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  1. NO GAY THURSDAY > Haters gonna hate. Prosecutors gonna prosecute. These three guys are toast, and when they’re convicted, here comes the civil suits by every boy they victimized over the years, and then the suits against the school district for being clueless … ka ching!

    CANADIAN GAY BASHING > It can happen anywhere, including the USA. If you haven’t gotten your CCW permit, get it now. If you live a state with “Constitutional Carry,” start carrying tomorrow. Be careful out there.

    RED CHINESE CENSORSHIP > Kinda funny how theocratic, orthodox, and dogmatic an officially atheist country can be. Their ‘fundies’ are worse than ours.

    WHEN IN ROME > …adopt like the Romans do. Europe continues its long, slow creep towards civilization. Watch out for eventual backlash from those hundreds of thousands of Moslem ‘refugees.’

    SWISS WATCHING > Europe continues its long, slow creep towards civilization. Fortunately, Switzerland isn’t a member of the EU, so few if any of those Mohammedan ‘refugees’ will be coming there. Not to worry anyway – the Swiss citizenry is armed with real assault weapons – the fully automatic kind – the kind I wish we Americans could own.

    TURKISH PRESS > An Islamist government takes over a criticizing newspaper? I’m shocked – SHOCKED! Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is spinning in his grave.

    RUSSIAN ORTHODOXY > The Russian government, headed by an ex-KGB officer named V. Putin, persecutes its citizens? I’m shocked – SHOCKED!

    FRENCH DECRYPTION > After the Paris massacre, I’m not surprised by this at all. Every government everywhere is doing something like it. To make matters worse, hundreds of thousands of new Syrian-Iraqi ‘refugees’ are swarming through the country.

    BRITISH DECRYPTION > The British are just as skittish as the French right now, and Her Majesty’s Government will leave no stone unturned to protect the Crown from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    OLIVER ON ABORTION > Sorry girls, I’m pro-life. Whatever inconvenience a mother goes through trying to get an abortion is nothing like the inconvenience a baby goes through when she gets it. Consider this – if homosexuality is really nature and not a choice, when medical researchers finally find and isolate the ‘gay gene,’ guess what happens to the poor fetus that has it. Maybe not now, and maybe not in the next 10 years, but sooner or later, abortion on demand will mean the end of gay people. You heard it here first.

    OLIVER ON VOTING > Louisiana Gov. Earl K. Long: “When I die, I want to be buried in St. Martin’s Parish so I can remain politically active.” Not just in Louisiana, the “cemetery vote” has long been a fixture keeping the Chicago Democratic machine in power. Voter fraud is how JFK won the presidency, and how the Democrats stole the governor’s race in Washington in 2004. Google “voter fraud” and be prepared for a long night of scary reading – such as counties turning in more ballots than they have residents, and so forth. Democrats persist in the urban legend that it’s not a real problem, but we know better. Voter fraud is a deliberate tactic of the Democratic Party – why else did Obama order including illegal aliens in the 2010 census, counting them as if they were citizens, except to skew Congressional redistricting. Why else require no proof of citizenship except to allow felons and foreigners to register to vote? Sorry Oliver, I support requiring serious ID to vote.

    1. “Their [RED CHINESE] ‘fundies’ are worse than ours.”

      Not really. It’s just that ours can’t get away with even half the idiocies they try to implement. We will call them out on all their religious stupidities … including voting them out (eventually).

      “the kind I wish we Americans could own.”

      Just who or what is it your “need” to hunt with these automatic weapons — squirrels?

      “Whatever inconvenience a mother goes through trying to get an abortion is nothing like the inconvenience a baby goes through when she gets it.”

      Give us a fucking break. [And when will your anti-choice lawyers start the lawsuits with these “babies” as clients?] The problem with your “reasoning” is that you all insist ” a human” begin with erection.

      “abortion on demand will mean the end of gay people. You heard it here first.”

      What we “hear” first is just your babbling religious bullshit.

      “Voter fraud is how JFK won the presidency,”

      Provide LINKS or that’s just a LIE.

      “Voter fraud is a deliberate tactic of the Democratic Party”

      No, you have that reversed. It’s the Republicans that use that tactic.
      Again, another LIE (or LINKS?).

      “Sorry Oliver, I support requiring serious ID to vote.”

      And yet, Republicans ignored all of that for the elections of:

      1. Richard Nixon
      2. Gerald Ford [back-to-back]
      3. Ronald Reagan [who ushered in the religious right]
      4. George HW Bush [AGAIN, back-to-back]
      5. George W Bush

      So, where was your “outrage” of voter fraud for those? Especially since the absolutely worst FRAUD was for GW Bush — a literal coup d’etat handed by the highest court and arguably most powerful branch of our government?

