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  1. IRELAND > Time is on our side. Big step forward, and since the country is predominantly Roman Catholic, we can credit fundamentalist Christianity for this success. (Can’t you just see Penboy’s head exploding!)

    JAPAN > In the land of martial arts, you’d think queer teens would get with the program and learn to protect themselves. Bullies are the same the world over – they’re essentially sick cowards, and getting their asses kicked by queers is an effective cure.

    GERMANY > Well DUH – just look at the photo with the article. Rainbow flags and a foreign flag (Spain) draped over the balcony railings. I would imagine you don’t see Jews hanging Israeli flags on their balconies. In your face anything is obnoxious and annoying. If this is how gays in Germany behave, I’ll take a Jewish neighbor too.

    TRANS MURDERS > They’re all black or Latina. But the article is conveniently short of inconvenient truth, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to read between the lines. Newsflash – blacks are killing each other by the thousands, have been for years and it’s not surprising that black trannies are among the dead. The article did note that one of the two featured murders was definitely not a hate crime.

    RENT BOY RAID > What? The cops raided a prostitution ring and busted the pimps? Who’da thunk it. Took ’em long enough. I guess the street walkers kept the vice squad too busy until now. Oh well, as long as they leave Craig’s List alone, I’m good.

    KIDS WALKOUT > Sorry that Lila identifies as a girl, but she’s not a girl, her emotional dysfunction notwithstanding, and her feelings are no more important or valid than any other kid’s feelings are, and if 150 kids don’t want a swinging dick in the girls’ locker room, then Lila should be tolerant and understanding and compassionate enough to not offend, and use the restroom designed for the plumbing she really has. I have no problem with transgendered people who have had all the surgeries for a complete sex change using the bathroom appropriate to their new bodies.

    UK COURT COSTS > Who’s kidding who here? All the people mentioned in the articles were thieves. Guilty as charged! Newsflash – don’t commit crimes, and you don’t owe the courts a penny. Imagine that. It’s not a perfect world, and no justice system always gets it right. I’m sure that every now and then an innocent person is compelled to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, Sorry ’bout that. There’s very little that can be done that doesn’t pass the high cost of court on to somebody else.

    US CLUSTER BOMBS > I don’t care how many we sell as long as we keep enough on hand for our own use if the need arises. I don’t want us to run short. I am haunted by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s quip that “you have to go to war with the army you have, not with the army you might want…” I believe cluster munitions should only be exported when out own armories are bursting at the seams with them.

    SEX ABUSE SCANDAL > Between Internet porn and the NBC Dateline setups, the ergot was in the rye. Unreasonable panics are responsible for lots of funky things happening – the commodities and stock markets live and breathe on the guesses, fears and insecurity of investors. Little wonder that for 20 years or so society saw a pedophile behind every tree, in every alley, and in every chat room. What made these folks think I could be in 3 places at once? Oh well.

    SCHOOL DISCIPLINE > Black students get handcuffs, White students get drugs. Asian students just behave themselves, get neither, and do fine. What a concept. I wonder who’s really worse off – if you research the guys who do the mass shootings, they’re almost all on lawfully prescribed psychotropic medicines. Same with most suicides. And the killers and suicides are almost all white. Maybe we should just arrest all misbehaving students, flush the Ritalin and other drugs down the toilet, and while we’re at it, toss the shrinks in jail too. Couldn’t hurt. Might save lots of lives.

    SWEDEN’S DIRTY BOOKS > Works for me.

    1. ❦Quite salty as usual Mr.Horselips, you do love stirring it up!

        1. @Horselips

          So true. In all honesty, I like my cancer a lot more than I do you. :|

          1. WOW. Most of the ladies are gorgeous. For what it’s worth, they were just as hot as guys. Oh well, I wouldn’t mind taking any of them to the annual NRA convention.

            The video implies these folks have gone all the way with their transformation, so no problem with them using the girl’s bathroom or locker room.

            But the question is begged, having enjoyed the favors of my share of girls and women and really, really liked it, I wonder, if you cut off a guy’s dick, unwind and unwrap it, and spread it out, and then through the magic of surgical origami, refold it into a pussy, and sew back into his groin, is it going to feel quite as good as the O.E.M. version? I guess I’ll just have to get lucky to find out.

  2. “What fuelled the child sex abuse scandal that never was?”

