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  1. re: Homophobes often have (other) psychological issues

    I’m surprised this article didn’t offer probably the most critical reasoning for homophobia: the “trifecta” of parents, school teachers and same-age “peers” and their influence on each child (or not if one does not become homophobic through their childhood).

    I believe these three are the primary sources of anyone being homophobic to the extent that some are like the obvious religious sources. Religion is also a major reason, but I feel that it (as a direct source) is more secondary to what a child believes in because of his parents, school teachers and their surrounding “peers” in school and other social sources — their houses, malls, etc.). A child is surrounded by his parents, teachers and “peers” more often than just religion alone which is (generally) only about one day per week (unless, of course, they are raised by fundamentalists/evangelicals).

    1. When you isolate boys from girls they get less homophobic. That certainly seems to mean something about what causes homophobia.

      1. “When you isolate boys from girls they get less homophobic.”

        That can only be true if the environment isn’t overtly religious or the individual boy has a strong enough personality to overcome any “guilt” imposed on them. Believe me (I’ve experienced this in a religious boarding school and it was all same-sex [boys, obviously]), just because it’s “same-sex,” that doesn’t guarantee less homophobia when many are [forced] to [feel]/be guilty if they even think of same-sex experimentation [“schooling”]. Unless you’ve been to a religious school, you have no idea of the level of guilt they can impose on boys — especially those who are incredibly passive when the environment is total [mental] abuse.

      2. @Wordworth

        From what part of the galaxy do you come from??? I can tell you for a fact that when I used to go to primary school, we had 4 schools on the same block. Two for primary, one for boys, one for girls, and two for secondary, one for boys, one for girls. All of those severely homophobic.

    2. @Penboy

      Or raised in a catholic environment. Funny thing is the using the word fundamentalist as a standard of “extremism”. I’d rather say look to the preachers and priests and religious leaders if you want to find fundamentalism and not the people themselves whom for the most part only want to be left in peace and leave others in peace.

  2. Not to sound like an ass, but you can be shocked at both Australia and the united States. The proper response to misconduct is shock, and it seems appropriate in both cases, the fact or assumption that one misconduct is greater than the other doesn’t make the others misconduct better, only makes it look better, a fallacious illusion.

  3. Homophobes often have (other) psychological issues:

    Looks to me that it was a very limited study, and not really of much merit, or interest.

    Germany expands gay rights, refuses equal marriage:

    Time for Germany to catch up to other countries, and do the right thing.

    US report calls for end to gay ‘conversion therapy’:

    This is albeit dated, but still good news.

    Yet another US teenage trans boy commits suicide:

    Another tragedy. Hopefully we can all do better in the future to prevent young people, as well as people of every age from taking their lives. Unfortunately there are some people who will always succeed at suicide, despite receiving the best in support and help. It’s Sad.

    Switzerland might block gay marriage by public vote:

    WTH, Switzerland. This seems wonky to me as I really don’t understand what their intent was to unfairly overtax married couples in the first place. They’re trying to solve one inequity while purposely trying to create another inequity at the same time. Sounds very backward to me how they go about their legislation.

    Canada’s new government gets very diverse cabinet:

    While I have absolutely no argument with including women and people of minorities in government cabinet posts, I am dismayed to see Trudeau has decided to do it using a quota system, strictly based on political agenda. I’d much prefer the cabinet posts were designated to those with the best abilities to fill their jobs, and not just because of who they are or represent in society. Time will tell if he’s made the best selections, or if he’s put in place individuals that are poor at, or even incapable of performing their new roles.

  4. I forgot to add another dimension to this concept of “homosexuals” or “homosexuality” and that is simply the definition of those words (concepts).

    homo ٠ sexual

    Homo is Latin for human and NOT “male” and/or “female”.
    As in, homo ٠ sapiens [wise human]

    To be “afraid (and/or ‘hate’)” of homosexuals by its true definition is to be “afraid (and/or ‘hate’)” of humans and therefore, their sexuality.

