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  1. CHINA > Two steps forward. But, what else can they do? The one child per family policy resulted in a serious glut of males (about 40,000,000) for whom there are no females. Around 120 males are born for every 100 girls, and the problem will continue for the next 30 years or so. In China, being gay may really be a lifestyle choice, born of demographic necessity. It’s the same in India, but for different reasons.

    PHILIPPINES > One step back.

    ILLINOIS > Let’s just say America’s K-12 curriculum is in desperate need of reform, especially after the catastrophe of Common Core.

    GEN Z > Hmmm. Maybe some social media may be good for something after all.

    UK PUBERTY BLOCKERS > I don’t like screwing around with kids’ chemistry. Adults I couldn’t care less about -they can mess themselves up all they want or can afford. Hey, Doctor, leave them kids alone…

    AUSTRALIA > A temporary drought and some unseasonably warm weather isn’t ‘climate change.’ What may have more to do with the bushfires, according to a report from the New South Wales police, is the arrest of 24 individuals for deliberate arson (it’s unknown how many fires each one started before being caught), and another 100 or so for assorted violations of fire control regulations.

    NUDE PICS – BANNED ACCOUNT > Hey, you Instagram people love this kind of thing … or you wouldn’t still be on it. Every account that is kept in the face of ridiculous censorship is a vote for more of it, and you’re sending a powerful message to the bluenoses in their ivory tower that they’re doing the right thing. If you don’t close your account, if you keep visiting the site, then STFU.

    CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW > Every year Las Vegas hosts the Adult Entertainment Expo. Hundreds of exhibitors, tens of thousands of attendees. That’s where sex-tech should be displayed.

    FINLAND > If you want more of something, subsidize it. I have a feeling Finland’s homeless aren’t like ours. I would imagine most homeless Finns are just down on their luck while many of ours are drug addicted felons or alcoholics. I’m perfectly willing to forego any contribution a recovered heroin addict, meth-head or crack-whore might make to society. Lock the bastards up and leave them there. Trillions for prisons, not one cent for rehab!

    SINGLE POSITIVITY MOVEMENT > So, what else is new? There have always been confirmed bachelors and old maids. Some by choice, some are “incel” Chads and Stacys. It takes all kinds.

    1. Boy, am I going to have some fun here!

      A temporary drought you say? This country has been in drought for 7 years (or longer in some regions) and you call it temporary! Love you to say that face-to-face to the farmers who have lost crop after crop, year after year. Or those who have had to decimate their stock just to keep the bare minimum alive. And I won’t even mention the dozens of farmers who have simply walked off their farms because they were no longer viable. Temporary drought my ass! Bloody arrogant piece of shit you are. No wonder you are a gun-touting red-neck, right-wing Trump supporter.

      “Unseasonably warm weather isn’t climate change” – bloody hell I have never seen anyone so arrogant as you – and so fucking dumb. While a VERY SMALL percentage of fires were deliberately lit – something you conveniently failed to mention, the majority were caused by other climate/weather causes. So I will correct your deliberate misinformation.

      At any one time, there was on average, 150 bushfires burning. Of that figure, less than 10% were deliberately lit. Of the number of people you quoted (24), some were teenagers and they were in groups of 2 or 3 lighting just one fire. Can’t let the truth get in the way of your bullshit.

      Many, many more fires were started by dry lightening strikes. Now for those people with any intelligence at all, know that lightening is related to weather and weather is a product of climate change.

      And as for the 100 or so other violations, that includes things like starting a BBQ or burning rubbish which are acts of stupidity in themselves but have no connection with the bushfires. What a bloody idiotic moron you are trying to connect unrelated activities to suit your twisted view of the world.

      You think you know so much about Australia and what happens here, do you? Let me tell you, you know absolutely stuff all and until you can actually say something intelligent (which will never happen) then STFU!!

