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  1. UK VIOLENCE > The Brexit was all about saving Britain for Britons and escaping the demographic dilution and cultural pollution that’s causing such turmoil in the rest of Europe. Too bad Americans are such pussies – we could do with some violent confrontation with criminal illegal aliens and radicalized refugees. Maybe one day … when we’ve all had all we can take. As far as I’m concerned, “humanity” has nothing to do with anatomy and physiology – it rests solely with one’s legality.

    RUSSIAN BAN > It’s Putin’s Russia. So, what else is new? I can’t believe our own dictator – Obama – foolishly surrendered American control of the Internet. I fear this globalism will, one future day, be looked upon with the same horror and disdain as all the other corrupt, murderous and oppressive “__isms” that have come before it.

    TEXAS SUES U.S. > I’m with Texas and the other states on this one – no taxpayer should be obligated to the costs of any purely elective treatment protocols, including any elective surgeries, regardless of their legality.

    FRANCE > What was with the previous requirement for sterilization? That makes no sense to me. What if the tranny comes to its senses and recovers from its delusion?

    ABU DHABI > If you’re a gay Muzzie, and you live in Dhubai, discretion is a necessary fact of life … and death. What was this guy thinking? It can’t happen to me? Islamic fundamentalism is an existential threat to civilization.

    CORPORAL PUNISHMENT > Only 21 states do it? That means 29 have to catch up. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spank the little bastards!

    AMERICAN LIFE EXPECTANCY > A couple extra years is little compensation for having to live in Europe or Canada. Besides, I’m already on borrowed time. I’ll stay here in Arizona, thank you very much.

    MARIJUANA ARRESTS > Arizona and California votes this election on legalizing recreational marijuana, just as Colorado, D.C., and Washington have already done. I’ve never done dope so I couldn’t care less – as a kid my drugs of choice, aside from warm, fresh cum, were gunpowder and the intoxicating aroma of Hoppe’s No.9. Whether we wage a real drug war like Singapore does, or we legalize drugs, I will never support any public funding for treatment of any addiction. That’s a self-inflicted wound – you’re on your own. Don’t bill me.

    GOOGLE > I only use Google as search engine because of the delightful and useful “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Otherwise I have no use for anything else that company offers. And I don’t do FB, Twitter, Grindr, or other social websites. I only ‘text’ a message when the person I’m calling doesn’t answer. And you guessed it – I still use a flip-phone.

    TEEN BABE SUSPENDED FOR BLOWJOB > The school was right to suspend both students. An accusation is just that, and from the Tawana Brawley case, to the McMartin Pre-School hysteria, to the Duke Lacrosse team persecution, and a zillion other sex-abuse frauds, to protect the rights of both accuser and accused, proper procedures have been put in place. Until both sides have been sworn, deposed, and cross-examined, and all the facts are known, I have no opinion on this situation. And neither should anyone else.

    1. “I will never support any public funding for treatment of any addiction. That’s a self-inflicted wound – you’re on your own. Don’t bill me.”

      Except you already are supporting public funding for treatment of addictions — your tax dollars. Don’t bill you? They already have and you’re paying the bill along with all the other taxpayers. Stop pretending you’re on some throne of some kind, you’re paying it as well.

      1. I know all that – what I said is I will never support public funding – not that I’m not paying for it already. “…you’re on your own. Don’t bill me.” is simply a position statement on the issue.

  2. >Homophobic attacks in UK rose 147% since Brexit vote

    You should look at the methodology they used for this. It’s just an unverified self selecting survey with a non-stratified sample and a very small group of participants. It’s not scientifically valid.

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