    We need another word for male-male sexuality and/or female-female sexuality (and no, I don’t mean “queer” or “faggot” or similar).

    1. @ Penboy: The term is correct and needs no replacement.

      From Wiki:
      Homo (disambiguation)
      ὅμο-, Greek prefix meaning “the same”, opposite of “hetero-” (Greek ἕτερο- )

      The term homosexual is derived from the above, meaning ‘same’ (sexual) or of same sex preference or activity.

          1. Or, you’re confusing the Greek definition with the Latin one.

            That’s the dilemma, isn’t it? Was it taken from the Greek or Latin?

            Since homo sapeins is Latin, I’d suspect that homosexual was taken from the Latin meaning of “human”.

        1. There is no need for intellectual speculation here. Homosexual is a recent word, and as such its etymology is perfectly well established. If you can’t trust educated men here, look at any encyclopedia or dictionary.

          Btw, homo/hetero is a standard pair of prefixes used in science, while latin word “homo” is not a prefix at all.

  5. PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES > Since they can’t really define ‘normal’ I guess we’re all a little nuts. That said, it would seem to follow that holding any utterly irrational hatred or phobia indicates some degree of paranoia. Except when it comes to Muslims and Democrats. Fear and loathing of them is just one’s instinct for self-preservation kicking in.

    GERMANY > Think the Germans are behind now, wait until the horde of Syrians and other Middle Eastern Muslims Chancellor Merkel has a wet pussy for get citizenship and political influence. The EU is really in for it, if it survives at all. Suffice it to say that if the Hapsburgs, Hohenzollerns, Romanovs, Bourbons, Savoys, Bernadottes, and Windsors were still running things, none of this nonsense would be happening. Yeah, I’m a closet-case monarchist at heart.

    END CONVERSION THERAPY > If it’s chosen voluntarily by a consenting adult, spending his own time and money, M.Y.O.B. But it should never be inflicted on a minor. Quackery.

    TRANS SUICIDE > Reality check: If you think you’re the opposite gender, the problem is between your ears, not your legs. You need a whole panel of shrinks, not a surgeon. Poor Emmett. If he was ‘treated’ in the usual way, he was probably subjected to hormone blockers and other ugly drugs – is it any wonder he did what he did? I consider gender reassignment in the same category as gay conversion therapy – quackery. What is unreported is the high level of trans-regret. Lots of victims of this bogus protocol wish they’d never done it and want it reversed. The only reason the LGB community stands with the Ts is political – they want any deviation from the majority to be considered nature not nurture, physical not mental, and thus legitimate. I sympathize with the motive.

    SWISS PLEBISCITE > It’s an internal matter, in a free country. Besides, we’ll probably win this one. The Swiss are reasonable people. I’ve owned their rifles, watches and fountain pens. Love ’em all.

    FRENCH COURT > It’s an internal matter, in a free country. However, I don’t see what’s in it for someone to be gender neutral, as if that was really possible. Methinks it’s just legal quackery trying to keep up with medical quackery. I love being a guy.

    AMERICAN MASS SHOOTINGS > What goes unreported in almost every case, certainly more than 97%, is the fact that the shooter was a mental case on powerful psychotropic drugs. Aside from that inconvenient truth, the issue of gun rights/gun control is far too complex to go into here. Coincidentally, I just bought a new AR15 – won it on a auction for the amazing low price of $436. It’s awesome – an ATI MilSport Maxx, aluminum Upper and Lower, complete with an adjustable Rogers Super Stoc, 1 in 7″ twist melonite coated barrel, free floating quad-rail forearm, ambidextrous sling plate, railed flat top receiver, forward assist, shell deflector and dust cover, but just one 30 round mag (so I bought 4 more, and ordered a 100 round double drum). I accessorized it with a sling, 1x-6x Illuminated mil-radian reticle scope, a CQB quad-reticle red dot sight, and a vertical fore grip with built in 180 lumen tactical/strobe light. Cool enough to give Obama and Bloomberg palpitations. And yes, I do what my voices tell me.