      1. Recurring droughts are weather cycles, not “climate change.” California just got over a long drought. From December 2011, for the next 376 weeks (7.2 years), California suffered drought but now it’s over. Previous droughts have run from 2006-2010, 1947-1950, 1928-1935, all the way back to 1864 and 1841 – long before “greenhouse gasses” became an totalitarian-progressive issue. My own city, Tucson, Arizona, suffered a prolonged drought from 1941-1965, followed by a cycle of very wet weather from 1979-1983. This year (2019) rainfall was below average so it appears we’re facing another short-term drought.

        After 400 years of stable government and prosperous economics, ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom collapsed because the Nile failed to flood for a few years. Famine resulted in cannibalism, and social dissolution. Then the Nile started its annual flooding again, the first intermediate period ended, and welcome to the Middle Kingdom. “Climate change?” Hardly. Just the kind of erratic variations to be expected in any climate. You want climate change? Look at the Cretaceous Era, then to the Ice Age, then to what we have now – That’s real climate change. The ups and downs we go through now don’t come close to real climate change. Liberals exaggerate everything.

        Forest fires, wild fires, and bush fires are often caused by a combination of drought and lightning, and in the case of California, are exacerbated by poor forest management. Lightning is a meteorological phenomenon – it always occurs everywhere. Lightning is not a “canary in the coal mine” for cataclysmic climate change. As for arson, they still don’t know how many fires have been deliberately set, nor do they know if they’ve even caught everybody setting them. It will be a long time yet before conclusions can be drawn.

        The government of Australia is doing the right thing by doing nothing. Some certifiable nutburgers here in America have dreamed up what they call the “Green New Deal.” Needless to say, implementation of any part of it would be calamitous to our economy and lifestyle. Fortunately we are looking forward to the reelection of President Trump, who will insulate us from the nefarious climate conferences like Kyoto, Paris, Madrid, et al, that have sought a massive redistribution of wealth from countries that earn it to dictators and oligarchs that didn’t. Count your blessings that Morrison is your P.M. and not some fanatic who would have you all naked, eating raw vegetables, in the cold and the dark.

        1. The very idea of catastrophic global climate change is as absurd as C Thomas Howell being my boy friend. In the movie ET, the actor CT Howell has his hand in his pant outing a self and also shouting “IN YOUR ANUS … GET IT ? … IN YOUR ANUS”. Do love that guy ever since. Human interacting in the earth’s reality is less than the trillion trillion trillion bugs and other living stuffs.
          — GLOBAL a human causing GLOBAL warming is as real as any human causing a volcano. CT Howell’s thing erupting from these hands warming that thing is more real than any one altering the tilt of the earth. Earth’s tilt changes anyway. A mere fraction, say, .1%, of it changing then will cause changes in climates. Volcanoes do their thing, too. OH ! CT HOWELL !
          — The existence of coal, gas, and oil in the soils of earth shows a definite variety of deadly climate changes way before a we.
          — The new environmentalist apocalypse religions are no different than the idea that we can not feed all so must starve off he others, the Malthusian economics of the past … NAZI economics to kill the extras … the Maoist economics to kill one at a time. &c

      2. Breaking News.

        It has just been released here and online if you care to check.

        In NSW, about 1% of the fires in that state have officially bee attributed to arson. The main cause was dry lightening stirkes as I said and not as you would have everyone believe, caused by arsonists. The majority of the fires deliberately lit were small grass fires or in rubbish/trash bins.

        In Victoria, the figure is 0.03% where there are suspicions the fires were deliberately lit.

        In South Australia, the figure for deliberately lit fires is 0%.

        In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) one person has been charges for lighting a fire but there was no property damage.

        In Tasmania, it is espimated that 2/3rds of the fires were deliberately lit so there is a problem there. But it is the exception to the rule.

        As for our useless, incompetent, right-wing PM, he is very much on ther nose with the Australian public. His popularity has dropped considerably because of he he handled (or didn’t handle) the bushfire crisis,

        As for your reply, I had one of the best belly laughs i’ve had in a long time.

        Americia is the laughing stock of the world as viewed by the majority of Australians. America is the Circus Capital of the World as we watch the Donald Trump Show. Enjoy it while it lasts.

