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  1. Considering South Dakota’s anti-trans restroom bill: There needs to be a USA-wide law mandating that all public places (and also all schools and churches and whatnot) MUST have a readily accessible unisex restroom, and it cannot be a mere broom closet, it must be something of similar size to any other restroom facilities there. I.e. it MUST have multiple stalls. This needs to be absolutely mandatory.

    1. “There needs to be a USA-wide law mandating that all public places (and also all schools and churches and whatnot) MUST have a readily accessible unisex restroom, and it cannot be a mere broom closet”

      Good luck getting any of that as a law that churches must obey. They would rather burn down their own buildings than give in to any gay law on their property.

    2. A public building I frequent has 5 floors, each floor has one single occupant male and female restroom. Why not just two single occupancy toilets?

      At nudist resorts I’ve run into separate male and female restrooms. At one place the outside of the building had open air showers, one had male the other female written on the wall. I had asked if the labeling was for the restrooms inside or the showers themselves. I was told that technically they had to provide separate facilities, which included the showers but since there was no division between the showers they really didn’t care. I once encountered a woman cleaning the sink in the “mens” room. She asked if I wanted her to leave. I told her it didn’t matter to me, it was a nudist resort and I was nude in and outside the restroom. So she continued cleaning while I used the urinal (it had the privacy walls anyway).

  2. Horrific anti-gay bills advance in Georgia and Virginia

    This is just another in a long list of incredibly desperate attempts to “save” their religions (in America, that means christianity, in all its disgusting flavors).

    Just since June 27, 2015 (the day after same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 States), there have been dozens of bills like this one and over a dozen new movies/TV shows released to convince America that “god”/religion is “the truth” and is “necessary” and is “going extinct” [if only that last one were true]. The most recent movie, Risen is being touted all over the Internet as the next, best “documentary” about the “resurrection of j.c.”. That shows just how gullible and quite stupid they are now.

    We will be seeing a lot more of these legislations and more movies/TV shows (especially on cable) representing their even more desperate attempts to keep religion from dying. But, they keep underestimating their best foe: the Internet.

    This is why we need and most probably will get another Democrat this year as President. And, as a side note, the wonderful death of Scalia (I’ve already tipped a few drinks in celebration) will help immeasurably for this because the Republicans are just too stupid to understand the majority of America is more moderate and sensible than what they think.

  3. Hi All

    After the passage of gay marriage in the States our LGBTQI community wondered what’s next?

    While going to the bathroom is not appetizing (for most of us) human biology is basic. One of the main stream media comments was something like “Do your want a 13 year old girl exposed to male genital-a?” Why should we not know what naked folks look like? I know rape is a big issue but why do we make such a big deal about who goes where?

    I am a big Si-Fi fan and like the future proposed by J. Michael Straczynski in his 5 year running TV show, ‘Babylon 5.’ This portrays a unisex locker room and an interview with Mr. Straczynkis he says “body parts are body parts.” The show is set in an envisioned 2250-2264. In the US you can rent it from Netflix (just know it is like one later episode in the locker room and it is not sexy at all). But if you like Si-Fi it makes Star Wars look pail (to me).

    Point being it is years in the future before we have safe unisex bathrooms when most all folks are are just ok with their and other’s bodies.

  4. SOUTH DAKOTA > The elimination of bodily wastes is a physical thing, not a mental one. Unless you’re ‘mental.’ Your gender identity confusion is your problem, nobody else’s, so deal with it, on your own, thank you very much. Your physicality is what it is, use the room specified for your particular plumbing and STFU. You do not want to be the guy who thinks he’s a babe using the restroom my daughter happens to be in. Even if you win (I’m an old man), you’ll wish it never happened.

    GEORGIA & VIRGINIA > Relax, these bills either (1) won’t become law, or (2) won’t survive judicial review.

    SWITZERLAND > The Swiss are good bankers, they make great watches, fantastic firearms, and superb ammunition, but, unfortunately, sometimes lousy laws. But, because their rifles are so good, I will overlook their domestic legal entanglements.

    IT GETS BETTER > Long before teenage homosexuals ‘came out’ there was bullying and discrimination. Fat kids, racially or ethnically different kids, handicapped kids, nerdy kids, lousy dressers, socially awkward kids, athletically challenged kids, smart or dumb kids, all got their share of grief, and yeah, finally, if you were thought of as queer, you were hassled as well. The Animal Kingdom is notorious for not settling for anything but the best – only the biggest, strongest, handsomest, fastest, and best smelling get to mate, all others are rejected. People are part of the Animal Kingdom. Instincts matter. But we don’t have to be animals about it. It gets better as you get older because the finer points of maturity generally come with advancing age. Kids are young, we call them minors for a reason, and we don’t let them do a lot of things precisely for that reason. Youthful behavior is still somewhat instinctive, and that’s why it’s a good idea to be discreet about your differences until learned behavior overcomes instinct, and the times and places are more accommodating. Just common sense.

