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  1. UK tells nursery workers to turn in “terrorist” toddlers””

    V for Vendetta, 1984, Equilibrium, and so many other “scifi” movies on the same theme never came even close to what is happening with the brits. Even Torchwood’s Children of Earth, where children are sacrificed to aliens is a walk in the park in comparison.

    1. furthermore, following the charlie hebdo attack, there have been demands to “increase security and oversight”. we will never see the end of these new laws, at least not until the term ‘terrorist’ can apply to 99% of the population. just like we are all criminals for downloading music or looking at shirtless teens.

  2. US Movie Distributors – This is anecdotal nonsense. I’ve seen many trailers for the movie that clearly show the gay themes. Hell, there was even a clip of it on the Golden Globes the other day that, again, clearly showed the gay themes. As for the DVD jacket in the article…I thought it was the dream of the gay community to be thought of as just “activists” and not necessarily “gay activisits”. A bit like it marriage is marriage – not “gay marriage” and straight marriage…

  3. Re: “Russia bans transgender people from getting driving license”

    What the headline actually says:

    “Russia says drivers must not have ‘sex disorders”

    Oh my gosh. Does this mean any Russian men that are unable to produce an erection and are incontinent will have their licences revoked? Does this mean most of the old dumb farts in their government will have to hire drivers for their shiny Mercedes? Oh, the shame of it all.

    If Russia truly wants to cut down on all the vehicle accidents they have, ( all one has to do is search YouTube for crazy Russian drivers ) they need to crack down on all the idiots driving there with a belly full of their crappy VODKA.

  4. I would like to add one more:

    Saudi cleric bans making of snowmen

    “But with photos of snowpeople and snow camels popping up everywhere, Munajjid made it clear that Islamic teachings strictly prohibit the practice. Asked whether the unusually snowy winter in Saudi Arabia meant that parents could build snowmen with their children, Munajjid delivered the bad news.

    It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun,” Munajjid wrote on his Web site, according to Reuters. He also pointed out that making images of humans and animals — anything with a “soul” — is strictly off-limits. “God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on,” he added.

    If you think that sounds slightly depressing, you’re not alone.”

    If this won’t make you understand that islam is totally fucked up, what will?

  5. It’s sad that you won’t allow us to comment on the tragedy of Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath. This very much affects the LGBT communities all over the world.

    1. @Penboy

      I’m sincerely hoping you are wrong about what you just said. So, here’s my own take on the Charlie Hebdo magazine. It was a massacre. It was based upon a flawed ideology and a flawed religion lead by flawed men. Nothing in the entire universe could ever support such disgusting act perpetrated on people that believe in a unalienable right, in fact the most basic right, the right to free speech.

      CNN was basically as disgusting as those sadistic killers. It almost(?) blamed Charlie Hebdo for their own demise because of what they published over the years. This is exactly the same thing as to when a woman would report having been raped and the fist question was “what were you wearing?”. CNN made absolute abject fools of themselves saying that the pictures and articles were pornographic. How can I say this? I downloaded last month’s copy of the magazine. In it they had an article about people refusing to give a baby a decent burial because of racism. An other article was about how the government is shafting its people. It also had cartoons about religionS and their abuse of the people. Wow, how obscene.

      Coast to Coast’s George Noory and his guest had the balls to blame Charlie Hebdo for the massacre. A caller sais that Noory and his guest were blaming the victim. So Noory tried to explain what he meant. He only dug himself deeper.

      Penboy is right about how important this massacre is to our community. To deny this is like giving approval for Iran’s hanging of 2 gay youths. It’s denying that islam will kill any gays it can get its slimy hands on. It’s denying that, at least as far as I know, that islam is the only religion that openly endorses murder in the name of some god.


      1. Goodness gracious, Old Dan. You really should consider proof-reading your comments before posting.

        As a Canadian, I couldn’t care less what some dumb American network like CNN was reporting on, and their slant on things. They’re in the business of selling advertising in order to make big American $ dollars $.That is their primary objective.