        1. Thanks for the Breaking News update
          . I’m glad arson isn’t the problem it was suspected of being. A couple of dozen people have died in these fires and that would be quite the mass-murder if the fires were set.

          The Donald Trump show looks at present to be headed for a renewed booking for the 2020-2024 season. Anything can happen between now and November- that’s forever in American politics. If The Donald is reelected, he won’t have to hold those spectacular rallies anymore, so, just in case, get your tickets and book your flights while you can!

          Happy Australia Day!

  2. The notion of a personal being of a GEN Z is as real as being some ET. The wordsies cunt worthy idiocy and cock n ball nonsense come from no where do they ?

  3. Now we have a new born that the mommy says is not a ‘boy’, or, some other, and MUST be of another and re made in to so by some trans form in to that or some other by bio recombobulating the bornj it into another thing.
    — YOU were NEVER a girl ! That is what they say loud. Your biology determines your reality ! That is what they say very loud, That being a female never makes a one into a girl nor into anything else is not of relevance to these loud people.
    Societies decide your reality. You do not like it, can you get away with fuck it ? If so, go so. If differentia is what you can get away with and survive, then GO FOR IT.
    — GUARANTEE — you are born NOT what you become. you are born and THEN you become what ever you are … even if a knit smicking low life human piglet or a starvlet to death.
    — bio baby hootenanny is not honest nor sensible. Does the boy bio take the female bio correctly or usefully ? Do they KNOW ?
    — GUARANTEE — parents will lie.

  4. Australia’s leaders unmoved on climate action after devastating bushfires … … Climate change being as dynamic as to the creating of coal and oil way before we come around, no wonder there.

  5. As a pedophile how much do you pay the owner of this site, juste curious, you child fucking monster.

    1. How dare you insult Emilie that way! To suggest that she’s been bought off is despicable. The owner of this site has more character, and more integrity in the tip of her little finger than you have in your whole body.

      Say what you want about me, and don’t hold back. But, you forget yourself sir – please don’t ever pick on our munificent hostess, who has long-suffered your rudeness and profanity with quiet dignity.

      1. Horselips, don’t pretend like you care about trans people, you are a homophobic, transphobic, piece of shit. You are a MAGA hat wearing, incompetent, looser. No one likes you, when WWIII starts because of the guy you suck cock from I will hunt you down and kill you. Shut the fuck up and die you stupid boomer.

        I’ve never attacked the owner of this site, other than to question why you get to post here. Die in a ditch you horrific human, and I swear to your god I will piss on it before this war Trump is starting is over.

        1. Hmmm. Come to think of it, I don’t own a MAGA hat. Thanks for the heads up – time to go shopping!

  6. @Nate

    Nate, aren’t you going too far in your anger? You very well know my dislike for Horselips, still, you are pushing far too much. Life is hard enough without wishing someone’s death. So, please? :(

  7. The idea that a boy’s claim to really be a girl is tantamount to nature’s refusal to accommodate him. That his desire to be into a girl is a therefore and must be made a change from a him into a girl is as absurd as Chad Lowe being my best sex friend when he is as a teen. Bad english ? Bad idea. Chad Lowe would never like this one. He is a male do wish to be like.
    — Sex researchers say that boys wanting to be girls starts real early, as at 4 y o. There are mommies who agree, and, want their boys go into a re-making into their real female nature making daughters by human inventing.
    — — Such re-creates are there by a making into fakes. Not only incomplete fakes.
    — Playing as if a female, for what ever reasons and ways and means, is different than being a physical fake. .

  8. SINGLE POSITIVITY is as silly as being alone with books alone as company … even nuns have other nuns. Hermits are rare … and they need a feeding. Few are there who WANT complete self only for company. WHY advocate hermitage publically ? AH ! HA !

  9. 2nd part of this site do like best is this periodical political post. Do LOVE to read the comments and the comments on the comments. And enjoy reading them all.
    — Thank you

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