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  1. re: US Msulims more gay-accepting than Evangelical Christians

    Nice headline and it’s good to finally see some change. But, let’s not lose sight of reality which the article brings to light:

    “A Pew poll from 2013 had the vast majority of Muslims in 36 countries overseas declaring that homosexuality is immoral. When I say “vast majority,” I mean numbers like 90 percent.”

    The number of muslims in America are nothing more than a trickle of the world’s muslim population [According to a 2010 study, islam is approximately 0.9% of the population — i.e., a “drop in the bucket” by comparison]. While a [tiny] bit encouraging, it doesn’t take away the absolute fact that it’s their “religion” (actually, a socio-political ideology) that is still the primary problem. And no “feel-good” poll is about to change that through the foreseeable future.

    This article is trying to be politically correct towards islam and its followers by attempting to make the evangelical christians look “even worse” than them.

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t posted anything about our military removing the ban on transgenders.

    Then there’s this: “John McCain Slams Obama Administration Move to Allow Transgenders in Military”

    McCain said he intends to hold hearings on the Pentagon’s decision: “I will be calling up the chiefs of the services, those men and women in uniform who are the heads of the military, and ask them their views, including the cost of implementing, I’m talking about the fiscal costs, of implementing some of these changes, and we’ll be having hearings,” he vowed.

    How about this, McCain? Hold some hearings on Congress’ refusal to do their jobs — like the Senate’s total refusal to consider Obama’s pick for Supreme Court Justice; how about the total waste of taxpayers’ moneys to have these “reports” on Benghazi and a few other things. How about the fiscal costs of these? Hmmm …. keeping quiet now, you sack of shit?

  3. LGBT PROTECTIONS: > A step backward.
    BOLIVIA: > A step forward.
    CZECH COURT:> Another step forward.
    CANADIAN BUTTFUCKING:> The whole age of consent thing needs rethinking. Kids gonna do what kids gonna do.
    GAY LOVING MUZZIES:> Some evangelicals may disapprove, but the guy shooting you over it is going to be a Mohammedan. The article says American Muslims are less radical than those overseas. That may be, and so what? BAD Muslims are violent and they want to kill us all. GOOD Muslims are peaceful, they just want BAD Muslims to kill us all.
    RYAN BEATTY:> What a hottie! Have fun Ryan, and play safe!
    EU:> Fuck the EU. The Austrian elections were shit-canned – they get to vote again. Methinks some other EU governments are in for an electoral surprise next time around.
    RUSSIAN SURVEILLANCE:> What!? Russians spying on their own citizens? Tell me it ain’t so!
    BRAZIL:> Welcome to the third world. At least the country isn’t suffering under a kakistocracy like the USA is.
    AUSTRALIAN CADETS:> Boys will be boys. It happens everywhere in every military. And well it should. A sprinkling of homosexuality makes for great soldiers.
    BREXIT LAMENT:> And the band of dissed establishment elites plays on. Oh the humanity! Oh the endless spin! Well, get used to it because it’s only the beginning. Besides, Europe, now you get to keep all the Muslims. Congratulations. It’s not ‘Xenophobia’ when they really ARE barbarians.
    UK SCIENCE:> Even more petulant spin. Get over it Europe! Britain is free!
    EDITORIAL:> Instead of harping on how the Brits were duped into voting to ‘leave,’ the EU and its lackeys need to work on why it’s all their fault. Who’s nutty idea was it to import millions of Muslims, none of whom can be vetted for peaceful intent, and none of whom have even the slightest interest in assimilation? As if unemployment, balkanizing multi-culturalism, terrorism, and the drain on education and entitlements in Europe wasn’t already a problem? The EU overstepped its bounds. Instead of just creating a working common market for goods and services, it became a vehicle for the cultural Marxism of Europe’s totalitarian-progressive establishment-elites. That compromised the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, and in a righteous fit of patriotic nativism, Brexit! And if the EU doesn’t reform itself, other nations will exit as well.

    1. “AUSTRALIAN CADETS:> Boys will be boys. It happens everywhere in every military. And well it should.”

      It wasn’t hijinks between people with equal levels of power it was systematic abuse. People died.

      1. @Joe:
        Nearly everyone who reads horseys’ posts — whenever he excuses using the “Boys will be boys” refrain, what he really means is, Republicans, rednecks & religious will be, well, … Republicans, rednecks & religious … so don’t try to educate me or change my mind. You know, the “three R’s” of their childhood.

