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  1. re: Stranger Things 12-year-old actor talks sexuality

    Actually, he isn’t, it’s more personality. And even then, he’s spewing out what the director and producer(s) want him to say to get [potential] viewers’ curiosity up.

  2. TAIWAN > Getting with the times.

    SCOTLAND > Baby-steps in the UK.

    NORWAY > Wonderful, what services you can afford, when you’re protected and defended by your superpower buddy across the pond.

    JUDGE > I’m OK with gender-benders using the wrong restroom at their own risk, after all, toilet stalls are relatively private, but I still draw the line at locker rooms, where communal nudity happens, unless the tranny has had the surgery.

    STRANGER THINGS > We live in the Information Age. It’s not surprising lots of kids are informed.

    UK PORN HABITS > Never mind Internet porn habits, “hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.” The real problem is those thousands of unassimilated Muslims. Keep an eye on their habits!

    AT&T > I like Hemisphere. It solves crimes. It fights drugs. FYI – AT&T stock price is about $36.50 (+/-) and that’s cheap for a major corporation – get yourself some shares!

    FACE RECOGNITION DATABASE > So many potential problems with this. Was the lighting right? Backdrop? Composition? I hope they got my good side.

    US STD LEVELS > Little buggers catch little bugs. So, what else is new? Be careful out there.

    KIDS TRIED AS ADULTS > The more, the better. I would like all kids charged with crimes, of every race, to be tried as adults, with their age and mitigating/aggravating factors being considered at sentencing, and only once, only for their first offense. For repeat offenders, throw away the key. I have no patience for crime. A bad kid can do as much damage to lives and property as a bad adult can. And that kind of kid I am happy to throw away and do without. Trillions for prisons – it’s money well spent!

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