        You really should stick to the CBC, Global, CTV, or in a pinch, the BBC.

        1. @Daveboy

          Apologies for my being thick but proof reading???

          You are right that CNN isn’t what one could call a reference point when it comes to news but the truth is that it IS considered such. For or NBC? As bad as CNN. BBC? Yeah, in a pinch. CBC, Global or CTV? Um, yeah, why not. In a pinch. I was there when October 70 happened in Quebec. I saw soldiers with guns in the city where I lived. Meanwhile all the news networks were lying to us as to what was really happening. Name your news channel and I’ll name your poison.

      2. @Dan:
        “I’m sincerely hoping you are wrong about what you just said.”

        Sorry about that …. I mis-worded my request. What I meant was/is why joshua didn’t provide a topic and link for at least one of the stories about the attack on Charlie Hebdo so we could comment [normally]. Again, sorry I didn’t make myself more clear.

  6. re: Study: Gay couples have lower divorce rate than straights

    Gay marriage has just barely begun in most areas ….. wait another 10-20 years and then publish another study ….. I’m pretty sure the self-centeredness will surely catch up to the straights.

  7. GAY DIVORCE > It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Fortunately for the divorced of either gender or orientation, there is always the option of remarriage if that’s what you want. Keep on truckin’, press on, regardless.

    RUSSIA > This is just another of Putin’s “Nuremberg laws” designed to subtract GLBTs from Russian society. It’s probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better. if I were a Russian queer, I think I’d leave until Putin is out of office. Hey, Rosetta Stone, what language is on sale?

    TAIWAN > I’m politically incorrect as far as this site goes, but I can’t help feeling that anyone considering sex reassignment needs a shrink more than a surgeon. Sorry ’bout that.

    VIETNAM > Fine. But when a Vietnamese queer marries a North Korean queer in Havana or Peking, call me.

    BRITISH PRIDE FILM > Nonsense.

    UK WHATSAPP BAN > Asymmetrical warfare is still total war. Do it. Whatever it takes to protect the Kingdom and save the Dynasty. Besides, it’s only stupid social media sites. It’s not like they’re messing with gun auctions, Internet porn or anything really important.

    SEXY US COPS > They have a long way to go before they catch up to our teachers. We just had a case here in Tucson where a 16 year old boy was having threesomes with 2 of his female teachers. The press calls him a victim, everybody else says bullshit, he’s a legend. Methinks the cops should do us all a favor and stick to shooting unarmed thugs. Serve and Protect!

    TERROR TIKES > If a little kid wears a towel as a cape and says he’s Superman, fine. If he wraps the towel around his torso and says it’s a bomb vest and he’s a martyr for Allah, time to call Scotland Yard. Not just to save the kid, but to watch his parents. What comes “out of the mouths of babes” could save a lot of lives. Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone…unless they act suspicious.

    NEW CONGRESS > I don’t see, think, or vote, race, gender or religion, I just see people, and I vote ideology. I’m a conservative, white, Catholic, senior citizen male. Can a conservative black, atheist, Buddhist, Wiccan or Jewish female represent me? You bet. And I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. Can a liberal white, Catholic male represent me? Not a chance. Even if he ran unopposed, I’d write myself in before I voted for him. It’s time to move on passed race and gender and anything else that divides us, and as Dr. MLK (a good Republican) said, start judging people on the content of their character. And may I add, their ideological and political reliability.

    SOUTH KOREAN SLAVES > Jesus, Mary & Joseph. This sort of thing seems to crop up all the time. Illegal aliens in sweat shops, Filipino slaves in Saudi Arabia, torture-chamber orphanages run by the Church, blah, blah, blah. The Koreans will eventually solve this. Lawsuits will be pressed, settlements won, and sooner or later, hopefully sooner, this outrage will be history.

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