      2. JOE: Sir Winston Churchill wrote of such stuff in the Royal Navy going on for centuries, starting with the cabin boys. It has been noted that, Islam notwithstanding, the ships of the Saudi navy are essentially floating bathhouses. When Achilles, Alexander The Great and Julius Caesar chose their lovers, “equal levels of power” never entered their minds. Some of history’s most renowned warriors – the Afghans of the Khyber Pass, the Sacred Band of Thebes, the Spartan Hoplites, were all ‘initiated’ by their seniors. In today’s mindset, yeah, what happened in Australia is unacceptable, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been an unspoken, yet intrinsic part of military bonding in many parts of the world for thousands of years.

        1. @Horselips

          “Going on for centuries”

          Is that an excuse? If so we might as well bring back burning at the stake and the Inquisition. Those also have been going on for centuries. :-|

          1. Old Dan:
            “Going on for centuries”

            You might need to excuse horsey, as he still listens to his mass in Latin, and saves Friday for fish.

          2. OLD DAN: Notice that I said in my post, “in today’s mindset, yeah, what happened in Australia is unacceptable.” As for the Inquisition, it’s gone through a couple of name changes but it’s still around. It became the ‘Holy Office,’ and is now styled the ‘Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith.,’ headquartered in Rome. Nowadays, they settle disputes over Scriptural interpretation and traditions. But, if we ever get around to persecuting heretics again, watch out for the Franciscan Friars – they were the fiercest of the Inqusiting orders.
            PENBOY: Beef! It’s what’s for dinner! Even on Fridays. I’m not much of a seafood eater except for shellfish and the breaded cod or whitefish filets they serve everywhere for all-you-can-eat fish fries. (Kappy’s Bar and Jeff’s Pub do a great job with that.) Fun fact: I’ve never eaten sushi. I’ve seen it a zillion times in supermarkets and restaurants, but for what it costs I can usually get a big ol’ rib eye , porterhouse steak, or hunk of prime rib, and the beef wins every time.

    1. @Gotham
      ❦That boy was just too freakin adorable at that age but singing wasn’t exactly his forte at that point!😍

  4. @horsey:
    “but for what [sushi] costs I can usually get a big ol’ rib eye , porterhouse steak, or hunk of prime rib, and the beef wins every time.

    How would you know since you’ve never tried it? Or do you rely on your priest to “inform” you of what you should experience for yourself? I’m not saying you MUST try this, but don’t criticize it so much if you have never/don’t intend to try it.

    And, when (IF) you ever try it and decide to graduate, then as a suggestion, try a few slices of tuna shasimi — prepared properly, of course (and there are literally hundreds of very good looking Japanese men who would love to help you experience their cuisine.)

    “I’m not much of a seafood eater except for shellfish and the breaded cod or whitefish filets they serve everywhere for all-you-can-eat fish fries.”

    Of course, it’s YOUR palette, but you’re missing out on some very delicious (and very good for you as well) fish by not even trying something that hasn’t been killed on your Arizona ranch. And you’ve never even had trout? But, salmon, Chilean bass, swordfish and many other white and “red” fish are just waiting for you to remove your six-shooters for a decent meal.

    1. What I meant was when given a choice between a steak or sushi, the beef gets chosen every time. That’s not a criticism of sushi. However, I’m pretty sure that if my Inquisiting priests and I broke a dozen heretics on the wheel, they’d confess to liking beef too. Just a thought.

      And the reason I stick to shellfish and breaded whitefish is because I have tried, trout, and red snapper and salmon and dolphin, etc. and they just don’t appeal to me. Needless to say, as all seafood aficionados and gourmets would admit under hypnosis, it’s really all about the tartar sauce. Oh – I should add that I do love tuna salad, but not tuna steaks.

      Another Fun Fact: While I’m an avid shooter and bona-fide gun nut, saving up as we speak for yet another big bad black rifle, I am not a hunter, and have never hunted. In fact, I have never fired at any living thing, plant or animal. I have tasted venison, elk, moose, buffalo, ostrich, duck, dove, quail and javelina, and I just don’t like them, Any of them. I also don’t like mutton. Naturally, as a Gentleman of property, I have never eaten a rodent or other small forest creature like a rabbit, possum, or squirrel, or any of the assorted reptiles like snake, frog or alligator, and I avoid the processed giblets often consumed by the loathsome French. I have read that there is a growing interest in eating insects and bugs, even grinding them into a flour. I’ll pass, thank you very much. I am too conditioned to beef, pork, turkey and chicken.

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