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    1. I thought it was a showpiece in ignorance, the writer representing well the very cause of the behavior she finds “infuriating”.

  1. MOM SUES SCHOOL > They say you can’t legislate morality. Guess what – you can’t legislate tolerance either. People gonna feel the way they do whether they’re ed-ju-ma-cat-ed or not. Anyway, go ahead, take the whole world to court and see what happens. Third-party liability is settled law. She might win. One more thing – Marcy Peterson was disconnected from the fatal reality her son was going through – she obviously had no idea that her son was so seriously damaged that he would kill himself over it, or if she was, she failed to take the stronger action that was clearly called for.

    GERMAN BISHOPS > The Holy Father lit this candle at one end when spoke about lightening up on the LGBTQ community. His conciliatory remarks seem to motivate German bishops to light that candle at the other end. As these flaming tapers meet, we might see a whole new Reformation.

    NETFLIX QUEER CONTENT > I wish them luck. America’s gay cable channel, LOGO, has devolved into running marathons of old sit-coms. Gay programming is little and very far between. Must not have been profitable enough.

    TRANS IN JAPAN > She was awarded 1.320 million yen – comes to $12,236.14. Hey – she’s one third of the way to a brand new, fully loaded Toyota Camry! You go girl! To the bathroom anyway.

    FACEBOOK ADS > I love how these special interest groups who have nobody on FB’s board of directors, have no substantial investment in the company, aren’t major stockholders, who are just leaches accessing a totally free service they enjoy when and where they want to, somehow think they have something to say about how that free service is run. Get a clue – it’s just social media. Grow up. Nobody with half a brain takes anything they see on FB seriously. FB’s is in the business of selling ads, not writing them. If you have a problem with an ad, take it up with the advertiser. Fuck off.

    INTERNET DECEPTION > The internet deceives no one – but some websites do. I laughed that the gay babe in Damascus was really Tom of Georgia. The NY Times and other media were taken in by the hoax. (We call that Fake News). I guess some people think that fictional novels tell true stories. If you’re taken in by anything you see on the worldwide web, consider yourself a sucker, and move on.

    SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS > Fake News. Cameras don’t count heads, they cover areas, no matter how many or how pass through them. The US and Red China are about the same size – 3.5 vs 3.6 million square miles, but the ChiComs are watching their space with 4 times the number of cameras.

    FOSTA RE-THINK > The Road To Hell is paved with good intentions.

    WHAT BOYS DON’T KNOW > Reality check – we’re animals dontcha know. They shouldn’t lead us on, and we shouldn’t assume they are when they are? Man is the only creature that is always in heat. We’re hard-wired to respond to suggestive behavior, no matter how slight or unintended. Seduction happens. Morning-after guilt is a sometimes a fact of life. I know, seduction is sex, but rape is violence – I get it, but I think Ms. Anderson is trying a little too hard to sell her book.

    ENTERTAINMENT PIRACY > In 2012 the SOPA-PIPA acts shut down the Internet. If they had settled for “SOPAPILLAS” with a little honey instead, they would have enjoyed a nice light dessert.

  2. @Horselips

    “”One more thing – Marcy Peterson was disconnected from the fatal reality her son was going through – she obviously had no idea that her son was so seriously damaged that he would kill himself over it, or if she was, she failed to take the stronger action that was clearly called for.””

    You are so oblivious to reality that it’s painful to read your comments.

    As a kid I had a dark, very dark period in my life. I won’t go into the details but suffice it to be said that I was a master at hiding my pain. No one knew, no one. Putting blame on the mother is killing that kid twice.

  3. The bullies in the school yard bother this guy once too often and get bloody heads. The adults who witness these blame this guy, not the bullies. The adults do not ever hit me ? They spank but a few softs but humiliating times. The adults want this body in the retard class and do talk them away from that …. they put this in stead into as one white boy in the 6th grade black class with the black teacher. The 7th grade english teacher puts this into an F and summer school.
    — Am merely giving a few examples of who the bullies are. Fellow students hate this guy. YES ! Have few friends.
    — Mommy does not attend the 12th grade graduation.
    — Do work all life and even as a homeless do find work and pay FICA. The bullies along the way are dead or other wise a go. Now have elderly bullies and bullies against the older.
    — Go fucking figure.
    — The suicide fantasy do have in this brain / mind since 12th grade is still here. The answer is fuck you.

  4. This is the favorite place of this site. NO OTHER SITE DOES THIS as any way near good as this site does.
    — The comments are as irritating as real and as necessary as air. To get this writer here to agree with any thing is as unusual as gold in the ash tray. Well, there are excepts … never gold, but, welcome. Trying to argue alternatives is part of the fun here.
    — Some of the links get no connect and some times the connects get no comment.
    — TO THIS WRITER … this feature of this site is THE making of this site. As well as the capture of any and all comments however bad. And their continuing show … how ever odd and irksome.

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