin. By your reckoning if an Appallachian KKK member with brown hair and brown eyes starts talking shite about mud men, I’ve got to nod my head in agreement because he’s darker than me? Same goes for any christian, jew or muslim talking bigoted shite about invisible fairies. I ain’t listening to bullshit that most likely will end life on earth, whatever the colour of the fascist bullshitter.

  5. @fulcher there’s just as many christians who would love to get rid of all gay rights rather today than tomorrow stop kidding yourself. as if you wouldn’t hate muslims or anyone else who is different from you if they’d like gays. must be a harsh world for someone like you who is scared of everything and everyone.

    1. Lane, you are an type of person, who simply doesn’t want to know what’s really going on. Just keep on ignoring anything regarding Muslim mass immigration, if that keeps you happy.

  6. If the entire population of the world were to become atheist, there wouldn’t be any less violence in the world. Most of the areas of the world that are at war or are producing terrorists are areas that either have few resources to go around, a weak government, or both. Religious differences are just a tool being used to rally people together to seize resources and/or power from others.

    Honestly, the people of the middle-east prolly wouldn’t give a flying fig about any country in the west if we hadn’t been so busy using them to fight proxy wars since the end of WWII. For the last 70 years we, along with Russia, have been bombing them, shooting them, invading their countries, and inciting them to attack each other… but they’re the bad, evil, sick ones?

    We got ourselves into this mess and have been reaping what we’ve sown since 9/11, if not before. I don’t have an answer for the problem, but I seriously doubt calling any group every derogatory descriptor one can come up with is anywhere near a step in the right direction.

    1. @Sixle:
      “and inciting them to attack each other… but they’re the bad, evil, sick ones?”
      OH … Spare us your politically correct regressive bullshit. They incite EACH OTHER enough to compensate for anything the West has done “to them”. You OBVIOUSLY don’t have any idea of WHY the sunni and shias are battling themselves, do you? … I mean, REAL FUCKING STUPID REASON, not the bullshit you’ve been reading.

      “I don’t have an answer for the problem,”
      That’s the ONLY thing you said that makes any sense.

    2. I think you’re right to place blame partly outside of those cultures, but everyone is missing the main point.

      It was the British primarily, and then also the French and Russians, who incited violence by unbalancing middle eastern cultures – which they did by encouraging a climate of anti-homosexuality, brought about by a combination of exported Christian ideals (“all homosexuality is a sin”), and feminist ideals (that men must love WOMEN and not BOYS).

      Religions and feminism both gain power from this nexus of male guilt. Take away men’s sexual outlets and they are primed to fight.

  7. Re: islam/muslim talk:

    As many of you as possible should read these 2 books:

    1. Why I Am Not A Muslim by Ibn Warraq — a pseudonym to protect his life [“Ibn” means: “son of” and I’m assuming “Warraq” means “warrior”]. A thick book, but necessary information.

    2. Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry

    Neither of these are “easy reads”, but you should read them anyway to actually LEARN what’s going on with this VIOLENT “religion” … actually, a socio-political ideology.

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