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  1. News station fakes “Kill a Cop” protest? They are a Fox affiliate station so why are we surprised. They always have faux news stories.

    1. The video with the “until killer cops are in a cell block” chant has been removed. Only the Fox News version is in the article now.

    2. Fox affiliates and Network owned local stations are a mixed bag really. WBFF, the station in question, has always been really bad. I remember a few years back they put a huge banner on the top of their website urging people to sign a anti-gay petition to force our marriage equality law to referendum. Meanwhile, next-door in DC the network owned Fox5 had been pretty decent in the way of conducting responsible journalism and not pushing opinions much. It really depends on the station/locale/and how much pushback they receive from station staff.

  2. They aren’t really relaxing the blood program. Now they’re saying – if you’re gay and not having sex with anyone, then you can give. Fuck them.

  3. re: Gay marriage support reaches 35% in South Korea

    I was reading this and then spotted this link:

    Our (American and other countries as well) religious right continue to spout off their incredible stupidity. With what Pat Robertson says about gays and reproducing, I wonder just when they (the religious) will die out just because of their stupidity?

    What’s so funny about this article begs the most simple question to him: Just how does he think gays come to be in the first place? Oh, yeah, that’s right ……. ‘You have to have heterosexual sex to “create’ the gays in the first place.’

    And this idiot actually was a candidate for U.S. Presidency …… astonishing, isn’t it?

    1. @Penboy

      The religious will never die because it’s actually a choice for them. They have chosen the easy path, the one needing to have no questions to be asked. Remember Bill Nye debating Ken Ham? Ham said that absolutely nothing would change his mind when it comes to truth. 6000 years ago is when creation happened and that’s final… for for him and for them.

      American news station faked a “kill a cop” protest

      For people saying it’s a “FOX” thing? Congratulations. You just have been taken again. Name the news network, paper or electronic. They all have participated in the game of lying to people over and over again. Time to wake up kids.

      1. @Dan:
        “Remember Bill Nye debating Ken Ham? Ham said that absolutely nothing would change his mind when it comes to truth.”

        Yes, I watched the entire debate quite recently. One of the first things that struck me while watching Ham was his “need” to invent new “sciences” that fit his agenda. He constantly referred to “historical” science (which, of course for him, is only the bible) and “observational” science — which Mr. Nye properly corrected was just science — there is no “historical” science — that’s what geology, botany and biology are for.

  4. POLAND > Two steps forward, one step back. Win a country, lose a country…cheer up…time is on the side of freedom.

    BLOOD DONATION > It isn’t about the donors, it’s about the recipients-their physical health and psychological peace of mind. The last thing anybody undergoing a blood transfusion needs is the added anxiety of political correctness.

    SOUTH KOREA > Like I said, time is on the side of freedom. I wonder how North Korea feels about gay marriage?

    RUSSIAN VIOLENCE > Putin is ex-KGB. His Russia is violent domestically and internationally. He will never forgive the West for destroying, dismantling and dismembering the USSR, and he will stop at nothing to reconstitute it. He has formally declared his hostility to everything western, including our evolving concepts of personal and sexual freedom. The irony is this communist borderline dictator has inadvertently adopted the mindset of his Tsarist predecessors, the motto of the Romanov Dynasty was “Autocracy-Orthodoxy-Nationality.” The more things change, the more they stay the same…

    INDIA > Looks good at first, but is it all just cover to avoid the obvious and real solution of tolerance and acceptance. Putting these people on the dole will help pay the bills, but it will also further ostracize them, making them even more ‘untouchable.’

    BRITISH PORN FILTER > You can’t tell free people what to do, so stop trying! I don’t mind a porn filter being available, or even making it the default setting, as long as I get to opt out. Hell hath no fury like a kid deprived of his porn.

    BAD NEWS > I first heard of this mistake on Fox News, which soundly criticized its affiliate. Every Sunday, Fox News has a press-watch show that sifts through the previous week finding and exposing stuff like this. You’d be surprised how many important stories are ignored or misreported or biased.

    US UNEQUAL > So what? If you want to make more money, do what the people who make more money do. That’s what I did. After managing other people’s restaurants for 20 years, I opened three of my own. America isn’t about equality of outcomes, it’s about equality of opportunity and letting the chips fall where they may. Seriously, why should the upper class care about people so spiritually, intellectually and emotionally dead that their only ambition in life is to be an employee?
    OK, so I care anyway. I always paid my people more than the going wage – as a result I was never short of help and enjoyed a turnover rate les than half the industry average. At one of my locations, after 3 years of operation, I still had 90% of my opening crew.
    One solution to the ‘problem’ of inequality is to reconstitute strong unions. But not the way unions are today – which have run off two-thirds of their membership. Unions should be modeled after their ancestral guilds, which protected the art and science of their craft and not the worker who degraded it. A union that guaranteed its workers’ reliability, quality and value would be attractive to industries. Unions that focus on ‘the contract’ and protecting drunks, addicts and flakes have fallen into decay. When unions learn to shake the hand that feeds them, instead of biting it, the middle class will grow, good workers will enjoy the lifestyle they deserve, and poor workers will get their just deserts. TANSTAAFL.

    FACEBOOK > How many times I have I told you to stay away from social media…

    CIA > Flush the Geneva Conventions. We should treat our adversaries exactly as they treat us, no better, no worse. There is no substitute for victory. We should never be at a strategic or tactical disadvantage because of our unilateral adherence to arbitrary, contrived and totally unrequited rules of engagement. When confronting socialism, Islamo-fascism, or any other evil, the end justifies the means. Two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a ‘right,’ unless one side wins, and then, for them, all is forgiven. Sorry, but that’s how history gets done.

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