    QUEERS & PEDOS > Another case of over-sensitivity, which just makes us all look like hysterical little nellies. Just mentioning homosexuals and pedophiles in the same sentence isn’t comparing them. Besides, the bill failed, so who cares what Fast thinks. And stop picking on pedophiles. Without molesters, some poor kids wouldn’t get any sex until Junior High.

    HACKING INMATE/ATTORNEY CALLS > This is far more sensational than disconcerting. Welcome to the Information Age. Everyone from government to advertisers is collecting metadata on everybody else, but in truth, very, very little of the collected info is ever actually misused.

    DESTROYING POLICE RECORDS > Human resource records are always private or destroyed. Just try getting a previous employer to give a full accounting of an applicant’s work record. Won’t happen. The real problem here is the existence of police and other public employee unions, which should all be abolished or at least decertified.

    VOTER FRAUD > Quote: “When I die, I want to be buried in St. Martin Parish so I can remain politically active.” -Louisiana Gov. Earl K. Long . The Democratic machine in Chicago has long relied on the ‘cemetery vote’ to stay in power. Voter fraud is a reality, and despite libtard protestations that it is rare and inconsequential, it’s how JFK became President, and Christine Gregoire became governor of Washington. The stunning reality is that voter fraud is real and sadly, more extensive than law-enforcement’s ability to prove in court. From suddenly ‘found’ ballots, to ‘machine errors,’ to ‘hanging chads,’ to ACORN’s multiple registrations to confessions from illegal aliens, fraud is really everywhere, and an impartial reading of Google search results will scare the hell out of you. Voter ID laws prevent nobody from voting. They only obligate citizens to perform a very little but necessary due diligence in obtaining proper ID, and prevent foreigners from corrupting our elections – all in every voter’s enlightened self- interest. Birth certificates for everybody (but Obama) are available from the County you were born in, it’s a simple matter to obtain a driver’s license or state ID card. The excuses used in opposition to strong voter ID laws are all bogus.

    TEENAGER’S PENIS > Well, dammit, where’s the pic? This boy is probably a super-hottie and I want to see his dick! How was this boy ‘blackmailed’ when he obviously willingly exposed his aroused self to be photographed? But…but…but…but nothing. Judge: “Case dismissed. Moral of the story, keep it in your pants boy, unless you intend to use it. And, uh, (wink), nice cock you have there!”

    TODAY’S KIDS VS. YESTERDAY’S > What bullshit. Yeah, today’s kids spend less time watching TV because they spend every waking hour on their smart phones and computers. They have fewer babies than my generation did because they have millions of abortions. Etc., Etc., Etc. One thing is for sure, as a retired restaurateur who has hired and trained and worked with many hundreds of kids and young adults over the last 40 years, today’s kids are far less literate and have a far weaker work ethic than their recent ancestors. Their comprehension of the indispensable concepts of protecting their employer’s investment and maximizing his profitability is nonexistent. Many try to bring a ton of personal or social baggage to the job requiring the fool who hires them to make all sorts of ‘reasonable’ accommodations. Very few will ever develop a useful killer instinct, fewer still will ever be sharks. Too bad that so many will grow up to be poor, dependent, employees instead of independent entrepreneurs.

  5. South Dakota passes anti-trans student restroom bill – Talk about going out of their way to discriminate against trans people, even though no one in their state appears to have made this an issue in the past. Senator Greenfield said, “Do you feel it appropriate for a 13-year-old girl to be exposed to the anatomy of a boy?” What the hell does this idiot think goes on inside of school washrooms? Kids wandering around butt naked, flashing their genitalia at each other? This guy is scary and has issues.

    Horrific anti-gay bills advance in Georgia and Virginia – Just goes to prove how damaging it is to have fanatical religious people in a so-called secular government. They’ll do anything to force their idiotic fairy tale based values on everyone. They want special rights because of their religious beliefs? Does this mean the Muslims in their communities can also get protection for their religious beliefs and enact their Sharia laws? What idiots.

    Swiss Christians try to ban gay marriage by stealth – They’re at it again, or should I say still. The very name of ‘The Christian Democratic People’s Party’ says it all. Surely the Swiss will come to realize a political party shouldn’t be based on religion.

    It gets better for queer kids in US schools… sometimes – Much more needs to be done to stop bullying, and not just in schools.

    US politician compares queer people to paedophiles – What an idiot. He wants to make sure LGBT people don’t get any ‘special rights’. What about his agenda to give special rights to religious bigots? Oh, and by the way, religious beliefs are a choice, as opposed to sexual orientation, which cannot be changed.

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