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  1. “”CNN thinks dildo flag at pride parade is from ISIS”” And this is how the LGBT community brought down ISIS!!!

    “”British schools use spyware to monitor kids’ ideology”” Nothing new since it’s happening in the U.S. also. Famous court cases where lawsuits were won by parents of kids having fallen victim of being spied IN their own bedrooms by supposedly anti theft software. Anyway, this is where a country has sunk so far below even what 1984 was warning us of.

    “”Bisexual teen commits suicide after years of severe bullying”” And they still keep dying.

    1. With all the hashish from Lebanon, and the free Viagra available, what’s a gay ISIS boy supposed to do with all his free time? You know, in between blowing up stuff and cutting people’s heads off.

      Well, I’m sure some of them are in need of a good butt-plug.

  2. I am actually really pissed off. you guys fucking ragged on U.S.A from day 1 of this blog cause we didnt have gay marriage. now we do and not even a fucking peep from. yeah safe space bullshit.

    1. I was about to say essentially the same thing. A landmark SCOTUS case provides equal protection under the law to all US Citizens regardless of gender in regards to marriage and the benefits gained therein, and all I see are ways in which the world is continually bad.

      I’m not suggesting that one of these stories is replaced by the SCOTUS decision, but would it have killed us to see one positive post?

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    3. @Me

      Five out of nine people in black moomoo voted for gay right. Disgusting. It should have been nine out of nine. Then there are the usual full of bullshit religious righteousness going rabidly vocal against the bad bad homo. You want a safe place? Star by being honest at to what is happening in YOUR country. Many are promising to disregard that law of the land and also have sworn to get that law overturned. Wake the fuck up. The rainbow is still very pale indeed. YOUR country still refuses to go forward when it comes to equality, no matter if it’s about race or sexual identity.

  3. If Father Frankie is right, does that mean all the tattooed boiz are condemned to the fiery pit of eternal damnation too ?

  4. this post convinced me that you’re being very selective and focusing on negative stuff in your political posts. i mean come on! where’s the BIG news? gay marriage is now legal in all states, don’t you think that deserves a mention?

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  5. AUSTRIA > One step back. Relax, time is on our side.

    QUEER PRIDE IN KIEV > Idiots! Of all the stupid things to do in the middle of a war…The marchers and the thugs both need to enlist, right now, today, in the Ukrainian armed forces and fight to put down the eastern rebels and resist the Russians. They’ve already lost the Crimea. If Vladimir Putin wins and the rest of Ukraine is reincorporated into Russia, those gays can kiss their parade, and their asses, good-bye.

    ROMAN RALLY > See AUSTRIA above.

    PAPAL ENCYCLICAL > Long Live Our Holy Father Pope Francis, Vicar Of Christ, Servant Of The Servants Of God. That said, although His Holiness and I parted ideological company several issues ago, he’s right on this one. if you sense gender dysphoria, and you feel you’re in the wrong body, the problem isn’t your body, it’s your feelings – it’s mental. Go get your head shrunk. Hey Bruce, even if they cut your willy off, unwind and unravel it, and refold it into a taco and sew it back in, you’re still not a Caitlyn. Restrooms should all be labeled chromosomally, either “XX” or “XY” and you use whichever you are, with no consideration given to surgical quackery and gender politics.

    GERMAN BROTHERS MARRYING > So what? The incidence of birth defects among the children of married brothers is very rare. Incest is the game the whole family can play! Party on, dudes.

    TEEN SUICIDE > A coupla weeks ago we read about a gay Valedictorian giving a banned speech at graduation and getting rave reviews. In some schools, gay boyfriends attend the proms and it’s all OK. Some schools have Gay-Str8 Alliance clubs and they all get along. And then we have this kid bullied into suicide. Of course there are others. Whence comes this insane dichotomy? The article didn’t mention a suicide note, it could have been anything, or a lot of things. We’ll never know for sure. Bottom Line : If you’re queer, seriously observe and evaluate the environment you’re living and schooling in. Take stock of your fellow students. And behave accordingly. I know it’s not right and it’s not fair, but adolescence doesn’t last forever and you’ll have the rest of your life to find and express yourself. And work to change things for the next generation.

