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  1. In all the time I’ve been reading these news articles I have never seen such a negative list. It’s depressing that the world is going down like a brick in water and no one seems to care. :(

    1. “How come homophobic crimes are increasing in Germany?”

      I’m almost ‘shocked’ that you can’t figure that one out. As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8% of the country’s population) … and it’s increased since then. THAT is the primary reason for the homophobia in Germany (as well as the rest of Europe).

      It shouldn’t take much thought to understand that. And it’s only going to get worse BECAUSE of them. The world needs to wake up and realize that it needs to rid itself of islam … and the sooner, the better for everyone.

      1. Have you spent much time in Germany? These attacks and campaigns are being carried out by ultra right wing groups – almost exclusively white supremacists. It’s a big , very visible, and growing problem.

        1. “These attacks and campaigns are being carried out by ultra right wing groups”

          First, muslims ARE “ultra-right wing” by default — if one believes in islamic bullshit, they also believe in the necessary submission that’s required for that socio-political ideology.

          And, NO, it isn’t MOSTLY white supremacists. Some, yes as always, but it’s MOSTLY the muslims and other war victims coming into the country.

          Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control

  2. re: Trump’s team is tied up with anti-gay pseudoscience [and others?]

    Why do you post an article/link that won’t allow us to read for free? I use AdblockPlus for a good reason, and I don’t subscribe to ANY source that BLOCKS me from reading their posts just because I use it.

  3. Unfortunately, you are trading homophobia for Islamophobia in your rhetoric. I don’t know how far you intend the consequences of “rid the world of Islam” to go. This is quite the violent statement that has its roots in colonialism and Western extremism. Genocides, mass murders, and the eradication of cultures is tied up in a rhetoric of “rid the world of.” In short, Islam is not the problem. Like any doctrine–whether it be religious, scientific, philosophical, political, or spiritual–Islam can be appropriated or read in violent ways. If there is ever to be a solution or mode of resistance it surely is not the invention of an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ philosophy: the way you are reading history (violently). Instead, I believe that it is about careful, critical reading of these doctrines.

    1. I’m assuming that this is directed to me.

      “This is quite the violent statement that has its roots in colonialism and Western extremism.”

      Where did I say, “kill people“? I clearly stated, The world needs to wake up and realize that it needs to rid itself of islam, NOT muslims.

      And you’re wrong: islam IS the problem (but certainly not the ONLY one).

      1. All religions are the problem. Singling Islam out is being Islamophobic.

        Mike Pence (VP elect) has a career built on homophobia and he’s a radical Catholic.

        1. “Singling Islam out is being Islamophobic.”

          No it isn’t. It’s just “singling out” one problem. ALL RELIGIONS ARE PROBLEMS, just as you said and I’ve said for years. And you already “know” me and know that I’m against ALL religions. So you’re just demonstrating pure political correctness and being an ass out of yourself with that statement. Just at THIS TIME in history, islam is worse than the others. Make no mistake about it, I’m for eliminating ALL religions.

          Unfortunately, for America to actively attempt to eliminate [any] islam, we also have to confront the obvious gargantuan “elephant in the room” of christianity … and also judaism (but on a much smaller level because its populace is tiny by comparison).

  4. KYRGYZSTAN > …Islam Delenda Est.

    RUSSIA > Relax MPs. Gay “propaganda” won’t make your twinks queer. It might inspire a little horseplay between friends, but that’s it. Until science nails it once and for all, let’s say for the time being that gays are born, not made.

    GERMANY > …Islam Delenda Est.

    TRANSGENDER SUICIDES > When you sense a complete detachment of your body, your genes, and your DNA from your mind, that’s a mental illness if there ever was one. And insisting that society support, underwrite, and accept your condition as normal is a stretch. Reality check – expect casualties. For years and years to come. Sorry.

    SEC’Y OF EDUCATION > Make America Great Again!

    PSEUDOSCIENCE > Drain the Swamp!

    CANADIAN BACKDOORS > Over the years, I’ve gone in the backdoors of a few Canadian boys, but that’s another subject. Whether a neo-con like Bush, or a Bolshevik like Trudeau, every government is going to do all it can to fight Islamic terrorism. If you don’t understand, it’s because you’ve never been really terrorized. As long as jihadists misuse the tools and websites of social media for their murderous ends, expect some oversight.

    NEW U.S. ATT’Y GENERAL > Lock her Up! Lock her Up! Lock her Up!

    CANADIAN PIPELINE > Go Justin! And I hope The Donald orders the completion of our stalled pipeline in North Dakota, and the Keystone Pipeline as well. Drill, baby, drill. Frack, baby, frack. Whatever it takes.

    HANDLING U.S. PROTESTS > Sorry, but play the race card – lose the debate. Stick your phony, exaggerated sensitivity you know where. Both protests, especially arrests, were handled primarily by Obama’s feds. Where’s Custer when we really need him?

    TRUMP & THE ENVIRONMENT > Thank Heavens. Coal, nukes, and pipes. Jobs, jobs, jobs! Kick the climate change hoax to the curb, keep energy affordable. Here’s hoping that Trump can finally drive a stake through the heart of eco-chondria once and for all. Make America Great Again!

    GERMANY (AGAIN) > Like I said about Canadian backdoors, governments will do whatever they can to protect themselves and their people. I know privacy matters to you, but you’re not the one who has to explain to survivors and next-of-kin that if only the government had a little more surveillance capability, not much, just a little more, maybe all these people wouldn’t be dead…

  5. Betsy DeVoss is Mrs. Conman. Richard DeVoss, her husband, is a huge conman. Their company is basically a pyramid scheme selling worthless products. They make their money of of their sales people, not their products. They’ve been shut down over and over and are now just barely legal.

    Betsy’s crazy education ideas have been ruining Michigan’s education system. Anyone can form a privatized school and steal money from the state. Any good privatized schools have been overwhelmed by all the cons.

    This is all part of Trump filling up the Washington swamp.

  6. @Zed, MagicMint, Corba & Fulcher:

    In response to this YouTube post:
    That religion must be either entirely reformed, or just disappear. We need 1.5 BILLION EX-muslims worldwide.

    I wrote this:

    We desperately need a multi-prong strategy to:

    1. Educate the muslim populaces — not just in the middle east and Africa, but also throughout the remaining countries that have any substantial muslim populations (say, 100K at least) that their religion is pure bullshit. This will not be easy to do but imperative.

    2. Somehow use a “force” for this education — NOT necessarily military, but definitely overt and subliminal as well, EXACTLY LIKE the religions do to our populaces to spread their brainwashing; i.e., we need a reverse brainwashing strategy.

    3. Aim for the YOUNG muslims in not just the islam-controlled countries, but also in the Western world as well to those muslims “immigrated and converted.” Religions flood their brainwashing to the very young and confused — we need to aim for the identical populace the absolute DEFAULT concept of atheism — NOT “agnostic.”

    4. We have to address the gargantuan elephant in the room: christianity (and, to a lesser level, judaism [because the jewish populace in the world is by comparison, tiny]). We cannot eliminate islam if we don’t also point the finger of idiocy and bullshit at the christian religious.

    This is just a beginning, but NOW is the time to implement this — before our own religious far-right attempt their own version of a christian theocracy right here on our own soil.

    All of you should read this:
    Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America … by: P. David Gaubatz & Paul Sperry

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