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Queer News

  • Faroe Islands votes in favour of same-sex marriage, mostly
  • Australian PM commits to marriage equality public vote
  • Only Canadian clinic providing surgery to trans people set on fire
  • Ukrainian neo-Nazis threaten ‘bloodbath’ over pride parade
  • A kiss can see trans people branded as sex criminals in UK

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  1. FAROE ISLANDS & AUSTRALIA :> Let freedom ring!
    CANADIAN CLINIC FIRE:> Call the insurance company, and put up some damn cameras you morons.
    UKRANIAN NEO-NAZIS:> National Socialists have been persecuting gays from the beginning – starting with eating their own S.A. Brown Shirts in 1934. Nothing new here.
    UK SEX LAWS:> Girls will be boys and boys will be girls…it’s a mixed up muddled up, shook-up world…except for Lola… Note to trannies – honesty is the best policy, and no, nobody wants to hear your side of it. Until the law is reformed, just tell the truth, up front, and you won’t get busted.
    AUSTERITY POLICIES:> Damn socialists are all alike. When you’ve already run out of all your own peoples’ money, whataya gonna do? Spend other peoples’ too? Not a chance. Austerity is richly deserved. Live with it, or go full-retard capitalist and start generating some wealth, instead of just consuming it. Greece, for example, needs to worry less about inequality and entitlements, and get busy becoming the Hong Kong of the Med so it can pay its bills. Don’t get me started on Venezuela.
    ARCHDIOCESE OF NYC:> What did you expect? Viva il Papa.
    PORN IS MY ENEMY?:> Wait! Porn is my friend. Everything I really need to know in life I learned from porn. Sheesh. And what’s wrong with beating my dick like it owes me money? Hey Utah, MYOB. Thanks.
    MASTURBATION IS HEALTHY:> No matter what you do, birth is fatal. I will die with one really big arm.
    SAN FRAN SURVEILLANCE:> Legally there is virtually no ‘expectation of privacy’ when in public, so STFU. Besides, you talk too much anyway. Give it a rest.

    1. SAN FRAN SURVEILLANCE> There’s a reason I fill my phone with the most disturbing pictures I can find…. if the government wants to be nosy, I’m gonna do my damnedest to traumatize them.

      1. “I’m gonna do my damnedest to traumatize them.”

        After all the wars we’ve been in/started? What trauma?

        Or do you mean seeing pictures of naked, bone-skinny or stomach bloated children because the families don’t have enough means to clothe and feed them properly?

        1. I meant rainbows, unicorns, kittens, Care Bears, and a picture of Jeh Johnson in drag.

          You gotta know your audience, people that start wars for a living aren’t going to be disturbed by starving children.

  2. Only Canadian clinic providing surgery to trans people set on fire

    And to think I thought my country was more open minded. But then again, this could be the case of just a few bigoted haters. :(

    1. Post
  3. re: Only Canadian clinic providing surgery to trans people set on fire
    re: A kiss can see trans people branded as sex criminals in UK

    And it’s America that gets branded for being so regressive all over the Internet.

    I’d say we seem to be getting a bit more progressive election by election.

    1. There’s a pretty good chance that will change come November…. an election shouldn’t be choosing the least smelly of two turds, damn-it.

      1. “an election shouldn’t be choosing the least smelly of two turds, damn-it.”

        I understand that statement, but, really, even though Clinton is far from “perfect”, she’s still not as bad as all the Republicans — Trump and all those religious idiots he handedly defeated.

        1. Not as bad, for pushing in ‘three strikes and your out’? For loading up our jails with sex offenders. For abandoning traditional left wing principles in not opposing conservative law-and-order approaches? She is basically a republican.

          1. @Wordworth:

            Everything you posted was Bill acquiescing to the Republicans and religious right — NOT Hillary. Besides, those were in the 90s, not today. Like many politicians, they’ve changed their attitudes — yes, like All politicians.

            I’m not trying to say that I agree with everything Hillary did/does/said/says, but as with Obama, she’s “evolved”.

            Don’t get me wrong — I’m a Bernie supporter and hope he takes CA — there’s still a path, even though it’s probably unlikely.

            And this applies to Sixle as well (to save from replying to both).

        2. That’s like saying arsenic is not as deadly as cyanide. It may or may not be true, but you’re screwed no matter which you get.

  4. The Catholic Church very well *should* oppose the erasure of statutes of limitation. Statutes of limitation have a very good reason for existing. Making an ‘ex post facto’ change is really legal quicksand. But more than that, in none of these cases were any sexual contacts massively destructive. Psychological harm has no link to having any kind of sexual experience as a minor with an adult. It has strong links to other things, including family environment and genetics. This attack on the Catholic Church is really a tactic of the feminist war on men.

  5. Faroe Islands, good for them, and about time.

    Australia wants to put marriage equality to a plebiscite? How about their government get off their wimpy asses and LEGISLATE this into law like Canada did. Everyone knows the majority of Australians are for it. Google Paul Martin’s speech on same sex marriage. He succinctly explains why a popular vote on the rights of minorities are always a bad idea. What a waste of five hundred million dollars. I’m tired of sounding like a broken record!

    Canadian clinic set on fire was most likely a hate crime, but good luck finding the perpetrator and proving that. Especially in Quebec.

    Ukrainian neo-Nazis threaten a bloodbath at a gay pride parade, nothing shocking here. Ukraine is still living in the dark ages, along with Russia and several other ex-Soviet countries. You can thank the Catholic Church’s brainwashings for all the hatred towards LGBT people.

    A kiss can get trans people branded as sex criminals? Ha, this from the country that produced the excellent award-winning movie “The Crying Game” way back in ’92? Brits need to revisit their past and re-watch it. All is fair in love and war.

    Austerity policies do more harm than good, well only time will tell who’s right about that. Trudeau’s ‘go crazy and spend ourselves out of recession’ policies vs. Merkel’s austerity stances certainly highlights the divisiveness between world leaders at the moment. In the meantime, we got what we voted for: Huge tax and fee hikes (which in turn is leading to higher prices and inflation) and a big Liberal government.

    NY church spent $2 million to block changes to statutes of limitation laws? I’m not surprised in the least. What do you expect from a criminal organization who’s spent the past thousand years or so brainwashing and controlling people and suppressing their freedoms and rights?

    Pornography is the new public health crisis eh? Wow, methinks ol’ Gary is having a bit of a guilt trip! It’s common knowledge privileged rich and powerful men engage in ( and get away with ) secret trysts and practices at far greater rates than your average middle class guy. If you want to watch naughty stuff and play with your wiener, I say go for it! Ha.

    Masturbation is healthy? Yeah, I didn’t need to read an article to know that. It’s a great stress reliever and contributes to feelings of self fulfillment. Religious views on masturbation has finally been revealed to be a public health hazard.

    Hidden surveillance microphones all over San Francisco? Jeez, they finally added audio to all the public cameras? Well it’s about time. First they installed fuzzy cameras which were so bad they couldn’t positively identify anyone, to cameras that were actually useful. Hopefully they added HD resolution when they added the audio. Lolol!

    1. “Hopefully they added HD resolution when they added the audio. Lolol!”

      Of course …. all those city workers (read: supervisors+) now have 25+” 16:9 monitors for their latest epic viewing!

      “Masturbation is healthy? Yeah, I didn’t need to read an article to know that.”

      Exactly … in fact, Masturbation is necessary. Necessary to relieve any future nocturnal emissions, keeping the brain functioning properly and more.

      “Religious views on masturbation has finally been revealed to be a public health hazard.”

      Every part of religion are health hazards, both physically and mentally.

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