    AUSTRALIA > Somebody in that government has way too much time on their hands.

    UK’S PORN FILTERS > Aw c’mon, everything I really need to know in life I learned from porn. Give the kids a break. Worry instead about your growing population of unassimilated Muslims.

    CANADIAN DIVERSITY > It’s an internal matter, in a free country.

  6. “Or, you’re confusing the Greek definition with the Latin one.

    That’s the dilemma, isn’t it? Was it taken from the Greek or Latin?

    Since homo sapeins is Latin, I’d suspect that homosexual was taken from the Latin meaning of “human”.

    @ Penboy:
    Who cares who came up with the prefix ‘homo’ first? The Greeks speaking ancient Latin or ancient Greek? From what I’ve read, it came into use around the same time in history in both languages. It has two different meanings in the English language, from two different origins, just as hundreds of other words have differing contexts or meanings. Are you going to question the word ‘homogenized’ next? According to you, we go to the store and buy HUMANized milk?

    1. “According to you, we go to the store and buy HUMANized milk?”

      Wouldn’t “HUMANized milk” be just the fresh but filtered [finely strained to filter out the “parts of the cow and surrounding barn” that’s not necessary] milk directly from the teat and maybe just cooled for taste?

      I milked cows during my stay at a boarding school in Texas and the very best milk ever was just “strained” then put in a reliable cooler at least overnight and then the next morning, scraping away the cream and drinking a cup or glass of whole milk so cold that it created the tiniest slivers of ice in it. That’s milk that’s “good for the body.”


    2. “Who cares who came up with the prefix ‘homo’ first? The Greeks speaking ancient Latin or ancient Greek?”

      Interesting that you (and others) didn’t even think of why I brought that up in the first place.

      ALL scientific (specifically, biological) names are in Latin. And homo is the biological genus that all of us are “in.” And, since the “genus” is a reference in biology (and therefore, scientific), and in Latin, it stands to reason that sexuality and its nomenclature is also in Latin. Greek doesn’t name anything (that we, educated) that we use in Biology [direct reference to the sexuality of animals — humans].


      1. ~shakes head~
        Good grief guy, you’d argue black is white, trying to prove your incorrect point.
        I, and also Thomas (above) have more than clearly explained the reasons why. If you cannot believe what multiple dictionaries and other sources of reference on the word, then I feel sorry for you. It must hurt a lot to be constantly banging your head against a rock trying to prove something that isn’t so.

  7. Yet another US teenage trans boy commits suicide

    If I go by the article itself, he’s basically to blame for what happened. Too sensitive, too messed up and so on. What I don’t like is how little they have to say about the three other transgenders. Maybe that would have helped us understand more?

    1. “It’s the fourth such suicide in San Diego County since March.”

      I know this idea is “out there”, but I’m curious if the Producers and Writers of The Fosters TV show will be attuned to picking this morsel up and possibly highlight this issue in their show since they are supposedly “ground breakers” with social issues: 1) foster care … 2) young gay teens … and 3) transgenders.

      One of the main characters (Jude) was initially written to be a transgender, then that fell through and he just became a young gay teen. And the setting of this show is in San Diego.

      So, who knows? Anybody listening?

  8. An additional political post:

    This is just the latest bullshit we, Americans, are having to put up with on a daily basis in this country. We don’t even have a government to stop this asininity. Nor do we have a responsible media (with very few exceptions) to call out this divisiveness.

    And we have BY SILENCE ALLOWED this idiotic “religious test” for public office even though it’s explicitly illegal by our Federal Constitution (which overrides any State Constitution).

    When will this stop?

    1. Good old Excited States of America, the land of the supposedly free. Thanks for giving me a chuckle to accompany my morning coffee. :) Penboy, take heart to know nut cases exist in every other country in the world. Goodness knows we have our fair share as well. The difference here is 99% of the population, including the media ignore them.

  9. @Penboy

    Roots= Kevin Swanson. People like him scare the hell out of me because he has followers that are even more insane than he is.

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