    The book in question has only half of the background info needed to understand why the day care abuse cases happened. The author blames conservative backlash against the sexual revolution and against feminism. This former is only a minor ingredient and the latter is completely off. Unfortunately views like this are seen here, on Milkboys, too. Feminism of the 1970s was actually part of a backlash against the sexual revolution, in which feminists were often aligned with conservatism. But women entering the workforce in record numbers was a key factor in day care abuse scandals. Women felt guilty for leaving their children with someone else, and what better way to resolve that. But also the key is that Gloria Steinem and other women were major players in day care scandals. Also, because of the supposed Satanic angle, conservatives could get on board, whereas conservatives usually don’t care about sex between men and girls (it’s in the bible!), but they care about sex between men and boys because that’s homosexual. Conservatives may have done some heavy hitting in abuse cases, but it was feminism which did it in an organized way, planned in advance by N.O.W., and carried out over many years. In order to make change, we need to properly understand the problem first, and this book is stuck in the 1970s.

  3. re: What fuelled the child sex abuse scandal that never was?

    This comment is referring to the one trial I am familiar with:

    This was nothing but incredible accusations of an average American family from shocking allegations of child abuse and satanic rituals. After seven years and $16 million taxpayer Dollars, this trial ended with the dismissal of all charges.

    There was a good movie about this, Indictment: The McMartin Trial starring James Woods (I’ve always liked him). It was pretty good.

    John J. O’Connor, writing for The New York Times: “This is a portrait of mass hysteria, fueled by panic-stricken parents, overzealous prosecutors, irresponsible talk shows and an out-of-control tabloid press … Is Indictment balanced? Is it fair to the other side? No. As Mr. [Abby] Mann puts it, ‘What other side?’ Watch it and shudder.” []

    Also writing for The New York Times, Seth Mydans said:
    “The film makes no pretense at objectivity: There are good guys in the McMartin saga, and there are very, very bad guys…” He adds, “Nor does the film try to examine difficult issues. It is a drama not so much about the painful process of assessing children’s stories of abuse or about the fear and guilt their parents feel but about the destructiveness of a system run amok.

    1. “fueled by panic-stricken parents, overzealous prosecutors, irresponsible talk shows and an out-of-control tabloid press”
      This doesn’t say much about what fuelled it. The panic stricken parents were the mothers… because there were more mothers in the workforce for the first time than ever before. And, because Gloria Steinem said of a particular day care abuse case, “it might be Satanic.” That got the right wing to stand with her on these cases. That’s how you build a coalition.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t include a post about that dipshit Kentucky clerk who LIED and refused to issue same-sex (actually, all — just to mask her hate of gays) marriage licenses and was thrown in jail (for 6 days) and now is out of jail, “ready and willing” to continue receiving her $80,000/yr pay NOT doing her JOB of issuing licenses — all for the sake of “religious freedom.”

    Gotta hand it to those stupid religious in government positions — they really know how to “earn” their good pay without doing any work.

    1. @Penboy

      That video just played on CNN. It was about that bitch who believe her invisible friend should deny anyone but the holies access to a normal life with normal rights, not more, just the same rights. Don Lemon was the interviewer and his guest was as anal as that bitch. I have to admit to being stunned he didn’t tell his guest to simply shut the fuck up if he couldn’t engage in a proper discussion.

      Don wanted to show how bigotry works. Just be selective with the verses you need to destroy someone. Because god says so. The guest wasn’t pleased, at, all.

      Oh!!! Don’t forget Huckabee riding the religious gravy train.

      1. @Dan,

        Thank you for that link/video. It’s one of the more memorable scenes of The West Wing. Martin Sheen did a great job of portraying the President (and a rather devout catholic one, as well).

        As for that religious idiot, well, she’s back to her $80,000/yr job and probably won’t be docked for the last 2.5 months she hasn’t done her job. And in January, that red-necked KY legislature will probably find a way so she can keep that cushy job (and money) and not have her name on the licenses (she’s not wedding anyone, remember) and everything will be peachy-keen for her.

  5. @Horselips

    I will admit to my having been cold with my reply to you but then I do have problems with some of your opinions. See? It’s your coldness and don’t give a fuck attitude about what others are going through that I have more than second thoughts about when I read some of your replies. If a boy feels deep within himself he’s a girl so be it. He feels awkward going to the boys room? Then let him go to the girls room. If I go by what I see in your replies you feel that that boy would go on a rampage in the girls room. Look, he’s a girl! Be open minded. Even boys can sit down to have a pee in case you didn’t know.

    Basically, you are the most trans unfriendly guy I’ve ever seen. Well, besides the bigots that will use any excuse to bash us. If it was only me thinking so I would simply shut up but I remember other members being not only disgusted but actually hurt by how easily you can brush off transgenders. Some even said they were going away because they felt they couldn’t find the support that this board is supposed to offer.

    I suspect that you got an idea of how angry I am by the way I replied in my above comment to you. Should I say I regret being so cold? Should I lie?

    1. Relax. Be as cold as you want. That’s what freedom of speech is all about. That’s why political correctness, and its ruthless effort to control the debate by controlling the vocabulary must be resisted every time, everywhere. As an American, I truly believe the only appropriate response to an opinion or position I find wrong, offensive, or even gross, was strangely enough, coined by an English writer, Evelyn Hall:

      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (which is often misattributed to Voltaire).