      Where was the outrage for these “Democratic” voter frauds that exceeded the Republicans? Where?

      1. Quote: “Just who or what is it your “need” to hunt with these automatic weapons — squirrels?”

        My dear Penboy, I am not a hunter. Never have been. In fact, I have never fired a single round at any living thing – plant or animal. I don’t oppose hunting, as a conservationist I support it wholeheartedly. My only problem with it is I can’t stand the taste of game animals. I have tried, venison (deer meat), elk, moose, duck, dove, javelin, buffalo, even ostrich, and I find them all far less appealing than the domesticated standards – cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lamb. I haven’t had the chance to eat reptiles yet – frogs, snakes, lizards and alligator, and that’s fine with me. As for eating dogs, I consider that borderline cannibalism. Regarding squirrels, rabbits, prairie dogs, possum, and other rodents, forget it. I am, after all, a Gentleman, and such fare is inappropriate for my status.

    2. RUSSIAN ORTHODOXY > The Russian government, headed by an ex-KGB officer named V. Putin, persecutes its citizens? I’m shocked – SHOCKED!

      Put your “shocked” in your some hole. That guy get his year in prison not for denying existence of god. He is long time talking about anti-Semitism and abuse more people, as gays as well.
      Journalists so journalists!

  2. Boy raped with broom in ‘No Gay Thursday’ attack at US school:

    What kind of school allows their students to advocate a ‘No Gay’ day? That in itself is extremely homophobic and unbelievably hateful. Three 17 year old football players holding down a 14 year old boy and raping him with a broomstick and there’s no criminal sexual assault charges laid? What does that say about their attitudes? I can well imagine things would have been a hell of a lot different if those thugs did the same thing to a 14 year old girl.

    Straight man attacked for ‘looking pretty gay’ in Canada:

    Inasmuch as I like to think most people here are tolerant and nice, we certainly do have our fair share of homophobic assholes, just like everywhere else. People here tend to be polite and act politically correct most of the time, but that’s not always how they REALLY feel.

    China’s censors bans depictions of gay people on television:

    Wow, what a surprise… NOT! What do you expect from a suppressive communist government? Just because they’re atheists doesn’t mean they’re not hypocrites.

    Court in Rome, Italy recognizes same-sex couple adoption:

    This surprised me, considering they’re still behind the times in not recognizing same sex marriages and unions. Thanks to hundreds of years of brainwashing by the Catholic Church, Italy continues to struggle to move forward.

    Switzerland narrowly rejects block of same-sex marriage

    Good news. Trying to pass a law that purported to be about eliminating an unfair tax situation that really was a disguised attempt at changing their constitution, a slim majority saw through their deceit. It’s a small step forward towards legalizing same sex marriage, and they still have a long way to go.

    Turkey’s biggest newspaper gets taken over by regime:

    The claim this was a legal move and not politically motivated is pure B.S. Every country in the world deserves to have unbiased news that attempts to tell the truth as accurately as possible.
    “Turkey’s Zaman vows to continue as opposition newspaper in German exile”:

    Russian faces year in prison for denying existence of god:

    Oh my goodness, they’ve charged this guy with “offending believers’ feelings”, which actually has been criminalized there. Short memories they have, considering their history of atheistic laws, and the reasons for why they came to be. What a bunch of dumb lunatics.

    French bill would force companies to decrypt data for police:

    Hmm… Does this mean they’re going to try and extradite and prosecute Apple execs from the USA when they fail to unlock iPhones for them?

    UK law requires WhatsApp, iMessage to break encryption:

    Anyone who thinks the UK government won’t be using this to spy on people for any nefarious reason they can cook up, is naive. We continue to move towards Nineteen Eighty Four.

    Worth watching: John Oliver about abortion and US voting:

    Amusing video for sure, but I don’t get all the controversy surrounding this in the USA. Maybe increased monitoring by the OSCE would help?

    In order to vote here, everyone needs to produce some sort of ID. Before elections, there are volunteer groups who will help out disadvantaged people get the requirements they need in order to vote, whether that be obtaining proper ID, providing transportation to voting stations, etc.

    If you purposely choose not to obtain proper ID that proves you are who you say you are, and purposely put yourself at a disadvantage to your fellow citizens, and then complain about not being able to vote, you’re an idiot.

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