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  • Trump considers architect of torture program to run CIA
  • Shouts of “white power” at school after Trmp election
  • Author of most racist law in modern US history joins Trump
  • Creationist is Trump’s top pick for Secretary of Education
  • Trump campaign seeds racism at schools study finds

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  1. I am sad for my friends in the USA and the nations it influences right now. The world is heading for an interesting few years, and not in a good way. I see comparisons with the 1930s and the rise of fascism across Europe. As the son of a refugee from Austria in 1939 I am afraid.

  2. Don’t be too sad. It’s unfortunate but it’s the result of the arrogance of the feminist part of the left which was constructed beginning in the 1970s and perfected by the 1990s.

    This whole thing is complex, but a significant cause for this is the anti-male fever of the American left, which says Trump voters are misogynists even though 53% of white women voted for Trump. Many Americans are tired of the climate of identity politics, which the left perfected by simply insulting anyone who did not agree with them. The unfortunate truth is that while the white supremacists on the right are bad apples, the left has its share of bad apples too – namely Lena Dunham and the like.

    I was hoping the death blow to feminism would come from the left rather than the right, because the right might just prolong feminism for another few decades. But if people start ignoring Lena Dunham instead of considering her a hero (for what?), there might in the future be space for a lot more dissenting voices regarding feminism, especially among people on the left. Hopefully the Bernie movement can become moderately anti-feminist, too, and thus take the wind out of the sails of the Trump movement. Because otherwise we’re back in the situation of having born-again Christians in influential positions…

  3. re: Hateful anti-gay messages increase after Trump victory

    “reports of attacks and threats made against [Gays — this article] Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims”

    This is where the left goes berserk with political correctness. Each one in that list cannot change their identity except one: muslims. Therefore I don’t care about any perceived “attacks” against muslims because they can end these “attacks” IMMEDIATELY AT THEIR CHOICE which the others don’t have: stop being muslim, i.e., toss out islam. It’s very easy to do … just start being rational and stop lying to yourself and to others.

    1. Penboy- if someone thought they were making a choice to believe God exists, then they wouldn’t really believe in that god. For those truly religious people, to them they cannot choose who created the universe.

      Funny enough what you just said, is EXACTLY what they would say to you. If you came to them crying about being attacked for being gay they would say “I have no sympathy, you can choose if you let someone fuck you in the ass. This is your fault.”

      Hate is hate. Hate isn’t evil, its just misguided. You all say the same things yet think your perspective is different from “all those people”. Its not. Maybe its because of emotional baggage, maybe its because you haven’t opened up your mind enough to consider outside perspectives. Maybe you just don’t want to admit you are wrong.

      But from an outsiders perspective what you say is the same as the bigots, and the racists. You don’t have to defend yourself to me. What I think of you donut matter. Just stop and truly question yourself once.

  4. ANTI-GAY ACTIVIST > Relax. He’s not a Marxist.
    HATEFUL MESSAGES > The fringe Right sends messages, the fringe Left riots, burns and loots. Relax. This has nothing to do with Trump or anything he ever said, this too will pass.
    MEXICO> Relax. Time is on our side, even in Mexico. Besides, they have a wall to pay for.
    UK FILIBUSTER > Relax. Time is on our side, even in the UK. Besides, they have the Brexit distraction to deal with.
    HOMOPHOBE DEFAMATION> Just because someone calls you a homophobe doesn’t make it so. Opposition to this or that aspect of the LGBT agenda is just that – politics – not homophobia. Until all the shrinks agree on exactly what specific fears make someone phobic about homosexuality, it’s defamation. Relax, and behave yourself.
    ARCHITECT OF TORTURE > Depends on your definition of torture.
    SHOUTS OF WHITE POWER > Again, nothing to do with Trump or anything he said. This too will pass. Relax.
    AUTHOR OF RACIST LAW > Bullshit. SB1070 was not racist at all. It was a legitimate reaction to Obama refusing to protect Arizona and the nation from a criminal invasion. And it successfully motivated over 100,000 illegal aliens to leave Arizona.
    CREATIONIST > Relax. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Says so right there in the book. Besides, the secular humanists have made a colossal mess out of K-12 education. And the Common Core program would have made it even worse. Time for a major overhaul.
    TRUMP CAMPAIGN SEEDS RACISM> Bullshit. Trump had nothing to do with any of this. Blame liberal media spin, and deliberate misrepresentation of what he actually said in his speeches.

    Wow. Just wow. The grapes are sour much. This wigging out of the Left is truly something to behold. .

    1. “Relax. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Says so right there in the book. Besides, the secular humanists have made a colossal mess out of K-12 education. And the Common Core program would have made it even worse. ”

      You just love to show your ignorance, don’t you?

      1. LOL. You’re lucky you’re not a fish – you’re so easy to bait and hook. My dearest, priceless Penboy, you’re as predictable as sunrise. if you didn’t exist we’d have to invent you.

        1. You can try to justify the Republican positions, but we’re not buying it. Republicans are now the party of dirty politics and moral bankruptcy. Ruling from the depths of hell.

        2. horsey:
          “You’re [we’re] lucky you’re [we’re] not a fish”

          I wonder why that is. Why, horsey? Could it be, … say … evolution? … you know, that proven “magical” thing that totally disproves any “god”?

          “you’re so easy to bait and hook.”

          And you STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHY I continue to respond to BULLSHIT like that, do you?

    2. Remember, horsey … it is YOU (and Americans like you) who are the party of:

      1. John McCain (“The economy is just fine” [as the nuclear implosion was just beginning])

      2. A half-dozen doses of the one and only, Sarah Palin (probably the most ignorant VP choice of all time; now on the short list to be, of all things, Secretary of the Interior; who sponsored an aerial wolf killing program)

      3. Donald Trump and his merry band of evangelicals and lobbyists — you know, the SWAMP he said he was going to “drain.”

      The list goes on and on and on ………..

  5. It’s simple. The fault lies with the Democrat leadership. Clinton had too much baggage and was therefore devisive, but they chose to back her rather than Bernie Sanders. He’d have beaten Trump hands down.

  6. The link for the story :
    “Mexico congressional committee nixes same-sex marriage bill” is not available or was taken down, please check. Thanks

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