      It’s not that I don’t give a fuck about trannies. I just give a fuck about everybody else they demand accommodation from. If a boy feels deep within himself he is a girl, he doesn’t need drugs and surgery, he needs a shrink, maybe two or three shrinks. And if, after all that, he’s still a girl, then fine, go under the knife and become a girl. Put up or shut up. The article was not about using the girl’s restroom, where toilet stalls with walls and doors insure privacy and secrecy. It was about using the girl’s locker room. People get naked together and take group showers in locker rooms. No, Lila isn’t going to go on a full-retard rampage. We both know that. But Lila is going to be uncomfortable, or make others uncomfortable, no matter which locker room he/she uses. Lila needs to think of everybody else for once, and put aside his own selfish wants. Lila’s challenge isn’t physical, like being in a wheelchair, his accommodation isn’t a simple matter of adding a ramp to the intersection. Accommodating him involves stripping away everybody else’s gender privacy, and that’s going way, way too far. Boys can see boys, and girls can see girls, and that’s it.

      It’s not bigotry or intolerance (labeling is a classic political correctness tactic). I am not trans unfriendly. A person who has undergone the full monty and has had a complete sex reassignment is welcome to use the newly applicable facilities. But until then, you’re not trans at all, you’re just a mental case with mixed feelings. You might get away with sneaking into the girl’s restroom, but sorry, that doesn’t get you a pass to the girl’s locker room.

      So, Old Dan, get angry. Get red-faced-foaming-at-the-mouth angry. Like the old bumper sticker said, “If you’re not mad as hell, you’re not paying attention.” That’s the beauty of Milkboys. Josh allows us to be strong, and free, and unafraid, and politically incorrect. We’re not forced to appease any agenda, or appeal to the lowest, weakest, most sensitive common denominator. Politically and socially, LGBTs are as diverse as heteros. Being gay isn’t for wimps.Queers do stuff with each other that straights couldn’t handle. Outside the bedroom, no matter how understanding society in general becomes, it will never be completely safe, and sooner or later, from somebody, you’re in for it and you’re gonna get it. Be strong, be careful, be ready. Believe me, I wish it weren’t so.

      1. @Horselips

        “”If a boy feels deep within himself he is a girl, he doesn’t need drugs and surgery, he needs a shrink, maybe two or three shrinks.””

        But isn’t that the same thing that was said about “gay”? After all, how could a 6 year old understand he’s gay? Right? He must be mental, right? You simply deny a human being’s ability to understand who or what he is. He is or she is what YOU think he is and be damned the universe. Sorry but it isn’t quite that simple.

        1. NO, it is not the same thing that was said about “gay.” If you pull Lila’s pants down, you’ll see a penis and a scrotum. Physically, genetically, his DNA, everything says ‘male.’ The one and only place he’s not is in his head. So, by process of elimination, that’s where the problem is.

          Unlike anatomy and physiology, sexuality is a very complex thing – and it’s anything but simple. People experience stages and phases, as the attraction pendulum swings from youthful homo-erotic hero worship to arrow-straight hetero and everything in between, and back again, and forth again. Can a 6 year old understand he’s queer? Maybe at 6 he is. Or thinks he is. Then puberty hits…you get the idea.

          1. I would say you’re confusing gender identity with sexual orientation. Even the biological research shows us that there is an association with brain structure differences in the trans population, for instance trans men seem to have more male brain structure before they transition. This doesn’t necessarily happen on the same timeframe as sexual development.

          2. >>>NO, it is not the same thing that was said about “gay.” If you pull Lila’s pants down, you’ll see a penis and a scrotum. Physically, genetically, his DNA, everything says ‘male.’ <<<

            Actually No! ;)

            Though your premise is commonly accepted, there is actually a continuum of sexual differentiation that science has demonstrated for quite some time.

            The science journal Nature has a pretty good overview that I highly recommend everyone read:


            "When genetics is taken into consideration, the boundary between the sexes becomes even blurrier. Scientists have identified many of the genes involved in the main forms of DSD, and have uncovered variations in these genes that have subtle effects on a person's anatomical or physiological sex. What's more, new technologies in DNA sequencing and cell biology are revealing that almost everyone is, to varying degrees, a patchwork of genetically distinct cells, some with a sex that might not match that of the rest of their body."

            TL;DR we're not robots.

            We're not the product of some biological settings file. That's not how it works. It's a very complex, deeply nuanced set of steps that lead to who we are starting with conception.

  6. a prostitution ring? That’s even dumber than calling LinkedIn a recruiting firm.

  7. @Horsey

    You know what? I just don’t have the fight in me as I usually do. So, all I can say is that you simply just don’t get it.

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