    UK & US SPYING > It took conservatives like Rand Paul to handcuff the NSA into several shades of gray, but I’m not sure I’m happy about it. I want the Feds to know where the bad guys are before they can kill us. Britain, and indeed Europe, is in deep kimchi. Millions and millions of thoroughly unassimilated, radicalized Mohammedans are overrunning the place. There are parts of Paris where the police dare not go. Sharia courts function alongside secular courts in parts of Germany. Crime in Sweden is out of control. It’s not much better anywhere else. And most of the people are disarmed and can’t defend themselves. Her Majesty’s government will do whatever it must to protect the kingdom and the dynasty.

    CNN > Kiddin’ me? Nobody watches CNN (or MSNBC) except the people working there, and their moms. Is it any wonder that Fox News owns the cable news biz? Nope.

    BRITS SPYING ON KIDS > Sad fact: Kids can be radicalized and grow up to be terrorists. It is the duty of British parents and schools to see that their children’s loyalty and affection is directed towards the Crown, not the caliphate. Thanks, government, for your help.

    ANTI-MUSLIM BIGOTRY > Utter bullshit on too many levels to bother with here. But seriously, what do you expect from CNN and the NY Times? FYI – if your neighborhood mosque ever catches fire, run fast and far, before the secondary explosions flatten the whole block.

    EQUAL PAY > One thing I gotta say for Scott Walker, even in a deep blue ultra liberal state like Wisconsin, he beats Democrats every time he runs. He also just signed legislation eliminating the waiting period for gun purchases. So far, he’s my guy. I can’t wait to see the polls 3 months after he formally declares. Who knows, maybe he’ll still be my guy, or maybe he’ll talk himself into a bottomless pit. We’ll see. I love politics.

    COPYRIGHT MONOPOLY LIE > The argument about spreading culture is meaningless to me – holding a copyright (I have one on a book, and another in the works) is about ownership and intellectual property rights. Your cultural needs are not my concern.

    1. Well, there some chromosomal males who have working female parts because their bodies didn’t get prenatal testosterone, so I think your restroom idea won’t work. And if a guy is born with ovaries and lives as a male for a long time, eventually he’s probably going to want to live as a woman. Maybe if we had a third gender role line the ancients did, people who have other options besides reassignment surgery, but until then I say it’s best to let people do what they think is best for themselves. After all, trans people should be our allies, given our enemy’s enemy is our friend, and our enemy is feminism.

    2. @ horselips

      re: Scott Walker

      Yep, he’s my guy too right now. He’s a proven winner… over, and over, and over again.

      I do not think his lack of a Bachelor’s Degree will hurt him. It MAY become a distraction, but, if anything, it will prompt a discussion of his under-graduate studies and why he did not finish getting his college degree, a discussion that NEVER happened in the media about Obama’s studies. It is rumored he was a horrible law-school professor and never showed up for class half the time. Maybe the truth will come out one day about Obama’s less-than-stellar academic career.

  6. Great research on the German minister. The headline is something, she never said. The whole statement is taken out of context. Which shouldn’t be that difficult to research when being based in germany.

    Also the whole outrage about this issue stems from a conservative attitude towards people who for whatever reason are interested in alternative livestyles. I am amazed how a minority which fought so long for being accepted dissmisses those on the grounds of the same felt moral superiority which gets gay people ridiculed, tortured and executed.
    I guess one can safely say a minority made it when it gets this attitude. And this is consistent across all gay newssides: Boo, we get mentioned in the same sentence as people who are in love with relatives or more than one person and such sinful behavior…

    We have become a group of intolerant assholes. If that was really the goal of all the struggle, maybe the extreme right is absolutely correct in trying to stop us.

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